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Bach flowers


Today, many people are looking for options other than traditional medicine to treat their physical and emotional conditions.

Among the alternative therapies with the greatest boom in society, the use of Bach flowers stands out , which were created by Dr. Edward Bach between 1926 and 1934. Many people consider that Bach flowers are magical or esoteric remedies and nothing further of reality; It is a therapy that contemplates the human being as a whole and believes that there is a direct relationship between the emotional state of individuals and the development of diseases, that is, it suggests that any mental imbalance is capable of affecting the health of the body .

If you want to know more about Bach flowers, what they are, what they are for and their properties, we invite you to continue reading carefully.

Origin of Bach flowers

Surely you have heard a lot about Bach flowers and you still don’t know where they come from. You are about to find out! The Bach flowers were created by Edward Bach, a London-based homeopath and bacteriologist who was the director of one of the most important hospitals in England. Dr. Bach had a philosophy that, while rare at the time, today has become the premise of many therapies and disciplines that pursue personal growth: a healthy mind equals a healthy body. For Bach, the origin of diseases is in the conflict between the mind and the personality, which produces a blockage of energy that directly affects the emotions, the body and the spirit.

Based on the philosophy explained above, Dr. Bach began extensive research on the healing properties of certain native branches of the Wales region and their power to help the human body overcome emotional problems, all this with the intention of finding a formula that would offer the mental balance necessary to combat people’s psychic conflicts. At the end of his studies, Dr. Bach obtained 38 substances destined to solve different disorders: Bach flowers.

What are Bach flowers

Bach flowers are 38 natural substances derived from different flowers, shrubs and spring water. In addition to these 38 essences, there is an additional remedy known by the name of rescue remedy , which is made with 5 of Bach’s primary substances and offers to help the person in states of emotional emergency. This last preparation is the most famous of the Bach flowers and is widely used to calm states of chronic anxiety. Therefore, we can say that Bach flower therapy is a totally natural alternative that aims to heal people’s emotional imbalances to offer full mental and physical well-being.

What are Bach flowers for and their properties

Bach flowers, because they are prepared with natural ingredients, can be ingested by anyone and do not cause any type of side effect. Its main objective is to help correct the emotional or psychic problems that any individual may present, therefore, each of the 38 essences has a different purpose, let’s see:

  • Agrimony : ideal for those who tend to repress their emotions, suffer from anguish, disguise their feelings with false joy and tend to squid their torments with any type of drug or addiction.
  • Aspen – to treat fear of death or the supernatural. It also helps those who suffer from various phobias.
  • Haya : for critical, arrogant and intolerant people who do not respect the opinions of others.
  • Centáurea : for those who do not know how to say “no”, people who are excessively complacent, who sacrifice their interests before others and are of little will.
  • Ceratostigma : for those who need the approval of others due to their lack of security and self-confidence. For indecisive people who change their minds a lot.
  • Wax : for those who are afraid of going crazy, doing bad deeds and for people with irrational thoughts.
  • Chestnut bud : for all those individuals who do not learn from their mistakes and continue to make them throughout their lives.
  • Chicory : it is ideal for those who are overprotective with their relatives or loved ones to the point of manipulating them, getting into other people’s affairs, criticizing them and always being the victim of all problems. This substance is also positive for possessive and selfish people.
  • Clematis : this Bach flower is for all those individuals who prefer to evade reality and escape from problems to live in a world of false happiness.
  • Wild apple tree : helps to cleanse the soul and mind of all those people who consider themselves impure or have low self-esteem .
  • Olmo : for those who believe that they are not capable of fulfilling their responsibilities.
  • Field gentian : for pessimists, depressed for no apparent reason or for those who do not know how to handle frustration.
  • Gorse : for the hopeless who do not find meaning in anything.
  • Heather : for the self-absorbed who do not listen to other people because they only think about them.
  • Holly : to treat jealousy, envy, hatred, resentment and mistrust. For everyone who needs love.
  • Honeysuckle : ideal for those people who have been stuck in the past and cannot live and enjoy the present.
  • Leaf or hornbeam : for those who suffer from mental exhaustion.
  • Impatience : as its name implies, it treats impatience and irritability.
  • Larch : for those who feel inferior to others and are oriented to failure.
  • Mimulus : shyness, fear of the new, the unknown.
  • Mustard : helps to improve intermittent depression and sadness that appear from unknown causes.
  • Oak : for all those who are obsessed with their work and do it relentlessly.
  • Olive tree : for all types of exhaustion.
  • Pine : for the feeling of guilt that does not stop causing despair and reproach.
  • Red chestnut : for those who care excessively for their loved ones and fear that something bad will happen to them every day.
  • Jarilla : for those who suffer from daily anguish and nightmares.
  • Rock water : for perfectionists.
  • Scleranthus : for those who are always undecided.
  • Chicken milk : ideal for alleviating the aftermath of all kinds of physical or mental trauma.
  • Sweet chestnut : for those who feel they cannot suffer anymore and experience chronic despair.
  • Verbena : for those who need strength and want to combat fanaticism.
  • Vine : Helps those who are obsessed with power.
  • Walnut : for those who do not know how to handle difficulties and are afraid of the new stages.
  • Violet of waters : for people who are proud and who believe they are superior to others.
  • Horse Chestnut : for those who cannot let go of certain ideas from their mind and become engrossed in their fears.
  • Wild Oats – For those who are clueless about their mission in life and lack personal goals.
  • Wild rose : for those who suffer from resignation, apathy and disinterest.
  • Willow : for those who feel victims of everything and are resentful people.

