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Baths with sea salt

Being in a bathtub filled with sparkling water with sea salts , relaxing music in the background and a few candles that serve as light may seem like a cliché scene from a Hollywood movie, but the truth is that this ritual can be one of the best. habits you can adopt to offer your skin endless benefits .

In addition to spending a moment alone with yourself, enjoying the peace of the environment and relaxing with delicious aromas, sea ​​salt baths are an excellent option to turn your hygiene routine into the ideal time to take care of yourself and beautify yourself.

Salt baths

The baths sea salt used since ancient times as a tool to treat diseases and beautify the body. Sea salt is the result of the evaporation of salt water or sea water. And the sea salt that is used for baths is that same salt, only that it is mixed with dyes and essential oils that offer you more benefits.

Now you can start to enjoy the benefits of this jewel of nature, at eHealth we invite you to immerse yourself in your bathtub while reading this article about bathing with sea salt: benefits and how to do them. You will not be able to resist!

Benefits of sea salt baths

Let’s see below what sea salt baths are for , and how it can help your body.

Body detox

Sea salt is rich in magnesium and sodium , substances that help the body eliminate toxins and other impurities that compromise metabolism when in contact with the body. In addition, sea salt is an excellent way to combat fluid retention in the ankles, thighs, and knees.

If you are looking for a natural way to detoxify your body and improve the functioning of your organs, a sea salt bath may be the solution.

Relax the body and mind

Potassium , magnesium and bromide are minerals that we can find in sea salts and that are of great help to mitigate bone and muscle pain . Other conditions that benefit from this property of sea salt are muscle cramps, allowing the whole body to relax and release the tension contained during a long day.

It helps fight insomnia

One of the most common reasons why people suffer from insomnia and do not know it is magnesium deficiency . This compound can be found in sea salt and through baths our body can absorb it to balance this deficiency and combat conditions such as insomnia.

A night of relaxation and deep sleep is possible if you take a sea salt bath before sleeping . If you want a more powerful effect, feel free to use lavender oil.

It will eliminate the flu and colds

When the feet come into contact with warm lukewarm water filled with sea salt, the minerals contained in this salt help to counteract the symptoms of the flu and the common cold by increasing blood circulation and allowing the agents to be released through the skin. that may be responsible for such conditions.

Disinfects the skin naturally

Among the organs that most benefit from sea salt baths, the skin stands out. We can start by explaining that sea salt has antibacterial properties that help disinfect the skin, allowing any wound to heal and preventing all kinds of infections.

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Sea salt also helps you heal faster and speeds up the blood clotting process.

Moisturizes the skin

As if that were not enough, taking a bath with sea salts  deeply hydrates the skin , as these salts are mixed with essential oils such as almond, coconut or lavender oil, which have emollient properties that regenerate the skin and nourish it by full.

Exfoliates the skin and removes dead cells

Sea salt is an excellent natural exfoliator to treat all skin types and to help remove dead cells and impurities that can accumulate in the pores. The psoriasis and dermatitis are some conditions that can improve with sea salt baths.

Eliminate Acne

Acne is a skin condition that develops when there is an excessive production of natural oil or sebum by art of the sebaceous glands that are inside each pore of the skin.

Since sea salt helps remove all kinds of impurities and deeply cleanses the skin, it is of great help to clean pores and remove impurities that can cause clogging that causes pimples and blackheads.

They are easy and quick to prepare a bath with salt

Sea salt baths are very simple to do, you only need hot water , salts of your preferences, essential oil to your liking and all the disposition to relax and feel pleasure. You can get sea salt in cosmetic stores, perfumeries or naturists, there are infinite versions, colors and smells, you just have to lean towards the one that offers the properties that best suit your needs.

How to prepare sea salt baths

Now that you know the benefits of sea salt baths, you have probably been excited to take advantage of them in terms of improving your health and beautifying your skin on the outside and inside.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a bathtub or not, there are many ways to do sea salt baths and here we will tell you all about them.

Sea salt baths in the bathtub

Fill the bathtub with hot water and add 1 kilogram of the sea salt of your choice. If you want a more relaxing effect, you can add lavender oil to the gua, or coconut oil to deeply hydrate your skin. Immerse yourself in the water and stay at least 20 minutes. Enjoy the moment and focus on relaxing.

Sea salt spray baths

Add a polish of sea salts and plenty of water to a container with a diffuser until it is completely full. Spray the mixture all over your body when you get out of the shower and let the preparation sit until the next day.

Sea salt mask

If you want to exfoliate your skin with sea salt you should only mix 1/4 cup of sea salt of your choice, 2 tablespoons of almond essential oil and 1 tablespoon of partner bicarbonate. Apply the preparation on the epidermis and massage your skin in circular movements for 5 minutes. Then rinse the skin with plenty of cold water.

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