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Bimi: properties, benefits and its use in the kitchen


Every few years, the food industry takes a turnaround when some new healthy food makes an appearance. One of the last was  quinoa , which was properly introduced into our diet. But  the new trendy food promises to be an absolute revolution  when it comes to food, it is  bimi .

The properties of bimi

The first thing we have to know is that it is a  superfood , such as walnuts or avocado . This means that it offers us an incredible amount of properties and that it has many more nutrients than the common food. That is to say: it  has the benefits that could only be achieved with different products . For this reason, everything seems to indicate that the revolution will be especially significant at this point.

It is a  broccoli extract combined with other vegetables , to get the best of them all, and the truth is that it seems to have achieved it. These would be some of its properties:

  • Micronutrients . Vegetables and fruits are focused on offering us what macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) cannot. Here would be the minerals and vitamins that are so necessary for our body. Well, it seems that this food has the highest micronutrient presence ever seen.
  • Natural antioxidant. Foods that have this property work primarily for one thing: to prevent dangerous diseases. An example would be cardiovascular and even cataracts . Its concentration in antioxidants, mixed with nutrients, is so high that it can offer prevention so as not to end up developing these types of problems.
  • Minerals, especially iron. Iron is the mineral most sought after by most consumers. It provides energy, vitality and is good for the human body. Its deficiency is directly related to anemia, fatigue and lack of vitality. Therefore, eating foods high in iron is essential for a healthy life and this  superfood  has a good proportion of this mineral.
  • Vegetal protein. Vegetables do not usually have a very good proportion of protein, something that does not happen, for example, with legumes, the main source of these. However,  here we have an exception, since it does present a good proportion of proteins .
  • Fiber. Like all vegetables, this pure broccoli extract has a good amount of fiber, only in this case in a higher proportion, and an especially healthy type.
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Tips on how to cook bimi

Martín Berasategui  has been the quintessential Spanish chef in popularizing this vegetable. Whenever people are faced with a new food, they ask the same thing: how do you eat this? Well, very easy. Here are a series of tricks for its preparation.

It is sold ready-made for consumption, so one option, the most immediate we have, is to eat it raw, along with other vegetables in a salad. Although it can be very shocking for those who are not used to it.

The two best options are to sauté it with meat or vegetables, or in the oven, as a complement,  for example, to some fish. In this way, its flavor can function as a complement and not as the protagonist, so that it is easy to adapt little by little to its flavor, which, in general, is sweeter than that of most vegetables.

In  conclusion , everything indicates that  bimi  will not be so much a passing fad, but rather a food that is committed to staying in our kitchens. The reason for this appreciation is for the incredible amount of nutrients that it seems to provide us and for the ease of preparation it has.


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