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About Author

Nikki Bella

Hello Readers, I am Nikki Bella a Psychology student. I have always been concerned about human behavior and the mental processes that lead us to act and think the way we do. My collaboration as an editor in the psychology area of ​​Well Being Pole has allowed me to investigate further and expand my knowledge in the field of mental health; I have also acquired great knowledge about physical health and well-being, two fundamental bases that are directly related and are part of all mental health.   

I am passionate and enthusiastic about everything related to psychology and health sciences in general. I like to write for Well Being Pole, since it allows me to delve into the most interesting topics related to health, transmitting them in a simple and useful way for any type of person.

 My experience as an editor in health magazines has given me the knowledge to collaborate in different publications and specialized websites in medicine, with the aim of always offering original content that guides readers. In my Well Being Pole articles you can find information on the treatment of diseases, drug functions, aesthetic therapies and natural remedies. In my opinion, health information should be handled ethically and professionally and should never be considered a diagnostic method. If you want to read about a particular topic, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment and follow us on our social networks.