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The adipocytes are fat cells that accumulate in the deeper layer of skin. Well, when they increase in size, they lead to the accumulation of localized fat, which is known as cellulite . Generally, it is related to aesthetic reasons, although the truth is that it can also lead to a health problem.

It is a disease that affects mostly women , in no more and no less than 98% of cases. There are many factors that can lead to orange peel skin: hormones, genetics, stress , unbalanced diet …

What is it?

Cellulite is a metabolic disease that affects women the most. It is characterized by changes both at the functional and physiological level of the fibrous tissue, generally accompanied by disorders that affect circulation and the deformation of adipose cells.

Cellulite develops in a total of five stages to give rise to the familiar orange peel skin.

  1. First, the microcirculation of certain areas of the body slows down , causing the blood vessels to dilate.
  2. Subsequently, as a result of vasodilation, the venous and lymphatic vessels become permeable , allowing fluid to escape to the external environment.
  3. In the third stage, the liquid gains thickness , so that the exchange of nutrients between the fat cells and the vessels becomes more complicated. Thus, fat cells increase in size since they are unable to get rid of the waste accumulated in them.
  4. Fibrosis develops ; the fat cells and the venous and lymphatic vessels are enclosed in a network, so that the exchange of nutrients between cells becomes even more complex.
  5. As fibrosis progresses, large nodules are created, thus giving rise to orange peel skin .

What type of cellulite are there?

There are different types of cellulite, each with its own characteristics and effects on both the body and the skin. It is important to determine the type of cellulite involved in order to establish the most appropriate treatment.

Area affected

One of the most common classifications made around this condition has to do with the area of ​​the body in which it develops.

  • Generalized: it is the rarest type of cellulite, which only affects those women with obesity problems and / or who have an unbalanced eating plan. Dimples occur in a wide range of body areas such as the buttocks, abdomen, hips, and thighs. It occurs especially in young women.
  • Localized: it is known as localized cellulite to the accumulation of adipose tissue in a certain area of ​​the body, especially the abdomen, buttocks and arms. Beyond an aesthetic issue, this type of cellulite generates pain and a feeling of heaviness in those who suffer from it.

Degree of cellulite

Another of the most common classifications of this condition is the degree of the injury.

  • Edematous cellulitis: it is located on the legs and develops due to fluid retention. It does not pose any aesthetic problem since it is only appreciated when the skin is compressed. It is common among young women.
  • Soft cellulite: it occurs in those people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, who hardly do any kind of physical activity. The symptoms that characterize this type of cellulite are: orange peel, dizziness, insomnia and fatigue.
  • Hard cellulite: it is the most serious and visible type, which is characterized by the development of very fibrous tissue around fat macules due to the lack of oxygenation of the skin and / or the absence of certain nutrients due to a poor diet. In addition to an aesthetic problem, it is also a very painful condition.

Causes of cellulite

Below we explain in detail what are the main causes of cellulite.


The hereditary factor is one of the most frequent causes of this condition. Genetics are related to obesity, so it is important that those with a family history of obesity and / or cellulite, carry out a healthy and balanced diet.

Sedentary life

The lack of exercise is another reason why cellulite often appears in a large number of people, especially women. Keep in mind that exercising frequently activates blood circulation, as well as the metabolism of fat cells in the body.


Stress can cause difficulty in blood circulation , which favors the development of cellulite. Therefore, it is recommended that, as far as possible, you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Inadequate diet

An unhealthy lifestyle, with a diet rich in calories and saturated fat , is one of the main culprits for cellulite. The ideal is to have a healthy and balanced diet, with two or three servings of fruit and / or vegetables daily, as well as a consumption rich in fish and whole grains. It is also convenient to monitor excess sodium, because this condition generates fluid retention.


In many cases, the appearance of cellulite is related to high levels of estrogens; a situation that generates a great retention of liquids in the body. It is very common in pregnant or menopausal women .


