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The best water sports to get in shape this summer

Water sports will become the best option this summer for those who hate a gym or are bored with jogging in the park.

We know that not everyone likes to tan their body in the gym and not everyone wants to join the runner trend that is flooding the world of sports. For all those, but who nevertheless want to take care of their body and value the importance of exercising, it will be great to practice this summer one of the various water sports that can be exercised this season .

We will only need a little time, desire, and have near the sea or some aquatic environment where to practice them. There will be no more excuses, since these sports in addition to being a source of health and beauty, are very fun to practice.

In case there are no arguments, more and more elite athletes are doing exercises in the water to improve their performance, elasticity and resistance as a complement to the practice of their respective sports, since no matter what sports activity is practiced, Exercises and water sports help to improve the physical fitness and health of the body.

As proof of this, are the recent studies that assert that water can help treat a large number of different pathologies.

So, once the excuses for not practicing water sports this summer have been eliminated, we are going to propose some ideas and suggestions from which to choose the one that best suits the abilities and level of each one.

1. Paddle Surf

We start with a sport that is extremely easy and accessible, since it does not necessarily require the beach and the sea, but can be practiced even among those who decide to spend the summer in the interior and have a lake or a swamp at hand.

It is easy to do with little experience, it is a relatively relaxed sport to practice – for those who do not want to accelerate too much – and it is a great method to tone abs and legs due to the effort to maintain balance, and the arms, since we will use them to row.

Many celebrities have already signed up for this trend of surfing the water standing upright on a surfboard of Polynesian origin. Of course: it is not advisable for people with dizziness problems .

2. Fishing

Another activity that will not require a great effort and that can also become a very fun time with friends or family.

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Carrying the tools to practice it, the throwing of the thread and its collection involve more effort than you might think a priori . Those who are encouraged by it, will notice it especially when it comes to dealing with a fish of considerable size. It is clear that it is not one of the fastest activities to get in shape, but it can be a beginning that serves as an incentive to start later in other more active practices.

3. Aquagym

A true off-road activity, as it can be practiced by almost anyone, and of almost any age .

It is a sport derived from aerobics , but practiced in water. This means that the movements affect the joints with less intensity, and therefore reduce the risk of injury to a minimum, something ideal especially for older people with joint problems.

The only requirement is that the water covers up to, at least, the waist, but it does not matter if it is in the pool, the sea or the lake. It can be practiced individually, or in a group with a coach who sets the rhythms and exercises to be performed, which is why it is very easy to adapt its intensity to our needs.

Its benefits are very numerous: it improves blood circulation, helps eliminate body fat and defines the body and strengthens the muscles . And since it is also fun and we are in an aquatic environment, we will also notice that it reduces stress . All advantages.

As if that were not enough, it is perfect for those who have suffered an injury or have joint pain, since the ease of controlling movements in the water helps with these difficulties.

4. Snorkeling

Some fins, diving goggles and a breathing tube are more than enough to start practicing this sport and, incidentally, know what is below the surface of the sea.

Legs, glutes and abs will be the muscles that work the most . The ideal is to practice it as a couple or in a group to share everything we discover on the seabed, as well as to have company in case of cramps.

And so far our proposal of activities in the water for this summer, especially suitable for those who want to stay in shape and in good health but without great efforts. Launching into any of these water sports these months is always a good idea for our health and has surprising results.

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