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Blood group diet


Some diets can have very harmful consequences for health, so it is advisable to obtain detailed information before putting the proper functioning of the body at risk. Among the many diets that are steadily gaining popularity is the blood group diet .

Let’s see below what is the origin of this diet, what it consists of and if its results are proven.

The blood group diet

The origin of this diet is found in the hypothesis of the author of the book Blood groups and nutrition , the naturopath James D’Adamo, who in 1996 wanted to establish a relationship between the blood group of people and foods that are healthy, neutral or harmful for each type .

It is a theory based on the evolution of the human being, according to which, a blood sample provides all the necessary information to determine the racial origins and of our ancestors, which will be useful to include each individual in a specific group , with specific dietary needs.

To classify each blood group, it uses the ABO system , which is the most used in hospitals to check blood compatibility in transfusions.

In this way, this diet maintains that people must consume certain foods based on their blood group to improve their health, prevent certain diseases and reach their ideal weight.

Although a priori the relationship between blood type and dietary needs may be somewhat reasonable, there is no proof of its effectiveness, as shown below.

Dietary indications for each blood group

According to the author of this theory, the blood type shows the behavior of the ancestors of each individual and it is necessary to rely on these behaviors to feed.

As D’Adamo explains, originally there was only a single blood group, Type 0, and with the development of agriculture and society, new blood groups appeared: type A, B, and AB.

According to him, each of these groups has specific characteristics that require a diet based on certain foods . In this way, it establishes that, if the indications are strictly followed in each case, an improvement in the state of health will be obtained, various diseases will be prevented and an optimal weight will be achieved.

The classification carried out for each blood group is as follows:

  • Type 0 . It is the oldest group and descends from the first hunters. For this reason, a diet based mainly on a significant intake of protein of animal origin, specifically meat, is recommended. Their digestive system is very resistant and they must do intense exercise to combat stress . The type of diet recommended for this blood group is very similar to the also popular “paleo” diet, which can be highly detrimental to health.
  • Type A . Descendants of the first farmers, they require a vegetarian diet to stay healthy and fit. They have a delicate digestive system and must perform low and moderate intensity exercises. They should avoid the consumption of meat and dairy products.
  • Type B . People belonging to this blood group must consume a large amount of dairy products. Being descendants of nomadic tribes, they have a tolerant digestive system and need to maintain a balance between physical activity and mental activity.
  • Type AB . Considered a hybrid between types A and B, individuals with this blood group are recommended to follow the indications indicated for both blood groups.

What does science say?

Although some patients who have followed this diet are said to have had good results, there is no solid basis to support such health benefits .

Specifically, a study carried out at the University of Toronto carried out the measurement of results in a group of individuals between 20 and 29 years old who followed this diet for a month. The results of the research did not establish a relationship between blood group and diet, but rather favorable results were obtained in those individuals who were prescribed the intake of healthier foods .

In this way, the people who participated in the study and who belonged to type A, the “vegetarians”, showed a decrease in body mass index (BMI), decrease in cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose and of triglycerides .

Given that a vegetarian diet is recommended for this group, the results were to be expected: the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics strongly concludes that properly conducted vegetarian diets “are healthy, nutritionally adequate, and can provide health benefits in prevention and treatment of certain diseases ”.

Along with this association, a multitude of prestigious organizations endorse the benefits of a free diet of products of animal origin, so it is not a question of said subjects improving their state of health due to the diet of the blood group but due to the consumption of healthy foods.


The blood group diet hypothesis, which establishes a direct relationship between each blood type and the foods to be consumed, is not scientifically supported .

The testimonies of those who claim to have obtained good results after following this diet may be due to a nutritional change based on healthier foods such as legumes, vegetables, cereals or fruit.

Vegetarian people who are in good health and who belong to blood group type 0, or those people from group B who are allergic to lactose will have no doubts as to the veracity of the blood group diet.

Diets should be given the necessary importance and never put health at risk by adopting habits whose good results have no scientific support.

Acquiring healthy habits that include a diet rich in plant-based proteins and the practice of exercise adapted to the specific needs of each person is the safest way to improve health without taking risks.


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