It is important to diagnose cellulite in its early stages, so it is essential to pay special attention to the symptoms of this condition. Sometimes the orange peel gives rise to a fever , as well as a great sensitivity in the area . It is also common for the area affected by orange peel to present dimples and even swelling ; the appearance of red spots and blisters occurs in some cases.

Tips to avoid cellulite

There are a number of tips that are worth taking into account as they help significantly to avoid cellulite.

  • The snuff is one of the worst enemies of health. Therefore, a good advice as a preventive measure is to stop smoking.
  • It is also advisable to avoid foods high in fat and high in salt .
  • Of course, regular physical exercise is also very important.
  • Leading a healthy lifestyle is advisable, minimizing stress.

Cellulitis treatments

In the same way that it happens with any other medical conditin, the treatment of cellulite depends largely on its cause, as well as the degree to which the orange peel has affected the body. These are some of the most demanded aesthetic treatments today.

  • Mesotherapy : this treatment consists of injecting small doses of natural substances into the first layer of the dermis. Generally, the substances that are injected are personalized for each patient; They help to a great extent to eliminate accumulated toxins, as well as excess fats. In addition, mesotherapy is very useful to activate blood circulation.
  • Pressotherapy : an aesthetic treatment in which air pressure is used to carry out lymphatic drainage. The areas to be treated are covered with a cover, which is filled with air by means of a compressor. In this way, lymphatic circulation is activated to eliminate toxins and accumulated fats.
  • Cavitation: another of the most common treatments to combat cellulite. It consists of the generation of air microbubbles inside the fat tissue. These microbubbles break the fat cells, which are subsequently eliminated by the lymphatic system .

Do creams to fight cellulite really work?

Currently, we can see hundreds of advertisements both in magazines and on television, for cellulite creams that promise to end orange peel skin in just a few days or weeks.

Well, the truth is that there is no anti-cellulite cream on the market that is capable by itself of obtaining good long-term results . The best treatment to end this condition is to carry out healthy lifestyle habits, with a healthy and balanced diet and the practice of physical exercise. Once this point is clear, it is true that creams to combat cellulite can be of great help as a complement.

Home remedies against cellulite

There are many women who suffer from cellulite, and who want to fight against it. If the condition is in its initial phase, there is a large selection of home remedies, made with 100% natural ingredients, that can be of great help to fight against orange peel skin.

Apple vinager

It is one of the most popular natural remedies to combat cellulite as apple cider vinegar greatly helps to minimize the appearance of orange peel skin .

It is very simple both to prepare and to apply. You simply have to mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water; you can add half a teaspoon of honey to sweeten the remedy. The ideal is to drink this drink every morning on an empty stomach.


Honey is a very effective natural ingredient to reduce the appearance of cellulite; In addition, it improves circulation .

You just have to apply a very thin layer of skin in those areas affected by orange peel, making light pressure with the fingertips and gentle circular movements. Then, rinse with plenty of warm water. It is best to repeat this process daily; in about a month the results begin to be noticed.

Coffee and sugar

Using coffee and sugar as the main ingredients, you can make a very effective homemade scrub to combat fluid retention and accelerate the burning of fats in the body.

To prepare it you must mix half a cup of ground coffee with a tablespoon of sugar. Once you have your homemade scrub, apply it to the areas of the body affected by cellulite, making gentle circular movements. Let it act for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water.

Oil, apple and lemon

This homemade cream based on olive oil, apple and lemon deeply hydrates the skin. Apple is a detoxifying ingredient , which helps eliminate toxins from the body.

To prepare the remedy you just have to mix the ingredients; you can do it in a blender so that they are better integrated. Then, apply the cream daily to the area affected by cellulite.

Dry brush

One of the simplest home remedies that works best to combat cellulite. Brushing the area affected by orange peel skin with a dry brush helps improve blood circulation , while promoting the elimination of toxins from the body . It also acts as a natural exfoliant, eliminating accumulated dead cells; in this way, the skin can be adequately oxygenated.

You should do this remedy just before you shower, making gentle circular movements so that the skin is not irritated. It is best to use a brush that has 100% natural bristles, not synthetic ones.

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