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Alum stone

Coming from the Middle East, alum stone is a well-known element in today’s cosmetic world.

What is alum?

It is a stone whose main use is as a deodorant , but it also has other functions. In an eternal debate between natural and industrial cosmetics, and the use or disuse of certain deodorants.

The stone of alum is raised in each of these discussions as a topic of debate, where everyone has their opinion on the benefits or problems that using this material can cause for your health. Today we analyze them so that we have clearer ideas about why to use the alum stone.

Alum stone is a mineral extracted from quarries of volcanic origin. It is composed of double aluminum sulfate with potassium and among its main advantages is that it is a product free of contraindications .

What is alum stone for and its uses

Although it is usually known for its use as a deodorant, the alum stone has many uses that we will announce below. From purifying water to as a mouthwash, this element has properties that can certainly surprise you.


We all know that sweating is natural and that sweating is always a health symptom, since we are eliminating toxins from our body. In the same way, we also know that the smell produced by said sweat is quite unpleasant and sometimes unbearable, for which we normally use products that help us camouflage or eliminate said smell.

Alum stone is a natural product that helps us eliminate odor, since it acts as an antiperspirant and we can use it to eliminate both the odor from the armpits and from the feet or hands. To use it, we only have to moisten the stone and apply it to the part of the body where we want to eliminate sweat.

For shaving

One of the oldest uses of alum stone is related to shaving, and it is that many men use this element for after shaving.

It is a product that is very effective as a blood cutter , and it is that men tend to get wounds when shaving, by pimples or cuts that they have on the skin. With this product you can eliminate wounds and forget about cuts during shaving.

It is a product that, who uses it, does not let it pass because of its effectiveness, since forgetting about cuts while shaving is a matter that is not indifferent.

Water purifier

Another of the oldest uses of this element is its effectiveness as a water purifier, since the ancient Romans already used it to make water from potable canals and thus have a place to drink. It is a characteristic that makes alum stone a particularly valuable element.

If we go camping , it will be good if we take some alum with us, so that we can drink from anywhere we find water and we do not need to be aware of finding potable water.

If you are going camping, carrying a small block of alum can save you from some situation , since using it in water can make it drinkable. You won’t have much to do, but it can get you out of a tight spot.

For the cracks in the heels

The feet dry out and especially in summer we tend to accumulate hardness and cracks in the heels that we must take care of. Hydration is important, but in some cases it is not enough, for which the alum will be of great help. It is an element that is used as a treatment for these types of situations in which we notice how our heels have cracked.

If we are going to use alum for cracked heels, it is recommended that it be heated in a pot until it becomes liquid, then we let the water evaporate and we will have obtained a somewhat thick and lumpy mixture. We let it cool down, mix with coconut oil and apply it to the heels. If we do it every day, we will notice incredible results in foot care .

For the grains

Pimples that form on the skin are the nightmare of many teenagers , but also adults who suffer for life from these annoying visitors. They do not have to cause any harm but they settle on our face or our back and have a horrible appearance, which makes us despair when we can not finish them.

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While it is true that there are numerous treatments to end acne, few of them present natural and effective alternatives , as is the case with the alum stone. Using this material we can make a mask based on alum, egg whites and fuller’s earth that will present spectacular results in the fight against acne.

As a mouthwash

Using alum as a mouthwash will have a double function, since, on the one hand, it can help us eliminate infections in the mouth that usually manifest in the form of painful sores .

Alum has antibacterial properties, which can help us recover from infections and help end mouth sores.

To do this, we can press with the alum stone on the affected area, which will burn the sores. Of course, although effective it can cause a lot of pain, so we recommend that it be applied carefully.

On the other hand, we can use alum to prevent and cure bad breath , since this is usually caused by the presence of bacteria in the mouth with which the alum can end. If you want to rinse with alum, we recommend that you boil salted water and mix it with alum powder, being especially careful not to swallow the solution.

For hair removal

Beauty and health are the main fields that alum deals with, and of course, it could not miss the properties for hair removal. Yes, alum can also help slow down hair loss , and also hair growth.

To achieve the desired effect, we recommend mixing the alum with rose water and applying it to the body to remove unwanted hair.

For the treatment against lice

The fight against bacteria is another of the characteristics that will help us to eliminate lice . To use it, we must mix the powdered alum with water and add tea tree oil .

With the mixture obtained, it is best to apply it to the hair, massaging it for approximately 10 minutes. Performing this action twice a week will help you eliminate lice from the scalp .

For styes

Applying alum when we have a stye will make it improve immediately, although the solution may sting a bit at first. To cure the stye, it is best to apply the paste that we obtain from the alum stone in the eyes and we will see the results immediately.

Natural cosmetics with alum

In recent years, the fame and consumption of natural cosmetics has increased, and it is not surprising, since it provides benefits that are not indifferent . The followers of this type of cosmetic bet on the alum stone for different uses, among which is the deodorant but also its use after shaving.

Advantages of using alum stone

One of the main advantages of this type of cosmetics is that by using products such as alum stone, we say goodbye to toxic chemicals, and that is, believe it or not, industrial cosmetics have a large number of chemical agents that can be harmful. only for our health, but also for the planet.

The effectiveness of these natural products is also another claim of natural cosmetics. Although it is true that many industrial cosmetic products promise us visible results in the short term, it is enough to take a look at the components to realize that in the long term we will suffer consequences that we do not want.

Using alum for natural products

The use of natural products has the advantage that in its components we can only find elements of characteristics equal to those already found in our own body.

Financial savings are also an advantage of natural cosmetics. We may find products at low prices, but these will have components that are most likely harmful to our skin. However, if we compare the products of natural cosmetics with the most prestigious houses of industrial cosmetics, we will see how helping our pocket is perfectly possible using natural products.

In this way, we understand why there are so many people who are already switching to the natural side , and it is precisely those who opt for the alum stone replacing other products that harm our health and are also more sustainable.

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