How do Bach flowers work?

The 38 essences of Bach flowers are characterized by their vibrational quality, and each one has a different vibration that gives it its particular characteristics and properties. This is achieved during its preparation, since in the process of creating Bach flowers the energy charge of the flowers or plants is transmitted to the water with which the substance will be prepared through a method of solarization or boiling, depending on the case.

The result obtained is an essence with a special energy charge that, when in contact with the human body, exerts a vibrational resonance that helps to balance the internal lack of control. For this reason, the effect of Bach flowers does not depend on the amount of remedy consumed, but on the consistency and frequency of consumption.

How to take Bach flowers?

The first thing to know about taking Bach flowers is that you cannot go to the pharmacy and buy the essence that we think we need. To find the Bach flower that best favors our body and mind, it is necessary to attend a consultation with a therapist or a homeopath who, after talking and knowing what your weaknesses are, will guide you on which Bach flower you should take, how do it and for how long. Depending on the needs of each person, the person must go with a prescription to the pharmacy, where they will make a special and personalized preparation based on the Bach flowers that have been prescribed.

In general, the consumption of these essences consists of applying four drops of the preparation under the tongue between 6 and 8 times a day. Sometimes he recommends the topical application of Bach flowers, in these cases it is recommended to mix the preparation with body creams. Bach flowers can be consumed by all types of people without causing any side effects, they can even be administered to pregnant women and children.

Does Bach Flower Therapy Work?

Bach flowers are an alternative therapy that is very helpful in treating certain emotional problems such as depression and anxiety. However, these substances should not be a substitute for the drugs prescribed by the medical specialist, therefore, if you suffer from some condition that requires the consumption of drugs and you are interested in starting to take Bach flowers, it is important that you consult them. with your doctor. Many people have found relief from their emotional problems by taking Dr. Bach’s remedies, but it is important to note that these preparations are not drugs that work to treat major complications such as clinical depression.

Likewise, there are many portals that offer homemade Bach flower recipes to have your own preparation at home, which is absolutely not recommended. We explain, only an expert can know the amount of flowers that a preparation needs to exert the expected effect, and only an expert can correctly carry out the solarization or boiling method. Therefore, instead of obtaining the unwanted effects or further compromising your moods , we recommend that you go to a Bach flower specialist to obtain a 100% original and, above all, reliable preparation.


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