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Cleanse your colon with kefir and flaxseed


To enjoy good health, it is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle in general, but especially in terms of intestinal health.

The human being is considered to have two brains, the first is obvious which one it is, but the second is the largest organ in the human body: the intestine . Thanks to it, we are able to absorb nutrients and manage waste products; It is said that the immune system is closely related to bacteria living within it .

For this reason, having a clean colon will help you enjoy a better overall health.

How to get a clean colon

The main thing to enjoy a colon in good condition is to lead a lifestyle and a healthy diet, rich in fiber and plant products , which allow a good intestinal transit. However, despite eating well and having acquired good life habits, it is very likely that our colon accumulates waste that prevents it from developing its function optimally.

It is recommended that everyone get regular colon cleanses to optimize their gut health and prevent disease .

The immune system is nourished by what we eat, so eating well today will be of long-term benefit.

Cleaning the colon periodically helps you stay healthy

The intestine can be represented as a pipe in which the residual products remain stuck, until the excess of waste ends up causing problems in its operation.

A good condition of the colon and the intestine in general translates into stronger health and a flat silhouette, without a bulging belly. To achieve this, a method as simple as it is effective is the mixture of kefir with flaxseed ; its benefits are observed almost immediately and it is very tasty. To complete this cleaning, we will take this mixture during breakfast and for a period of 3 weeks .

First week

½ glass of kefir (125 ml) and 1 tablespoon of flaxseed flour (10 g)

Second week

½ glass of kefir (125 ml) and 2 tablespoons of flaxseed flour (20 g)

Third week

½ glass of kefir (125 ml) and 3 tablespoons of flaxseed flour (30 g)

But why use these two ingredients to cleanse the intestine?

Flaxseed benefits

Flaxseed has a large amount of fiber , both soluble and insoluble. The first is the one that helps the body regulate blood pressure and sugar levels and the one that helps prevent some diseases such as colon cancer or diverticulitis. As for insoluble fiber, it is what is usually known as dry fiber and it is the one that benefits intestinal transit.

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Fiber improves motility and serves as food for the beneficial bacteria that inhabit the intestine . Thanks to the intestinal flora , the body is able to properly absorb nutrients from food.

Flaxseed also contains a large amount of omega 3 linoleic acid, very beneficial for curing inflammatory processes and for preventing ailments such as arthritis , asthma , eczema and some disorders of the female reproductive system .

It also has an antioxidant effect, thanks to a phytochemical called lignan, which acts against free radicals , which cause aging and deterioration of the body.

But they are not the only advantages of flaxseed, as it also has group B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and thiamine.

It can be obtained in different presentations, either in oil, in tablets, whole or ground. It is recommended to consume it ground, since the oil can oxidize very quickly and lose its properties and the seeds are too hard to be consumed as is.

If you choose the ground option, you simply have to dissolve a tablespoon in the kefir and consume the mixture as we have explained previously.

Kefir benefits

Kefir is a combination of probiotic bacteria and yeast on a matrix of proteins, fats and sugars . Its nodules resemble cauliflower but have a softer, gelatinous texture.

The main components of kefir are the bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus and a single-celled fungus.

There are three types of kefir: milk, which is the most widespread, water and tea or kombucha (read our last article on kombucha ). It is the same type of fungus, but adapted to different media, so the benefits it brings to the body are the same.

Its benefits include its role in regenerating bacterial flora and significantly improving intestinal transit . It is also beneficial for the stomach, as it has the ability to regenerate the mucosa and facilitate digestion.

It can be applied topically to improve inflammatory processes such as eczema. In addition, it acts in a beneficial way for the nervous system and helps prevent sleep disorders and depressive states.

Taking care of intestinal health is essential to have a good state of health . In addition, it is as easy as following eating guidelines based on natural foods and with a large presence of vegetable fiber and feeding the bacteria that inhabit it to strengthen the immune system.

The mixture of kefir with flaxseed not only helps to cleanse the colon of impurities, but it is also delicious, so it can be incorporated into the diet without hesitation


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