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The best natural laxatives

The constipation is a condition that occurs when a person has three or fewer bowel movements per week . This disorder occurs due to a delay in the emptying of the intestines and is associated with hard and scanty stools, abdominal pain, excess gas and abdominal inflammation. Those who suffer from constipation may feel the urgent need to go to the bathroom without success , which forces them to seek effective solutions that stimulate bowel movements.

If you suffer from constipation you should know that in addition to medications and suppositories there are natural laxatives that you can ingest through your diet and that are very effective in preventing this condition and fighting painful bowel movements. In this eHealth article we explain in detail the possible causes of constipation and the best natural laxatives to avoid this disorder.

What is constipation?

The slowing down of the intestinal transit results in a delay in the emptying of the feces that the intestines contain. When the frequency of bowel movements is lower than normal, the stool becomes harder and you do not feel like having a bowel movement for several days. In some cases, the need to go to the bathroom may arise without a successful evacuation.

Constipation is associated with fewer than three bowel movements a week, painful bowel movements , less stool volume, pain and effort to evacuate , a sensation of incomplete evacuation, very hard stools, and a lack of desire to defecate.

Types of constipation

Constipation is very common, in fact it is believed to affect 30% of the world’s population . In some cases it is given naturally, other times it can occur as a result of diseases, a low fiber diet or the intake of some medications. There are three types of constipation:

  • Acute constipation: it is a sudden constipation that appears as a result of some change in the person’s life, whether it be surgery, diets or the consumption of medications. Once the cause is recognized and the problem is attacked, intestinal transit returns to normal.
  • Chronic constipation : it is the most common in adults and the elderly, it occurs for long periods of time and relapses are very frequent.
  • Idiopathic constipation : the origin is unknown and it rarely responds to treatment.

low fiber diet , dehydration , sedentary lifestyle and pregnancy are some of the factors that can cause constipation. To treat this condition it is vital to first start a nutritional treatment that helps through the intake of water and foods rich in fiber to accelerate intestinal transit. That is why the reason for this article where you can learn about the best natural laxatives.

Why not opt ​​for drug laxatives?

Constipation is a condition that most of the time can be relieved and fought naturally, without the need for medication . Laxative drugs are extremely effective in accelerating intestinal transit , softening the stool and combating the other symptoms of this pathology almost immediately after the first intake.

However, long-term use of laxative drugs has proven to be harmful to health . And is that prolonged taking of these drugs can wreak havoc on the body, such as irritable bowel syndrome , pancreatitis , hemorrhoids and even intestinal paralysis .

Therefore, the best option is to help the body get rid of stool through the consumption of natural laxatives that you can consume through your diet. Also, making lifestyle changes and giving up negative habits can go a long way toward defeating constipation.

Immediate natural laxatives

In nature we find everything the body needs to function properly, so it is not surprising that the best immediate laxatives are naturally present and we can consume them daily in our diet. The important thing is to recognize the ones that work best, and for that we share this list with you.

Any food rich in fiber is considered a good laxative , since this nutrient allows better metabolism of food and accelerates intestinal transit naturally. That said, we share with you the best laxative foods that you can include in your diet to prevent and combat constipation:

Banana, potassium and fiber

Banana is one of the fruits that contains the highest fiber content , this property allows to stimulate intestinal transit to achieve more frequent bowel movements and softer stools. In addition, eating a banana a day allows you to restore the electrolytes of the intestinal system and form good bacteria within the intestines. Without a doubt, one of the best natural laxatives that you can include in your diet. A banana provides 12% of the fiber that the body needs each day.

Plums, the best laxative food

Besides being delicious, they are considered the best natural laxative par excellence. Why? Because they are rich in fiber, vitamin A, potassium and iron , nutrients that help clean the colon and provide good bacteria to the intestines. Ideally, eat them for breakfast to stimulate non-painful bowel movements throughout the day.

An ideal menu to combat constipation is to have oatmeal flaked with plum pieces for breakfast , you will see that all your discomforts go to the background after consuming such a nutritious breakfast.

Aloe vera, the miracle plant

Aloe vera is the medicinal plant that nature offers us to solve a myriad of problems. Among its healing properties, its power to combat constipation stands out due to its great contribution in water, which is 99% .

To combat constipation, it is recommended to drink aloe vera juice on an empty stomach , which will stimulate bowel movements and make the stool softer to avoid painful bowel movements. Of course, it is essential that you use only the pulp, part of this plant that gathers all its medicinal properties.

