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The cetirizine Cinfa is part of the drugs antihistamine called. Its action is exercised by blocking histamine , a substance that intervenes in the body producing allergy symptoms, it is also known as cinnarizine ( loratadine ), visertral and levocetirizine , let’s see what it is for, and its recommendations.

What is loratadine (cinnarizine) for?

We can use cetirizine to relieve the symptoms of hay fever , caused by allergies to dust, pollen, and other substances found in the air; in addition to acting against other allergies such as dust mites, animal dander and molds.

Despite not preventing hives or other skin reactions, we can treat the itching and redness of hives.

Symptoms it relieves include sneezing , runny nose , red or watery eyes, and itchy nose or throat.

Cetirizine 10mg leaflet

The vademecum cetirizine can be found in mode normal, chewable tablets, drops or as well as syrup , so in all presentations should be administered orally, the price of cetirizine mylan , Normon , Cinfa,  vademecum, aristo, ratiopharm , sandoz (they are one of its commercial names)  will vary depending on the country where you buy it.

Recommended dose

It is recommended to take once a day ; it is not essential that it be accompanied by food. It is advisable to choose an hour a day in which to take the medicine, avoiding not modifying it. We must not exceed or decrease the dose of cetirizine indicated by the doctor.

Recommendations for use

The use of cetirizine dihydrochloride is not recommended to treat hives with bruises (see if they resemble bruises) or blisters that are strangely colored or unusually non-itchy.

In case the urticaria does not improve during the first three days of treatment, extending even beyond six weeks, we must call the doctor.

Allergic and adverse reactions

If some of these symptoms arise while taking the medicine, go to an emergency center : difficulty swallowing, speaking or breathing; swelling in and around the mouth or swelling of the tongue, wheezing (gasping), drooling, dizziness, or loss of consciousness.

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We could find ourselves faced with a life-threatening allergic reaction called anaphylaxis; surely the doctor prescribes epinephrine.

Contraindications of cetirizine

Before taking cetirizine, we must consult with the doctor in case we have had allergic reactions to this medicine or to hydroxyzine, or other medicines. We must always list any type of medication that we are taking or have recently taken, as well as vitamin complexes, to avoid possible interactions that may alter their substances.

We need to report if we have suffered from kidney disease. Also, if there is a possibility of pregnancy before or during taking cetirizine dihydrochloride .

Alcohol, while taking this drug, should be avoided, since by producing drowsiness cetirizine, alcohol increases its effects . That is why it is advisable not to drive while taking this antihistamine.

In case we forget to take a dose of cetirizine , we must try to take it, as long as it is not combined with the next one; if this is the case, we must skip the previous one.

Side effects of cetirizine

Let’s keep a close eye on whether the side effects described below get worse or don’t go away; in your case, we must contact the doctor: drowsiness , excessive tiredness , dry mouth , stomach pain , diarrhea or vomiting .

  • Other effects, although they are rare, are quite serious, and in their case we will have to call the doctor immediately or go to the nearest hospital emergency room .

In the case of cetirizine normon , difficulty in swallowing or breathing has been described . If other effects not described here are observed, the doctor should be informed with the same urgency.

We must remember that health is the most important thing, and that any questions must be raised with the doctor. It is best to carry a list of all the medications that are taken with you and be alert to any new symptoms that appear. Information is also prevention.

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