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Bile mud

Surely just by reading biliary mud you can imagine a thousand things about what it can be, probably what you think is not that far off. Here we will explain everything you need to know about this pathology , so that your knowledge grows, you know what to do if you manifest some of the symptoms, how you can treat it, how you can avoid suffering from it, how to stay healthy, and much more.

What is biliary sludge and how is it produced

To begin with, we will quickly explain to you what the gallbladder is since this is where everything develops.The gallbladder is an organ that is directly related to the digestive system , its function is basically to store and concentrate the bile salts that are produced by the liver, which we know as bile.

Bile is made up of bile salts or also called bile acids, cholesterol , proteins, Bilirubin (a product of the breakdown of red blood cells), enzymes , potassium , sodium, copper and water.

Now, bile mud is nothing more than the accumulation in the gallbladder of said salts and cholesterol , this is formed when some type of functional imbalance occurs, some sources say that this mud or also known as bile mud is actually formed by granules of bilirubinate and essentially salt crystals, in addition to cholesterol, having a diameter size of less than 2 mm.

These small granules are covered by a gel of mucus (mucus), their appearance and color are very similar to that of mud according to the studies carried out today ; hence its name, the increase in these salts and cholesterol generates the thickening of the bile thus forming the sludge.

The accumulation of this mud, as it is not detected or treated, can cause a more complicated health problem called gallstones (Cholelithiasis) in colloquial terms, stones or stones that are the product of the hardening of this mud.

What Causes Biliary Sludge?

Below we explain all the processes in which there is an increase in the amount of bilirubin and cholesterol in the blood or in the body that will favor the appearance of bile sludge in the gallbladder.

Risk factor’s

During the pregnancy period

In pregnancy, there is always an increase in bilirubin in the body and as a result of pregnancy, the bile is usually thicker than normal, which causes a precipitation of salts and cholesterol to be generated, helping to form bile sludge. . So if there are a large number of pregnancies in the person, the risks of suffering from this pathology are greater.

When liver cirrhosis occurs

When a person suffers from liver cirrhosis , the lesion that the liver presents seriously compromises its functioning, it usually appears with an increase in bilirubin in the blood, and in turn with a thickening of the bile, the perfect setting for biliary sludge to develop.

When you have sickle cell anemia

We know that bilirubin is simply a product of hemoglobin metabolism. When anemia occurs there is an increase in the destruction of red blood cells, which as an effect will produce an increase in bilirubin, which favors the appearance of biliary sludge.

Do long fasts

Normally, the bile accumulated in the gallbladder is prepared to be expelled and digest food, but when we fast, a greater amount of bile accumulates, so the chances of a precipitation of salts and cholesterol forming the mud.

In addition, the high cholesterol and fat content common in overweight and obese patients increase the risk of producing biliary sludge, although the risk is also latent in those who have had a sudden weight loss of more than 10 kg.

Symptoms of biliary sludge

The most frequent clinical manifestations that it may present are:

  • Abdominal pain.
  • Vesicular inflammation or cholecystitis .
  • Gases
  • Abdominal distension.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • Lack of appetite.

They can also present disorders of the digestion of fats, difficulty in digestion, pain in the right hypochondrium, that is, in the area where the liver is located. Symptoms are triggered after eating foods rich in fat.

In some cases, the patient may be asymptomatic, that is, he does not present any clinical manifestation that indicates that he may be developing said pathology, so periodic controls with the doctor are recommended to rule out or control the evolution of the disease. There are cases in which the person presents a spontaneous remission, that is, the mud is eliminated by itself, and only a very low percentage can develop cholelithiasis.

What is the medical treatment?

The first thing you should do when presenting any of the symptoms is to go to your doctor , if your doctor detects which are the specific alterations that you are presenting, he can indicate a personalized treatment. Often no pharmacological treatment is required, however the doctor may indicate some treatment to dissolve the sediments and avoid complications later.

The main treatment is a low-fat, high-fiber, low-cholesterol, low-sodium diet. Reduce calorie intake and increase physical activity.

Having a controlled diet and accompanying it with home remedies can reduce the development of bile sludge even to the point of eliminating it completely.

You should not skip breakfast , you should consume small and more frequent portions of food during the day, so the gallbladder will release bile regularly to help in the digestion of food, instead of storing it for prolonged periods of time, it remains adequate gallbladder emptying.

Diet that you must adhere to

Increase the consumption of water, fruits, vegetables and olive oil. Maintain an orderly diet. This new diet that you must comply with must be distributed in the following way three main meals and two snacks adjusted to a schedule.

You should eat healthy fats such as: olive oil, eat white or blue fish rich in Omega 3.

Avoid consuming palm oil or foods that contain it – this is the greatest source of bad cholesterol. Check the nutritional table of the food products that you buy for your diet.

These are some of the most recommended foods that you should consume:

  • Meat and poultry without skin or visible fat.
  • Low-fat or skimmed dairy.
  • Cereals, potatoes and legumes (they are usually better tolerated cooked or pureed).
  • Fruits: Ripe fresh, roasted, beaten, compote or pureed.
  • Water, defatted broths, mild infusions, unsweetened juices, still drinks.

Avoid consuming avocados, olives, nuts and pastry products as they are rich in fat.

Natural treatment

Drink water : some people do not like to consume water often, but the reality is that this is a source of many benefits, in this case consuming plenty of water helps to easily dilute and eliminate mud and toxins from the body.

Flax Seed Oil : Ingesting flax seed oil contributes to the elimination of mud in the gallbladder.

Vitamin C : the intake of fruits rich in vitamin C and rich in ascorbic acid help reduce bile sludge.

Castor oil : a tablespoon of castor oil, alone or accompanied with a little juice of the fruit of your choice, helps to clean the body and its proper functioning avoiding the appearance of mud.

Home remedies


Alfalfa has the extraordinary quality of cleaning and purifying the liver and gallbladder.

Add 1 teaspoon of ground alfalfa seeds to a glass of water and that’s it, take it every day for breakfast.

Olive oil

In a glass you must add 3 tablespoons of olive oil and the juice of a lemon mix well and drink before going to bed and just after getting up this helps to purify the gallbladder. Not recommended for people suffering from gastritis or ulcers.

Beet and apple

Add the juice of a beet and an apple, add a small spoonful of yeast, mix and drink. This will help improve the functioning of the gallbladder and liver, preventing the formation of mud.

Tips to prevent it

Currently there are various diagnostic tests which help us to detect the formation of biliary sludge in time, this can be with an ultrasound or abdominal scan.

The most important way to avoid suffering from biliary sludge is by maintaining a healthy diet , as we have already shown above, avoiding the consumption of foods rich in fat will greatly reduce the risk of suffering from this pathology.

You can prevent any discomfort and illness taking into account that if you take care of your diet, eat at the correct times and the right amount, if you watch your weight and do physical activity, you will maintain the proper functioning of your body and, therefore, the development of mud. bile.

Care tips

  • Just by maintaining a healthy diet and with an energy intake you will keep your body healthy.
  • Don’t skip your meals, avoid prolonged fasting.
  • Avoid eating fatty foods.
  • Go regularly to the doctor, prevent health.
  • Take the time to breathe, enjoy and eat healthy, do not forget you are what you eat.

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