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The celery is one of the most consumed edible plants today for its wide range of properties and health benefits. Its origin is in the swampy areas of central Europe and western Asia. Some studies carried out in recent years indicate that the cultivation of celery dates back to the 9th century BC; the Romans and the Greeks used it extensively both for consumption as food and to make a large selection of remedies.

One of its most outstanding properties is its low caloric content ; just 16 calories per 100 grams of product. In addition, 95% of its composition is water. Therefore, one of the most widespread uses today is as a weight loss food.

Celery properties

Celery is a vegetable with a high content of fiber and vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C). It is also rich in minerals such as potassium , sodium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, and calcium.

A large selection of nutrients that provide a wide range of properties to celery; it is antiviral, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, cleansing and antibacterial.

Thus, this edible plant is very useful to strengthen the immune system thanks to its high content of vitamin C ; in this way, the chances of suffering illnesses such as the flu or the cold are reduced . In addition, it purifies the kidneys and greatly promotes the elimination of stones.

Celery also helps regulate blood sugar and stimulates the production of both saliva and gastric games to improve digestion.

As for the health of the skin, celery allows you to take care of it from within in a very healthy way.

Health benefits of celery

Next we are going to point out some of the main health benefits of celery.

Blood clotting

Celery is one of the foods with the highest content of vitamin K , a nutrient that notably promotes blood clotting. Therefore, it is a 100% recommended food to avoid conditions such as stroke or thrombosis.

Cardiovascular system

Another of the great benefits of celery in relation to health has to do with the cardiovascular system. Thanks to its high potassium content, it regulates blood pressure ; In addition, being rich in fiber, celery helps reduce cholesterol levels.

Digestive system

One of the most widespread uses of celery since ancient times is as a home remedy for heartburn . In addition, thanks to the large amount of fiber it provides, it regulates intestinal transit, preventing diseases such as constipation . Celery also strengthens the stomach lining , thus preventing ulcers.

Elimination of liquids

Celery is a fantastic food to prevent fluid retention as it helps eliminate toxins from the body. A 100% natural cleanser.


One of the most valued benefits of this edible plant is its power to alleviate any type of inflammatory process. Celery is a great source of antioxidants ; In addition, its high content of flavonoids allows the regeneration and strengthening of the joints.

How to take celery?

One of the big questions among those who want to start consuming celery for its great properties and health benefits has to do with what is the best way to take it.


As with any other vegetable, the best way to consume celery is raw; in this way, it preserves 100% all its nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals . It has a hard hard texture and its flavor is strong and bitter. Therefore, a good idea is to add it to salads; the tender stems and the chopped leaves can be incorporated.

Soups and creams

When cooked, celery loses part of its natural nutrients. However, it is a great ingredient for flavoring soups and stews; it is usually combined with other vegetables such as carrots or tomatoes.


One of the most common ways to consume celery today is in juices. It has a very low caloric content and a great water composition. A great option to take on an empty stomach and start the day with energy.

The green smoothie is one of the best-known drinks today. Numerous celebrities such as Elsa Pataky or Vanessa Hundgens, among others, have appeared on the covers of magazines around the world with one of them in hand. It is made from water, lettuce, spinach, banana, pear, apple, celery and lemon juice. A combination of natural ingredients with a great selection of health benefits.

Celery contraindications

Celery is a food not recommended during pregnancy since its glycoside content can lead to miscarriages. During lactation it can be consumed without any problem.

Among those who suffer from stomach problems, its consumption raw is not recommended because it can be difficult to digest. In the same way, in patients with bladder inflammation or some type of kidney condition, celery is not a recommended food for its diuretic effect.

Does celery really help you lose weight?

There are three factors that make celery a great food for people on a weight loss diet. For one thing, its caloric content is very low. On the other hand, practically all of its composition is water . And finally, if eaten raw, the high fiber content of celery means that it has to be chewed a lot; therefore, it generates a great feeling of satiety.

However, celery is by no means a miracle food. If you really want to lose weight, you must follow a healthy and balanced diet, and exercise frequently, three to four times a week. With healthy lifestyle habits, adding celery to your diet can be of great help to lose weight.

Celery home remedies

Celery has great diuretic and expectorant properties. Also, it helps reduce inflammation and swelling. Thus, there is a large selection of home remedies with celery as the main ingredient that help treat a wide range of conditions.

  • Asthma : celery can be of great help to improve the symptoms of asthma. To prepare this remedy, simply boil the celery root in half a liter of water together with a burdock root and a handful of fennel seed. Once the infusion is ready, strain it and let it cool before drinking.
  • Deflate the eyes: if you have slept little and notice puffy eyes, this home remedy will come to you to reduce inflammation. You just have to prepare an infusion of celery and, when it is cold, soak two compresses in it and apply to the eye area. Keep for about 20 minutes and remove.
  • Combat stress : to make this home remedy you need two large carrots, a celery and a quarter of a beet as ingredients. Blend the ingredients until obtaining a homogeneous juice, without lumps. A home remedy that significantly reduces high blood pressure and balances the nervous system .

Celery is one of the healthiest vegetables that exist, with great nutritional properties . The healthiest way to consume it is raw, in salads or in juices; however, it can also be added to soups and broths.


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