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The best detox shakes for spring


The detox smoothies are a trend, especially as summer approaches. They are detoxifying shakes that cleanse and purify the body; hence they are so highly valued by men and women around the world. There are those who attribute properties to them that allow you to lose weight in record time; We will also talk about this point in one of the sections, offering a reasoned explanation.

If for something the detox shakes have become one of the most demanded at the moment it is because numerous celebrities have joined them; so many celebrities have appeared on television shows and magazine covers with one of these shakes in hand.

Benefits of detox shakes

Today, there is a lot of talk about the benefits of detox shakes. We can almost certainly say that they are one of the trend drinks right now. People around the world are betting on them convinced of their wide range of properties and health benefits . And the truth is that they do.

  • They provide a large selection of vitamins and minerals essential for the proper functioning of the body.
  • They purify and oxygenate the blood , so that it is much cleaner.
  • One of the main properties of these shakes is that they contain a large amount of fiber and water, so that they help regulate intestinal transit. They therefore prevent constipation and bloating of the abdomen as a result of it.
  • Thanks to their high content of antioxidants and flavonoids , they considerably delay the aging of cells.
  • Detox shakes are rich in carbohydrates, so they provide a large amount of energy to the body . Nothing better to start the day on the right foot than having one of these shakes.
  • Regulate glucose levels in the blood .
  • They strengthen the immune system , thus preventing a large number of diseases such as the flu or the cold.
  • Detox shakes are very satiating, so they reduce your appetite.

Do they really help you lose weight?

This is one of the big questions surrounding detox shakes. Well, as we have pointed out, one of the main properties of these drinks is diuretics, which is why they favor the elimination of liquids . To this must be added the fact that they eliminate accumulated toxins in the body . Therefore, they are great for cleansing both the body and the mind.

In addition, this type of smoothie made with natural fruits and vegetables activates the metabolism, thus promoting fat loss .

What does all this mean? That detoxifying shakes can be of great help when it comes to losing weight, but they are by no means miraculous. Its consumption must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, with a healthy and balanced diet and frequent physical exercise.

These shakes are ideal for all those who want to keep in shape and wish to lead healthy habits.

Spring detox smoothie recipes

The best time to drink detox shakes is in the morning , and if it is fasting, much better. It is the moment in which the organism absorbs more quickly and easily all the vitamins and nutrients; in addition, digestion is faster. Of course they can also be taken at dinner time; in this way, the body is not as full at bedtime.

The ideal is to consume these shakes as soon as they have been prepared. Of course, they are taken cold; in no case should they be heated because it is only possible to eliminate all their vitamins and nutrients.

In addition, it is important to always use fruits and vegetables in season, which have been ripened in the sun and not in a greenhouse. In this way, the amount of nutrients and vitamins that the shakes contain are greater.


A great detox shake to enjoy in spring. Completely purifies the body and protects the urinary tract ; something very important at this time of year when urine infections are so frequent.

The ingredients are very simple: a handful of strawberries, half a cup of blackberries, half a cup of raspberries, the juice of a lemon and half a cup of water.

Fruits and green tea

One of the best detoxifying shakes to cleanse the body this spring. A drink with great diuretic and antioxidant properties; In addition, it notably accelerates the metabolism. 100% recommended to take at any time of the day.

The ingredients to prepare this smoothie are the following: two cups of chopped fruit to taste, a tablespoon of honey, a cup of unsweetened green tea, half a cup of water and a couple of drops of lemon juice. In addition to being very good for the body, this is a refreshing drink that provides great hydration.


A great detox shake to prepare the body for hot days and eliminate all toxins accumulated during the winter . Cucumber has a high amount of minerals and viramines.

The ingredients you need are: a lemon, two apples, half a cup of fresh profile, a cucumber and two cups of water.

Lime and lemon

This is one of the most fashionable detox shakes in recent years among celebrities around the world as it has a great regenerative effect on both the skin and the body. By drinking this drink daily in just a few weeks, we are able to eliminate all accumulated toxins and keep the body 100% clean.

To prepare this smoothie you need the following ingredients: a lime, a quarter cucumber, a lemon, several mint leaves and a cup of water.

Celery and pineapple

A great option for all those who have problems with constipation and / or fluid retention. This spring detox shake has great diuretic properties and, in addition, it helps significantly to regulate intestinal transit.

The ingredients you need are: a slice of pineapple, a cup of water and a quarter of a cucumber.


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