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Clay skin mask


One of the main causes of acne is the excessive production of sebum in the skin. The face feels greasy and often even glows in photos. Likewise, even if acne does disappear, the skin is still oily and the best way to control it is by using a variety of clay masks, which can be done manually. This clay mask , exclusively for facial treatment, can provide many health benefits. In addition, they are inexpensive to prepare and can be easily done at home.

In this article we will teach tricks and methods to learn how to make homemade masks, such as the well-known clay clay masks for skin care and, above all, to eliminate oily skin and acne, as well as other facial problems. For this, we recommend preparing and applying your own mask as a method of treatment on the skin. The many recipes that we will see manage to combat the key problems, but they all have the same function, to control the amount of sebum on the face.

The best known clay mask is the one made with clay, which is excellent for oily skin, however, depending on the color of clay we use, we can find some benefits for many types of skin. The masks that we recommend are those that contain a high mineral content, for the simple fact that they are good for cleansing, they also heal, soothe, tone and repair your skin. They are as follows:

  • Green clay. It helps to extract toxins from the skin and reduces inflammation. If you have a lot of acne, this clay will solve the problem successfully.
  • Pink clay. Good for lifeless, tired skin. In addition, it has many cleansing properties and helps the skin to be toned.
  • White clay. Softens the skin and calms it down. Actually, we can apply it to any kind of skin. It is the softest clay and it is surely the first mask you try to use in your facial treatment to calm oily skin.
  • Red clay. Because it has high moisturizing properties, it is perfect for sensitive and dry skin.

Different treatments with clay masks

1. To achieve deep cleaning.

Next, we will give the ingredients to cleanse the skin of impurities. They are the ones to be used in the facial treatment for oily skin. Without a doubt, it is one of the ideal masks that can be included. The ingredients are: Vegetable Glycerin , 1 teaspoon / Distilled water, 3 tablespoons / Green clay, 1 ounce / Geranium essential 1, oil drop / Grapefruit essential, 1 drop oil / Juniper essential, 1 drop oil.

2. Soothing Mud Mask.

This is the mask that is best suited to sensitive and dry skin. As the mask begins to dry out too much when it is on the face, we have to simply spray it with a little floral water or distilled water. The ingredients to create it are: White or red clay, 1 Ounce / Rose water, 3 tablespoons / Jojoba, 1 tablespoon / Chamomile essential oil, 2 drops / Rose essential oil, 2 drops.

3. The best revitalizing clay mask.

If the skin is tired, lifeless and dull, it is best to use the following recipe for a revitalizing pink clay mask. This will restore health and shine to the complexion. You just have to follow this list of ingredients to get it in no time: Pink clay, 1 ounce / Orange blossom water, 3 tablespoons. / Vegetable glycerin, 1 teaspoon / Neroli essential oil, 1 drop / Orange essential oil, 2 drops / Petitgrain essential oil, 2 drops.

How to prepare and apply clay masks

As the main clay mask recipes for our skin have already been shown, now we have to choose which one is the most appropriate for each case, for this we will follow the following steps:

  1. Obtain a thick paste by combining distilled water or floral water with the clay. Prepare it in a container. Mix.
  2. Then, regardless of the order, but mixing it well, we will add the remaining ingredients.
  3. To be applied in this way: The mixture is spread on a damp and clean face, also on the neck. The eye contour should be avoided.
  4. Lie down relaxed for twenty minutes, so that the mixture does not fall off and avoid movements of the mixture after it has been applied to the face.
  5. Taking care not to spill anything in our eyes, rinse very well with warm water and then dry carefully and gently with a clean towel.
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Our recommendation: for a better result, apply a moisturizing cream and, if necessary, also a toner.

Green clay mask for acne prone skin.

One of the favorite treatments for specialists is the green clay mask, since it is very favorable for oily skin, skin prone to acne breakouts and pimples, and dry skin. For those with oily skin, add water. In case of being a dry skin, jojoba oil is the right thing to do, although if the skin is dry and oily, or a combination, it is advisable to use milk for this mask. These are the ingredients:

  1. Green clay or Fuller clay. For those with sensitive skin, French green clay is recommended.
  2. Honey 1 tablespoon.
  3. Jojoba oil, Water or milk depending on skin type.
  4. Essential oil. Add to taste.

To apply it, we will start by mixing 2 parts of the liquid for each one of clay. If 1 ounce of clay is to be used, the amount of liquid is 2 ounces. Add the honey and mix it. If it is very dry, add more liquid. It is optional to add a few drops of essential oil. It mixes very well and then we apply the green clay mask to the skin and leave it for twenty minutes. When it is removed, the face should be cleaned with a steamed towel, which we will achieve with a damp towel, a few drops of essential oils and then in the microwave. Make sure it is not too hot because the face is one of the most sensitive areas of the body.

Where to buy the clay.

The most recommended clay is French green clay, although it is also possible to buy French red clay or French white clay. We must not forget that clay is the main ingredient of the mask that we will apply to the skin, and to ensure that we will always have the best results, we will buy the best quality clay.

The clays that are for sale are not ready to apply, but with just a little purified water, French green clay is the best to remove impurities from the skin and control sebum on the face. One of the clays recommended to improve the beauty of the skin tone is the French yellow clay, since the spots that remain after acne disappear.

What we must keep in mind

It is advisable to use a brush to apply these masks, since with it it will be easier for us to work. Apart from this recommendation, we will leave a few more to consider.

  1. The mask will dry out as it acts on the skin. To avoid this, we must relax the muscles of the face and barely move them during the whole process.
  2. If the skin is more sensitive, it is recommended that white clay be used for its softness.
  3. This type of treatment can be used a maximum of 1 time a week.
  4. Exfoliation can be abrasive, and therefore, when you finish applying the mask, you should also apply a cream to restore hydration to the skin. In this way, the epidermis will be kept more cared for. If the type of cream to use is unknown, it is advisable to ask a beauty and cosmetic specialist.
  5. For the conservation of the clay, the maximum time is 3 days, and covered.

The great benefits of clay

We already know that the most effective substance for absorbing impurities is clay. These impurities, which are contained in the tissues, are quickly drained and neutralized by absorption and, thanks to this power, it is possible to collect a high amount of heat to attract the toxins that accumulate under the skin and thus expel them easily. .

These masks are mainly used for beauty products because they absorb fat from the tissues, as well as being a natural substance that revitalizes and balances. As if that were not enough, muscle aches are calmed with it and skin cells are regenerated.

The mud manages to hydrate, soften and regenerate the skin, by stimulating and activating blood circulation. In addition, it releases many accumulated toxins and oxygenates our body. There are no excuses, then, to apply a clay mask treatment, which can be mixed with many ingredients, such as oils and herbs.


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