Onion: an ideal stimulant

Raw, in salads, stews, sandwiches and everything you can think of. Onion is one of the best natural laxatives since it activates the secretion of gastric juices, which favors the ideal environment for the intestinal flora . As if that were not enough, the consumption of onion improves the function of organs such as the gallbladder, pancreas and stomach, which translates into excellent digestion.

Orange and other citrus

Due to its great detoxifying power , orange and other citrus fruits such as lemon and grapefruit are rich in vitamin C , a nutrient that allows the body to more easily dispose of toxins accumulated by poor diet and digestion. Citrus fruits help cleanse the body by transforming toxins into digestible substances. An orange provides 15% of the amount of fiber required by the body per day.

Garlic for the liver

Garlic is that food that has so many beneficial health properties that we don’t know how to explain them. Among its wonderful benefits is the large amount of selenium and allicin that garlic contains.

These substances are of great help to regulate the functioning of the liver system , allowing the liver to process food in a better way and eliminate more toxins. This action favors the functioning of the intestinal transit to eliminate the waste concentrated in the body.

Broccoli and cauliflower

Many constipated people eliminate broccoli and cauliflower from their diet because of their power to cause flatulence. However, these vegetables contain glucosinolate , substances that stimulate the elimination of toxins by the liver through intestinal transit. If you have noticed that after eating any of these vegetables you feel an urgent need to evacuate, you know why.

Omega 3 in all your meals

The avocado , the linseed , the salmon , the olive oil and hemp are rich in omega – 3 . This substance is essential for the body to lubricate the walls of the intestine and thus facilitate the entire evacuation process. If your problem is painful stools, do not hesitate to include omega 3 in your daily diet .

Red apple, red!

The red apple, not the green one , contains a large amount of a substance called pectin that stimulates intestinal function , softens the stool and facilitates its expulsion. The apple is a high fiber fruit that you can eat as a snack between meals or boil it with prunes and make an excellent natural remedy for constipation.

Prefer green vegetables!

Yes, in eHealth we are aware that not all people are lovers of green leaves, but the truth is that these foods are the ones that contribute the greatest amount of fiber to the body. Fiber is a powerful natural stimulant of the liver system, which helps speed up intestinal transit to provide more frequent bowel movements, loose stools, and painless bowel movements.

The next time you go shopping, do not hesitate to fill your cart with chard, watercress, spinach and arugula, vegetables that also provide magnesium, vitamin C and K, folic acid and calcium . Pure benefit for your well-being!

Added seeds

Ground flaxseed

You have surely heard of flax , pumpkin , sunflower and the famous chia seeds . Why are they so much talked about? Because they are pure fiber ! Adding any of these seeds to your salads, juices, oatmeal or any meal is how to incorporate a handful of instant fiber to your diet . Therefore, after eating them you will notice how your intestinal transit accelerates and you forget about constipation.

Long live the avocado!

Besides being delicious, avocado is one of the best laxative foods that you can incorporate into your daily diet. A serving of avocado provides the body with folacin, vitamin K , potassium and 30% of the daily fiber that your body needs. In addition, avocado is considered one of the best good fats, which is why it helps maintain healthy and balanced nutrition.

Coconut oil, goes for everything

The coconut oil can relieve the pain caused by hemorrhoids at the time of evacuation, improve digestion, it stimulates intestinal function and reduces abdominal inflammation caused by constipation. You can ingest a teaspoon of coconut oil with your meals and enjoy all its benefits as a natural laxative.

Habits that act as natural laxatives

Habits that act as natural laxatives

Manage stress

The stress is a condition capable of altering any functioning of our body. Overwork, poor handling of emotions, and family relationships can complicate proper stress management. Sleeping pleasantly , respecting the times of each meal and taking a few minutes daily to relax are actions that can help combat stress and its negative action on the functioning of the intestines.

Hydrate correctamente

Water is the vital liquid that allows all the body’s processes to be carried out correctly . A dehydrated body is synonymous with a malfunction of the intestinal transit, since it does not have the necessary stimulation and lubrication to perform its function correctly.

For this reason, it is vital to consume at least 2 liters of water daily . Likewise, avoiding caffeine, soda, and alcoholic beverages is important to avoid dehydration.

Activate your body

It is proven that daily cardiovascular exercise activates the function of the intestines and increases the frequency of daily bowel movements. Surely you have noticed that after a run or walk you feel like having a bowel movement, this is because the entire intestinal system is activated in order to dispose of accumulated toxins in the body.

Do exercise every day for more than 30 minutes is one of the best ways to combat constipation.

Accustom your body

When we exercise an action at the same time every day, our body gets used to it in such a way that it becomes a routine. For this reason, doctors advise choosing an hour a day for the elevations, since over time your body will get used to it and will ask you to perform voluntary bowel movements on its own.

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