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How to close large pores


The pores of the skin are more than just annoying spots that make people’s faces look ugly. Although the cosmetic industry has been determined to make believe that it is an incomparable enemy of human beauty, these holes that are found in the face (and in other parts of the body) have a specific and important function for the health of our dermis .

Its function is, neither more nor less, than to remove sweat and fat from the body, both to regulate body temperature and to hydrate the skin and absorb the nutrients it receives. To do this, the pores open, close or excrete fat, and they do so depending on the specific needs of the face at that time.

Depending on the type of skin and lifestyle that the person has, their pores will appear larger or smaller, more marked or almost imperceptible. The oilier the skin, the more open they can be seen, since they must expel more sebum. Over the years they also enlarge, as the skin becomes less elastic and more flaccid. The area most affected by the thickening of the pores is the so-called T , which includes the area of ​​the forehead and the nose, sometimes also the chin and cheekbones.

What is undeniable is that we all want our pores closed and not very noticeable . That is why the cosmetic industry brings more and more products to the market for this purpose. There are also different natural techniques and healthy habits that help the pores look closed and free of impurities.

How to reduce and hide pores on the skin

Because the size of your skin’s pores does matter, there are a few habits that can be adopted to minimize its appearance.

  • The pores must always be kept clean . The dirtier they are, due to excess fat, air pollution or excess toxins, the larger they will look. It is essential to get into the habit of cleaning your face every night and avoid using creams that are too oily in the areas that are most sensitive to thickened pores. At the end of the cleanse, a rose tonic can be applied to soothe the skin and try to close the pore before applying the hydrating treatment.
  • Treatments based on glycolic acid or salicylic acid significantly improve the appearance of the face and effectively remove impurities, they work as a peeling, so they should be used once a week to avoid irritating the skin. For somewhat more mature skin, retinol can be used .
  • The professional cleanings are a great ally to improve the appearance of the skin. When the person tries to remove the pimples or blackheads on their own, they run the risk of causing infections or leaving scars, more unsightly than the impurities themselves.
  • The makeup can be a great ally or worst enemy to hide pores. On many occasions, poorly applied it can make them more marked and more visible, since it tends to get into them and make them stand out more. A good trick to keep in mind is to use a special primer for pores and use powder makeup, instead of those that are presented in liquid or creams, since they stay more on the surface and do not penetrate inside the hole.
  • The sun is a great enemy for the skin in general, but when it comes to pores, it is one of the worst. Contact with the sun makes the skin thicker and the pores look much larger.
  • Smoking is a very harmful habit for the skin (and for health in general). Being exposed to tobacco smoke and its tar particles causes skin to become dirty quickly and pores to clog and appear thicker.
  • Feeding also has a significant influence on the size of these holes. The more oil and toxins the skin needs to excrete, the dirtier the pores will be and the larger they will appear to be visible. Taking care of yourself always has benefits for your health, as well as for the beauty of your face.
  • Although we can do quite little in this regard, environmental pollution is very detrimental to the well-being of the dermis. The suspended particles end up getting into the pores and make them dirty and clogged. If the option of changing your life and moving to a cleaner place is not feasible, it is at least advisable to clean your skin every night and hydrate it properly afterwards.
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Maintaining a healthy and beautiful face with clean and unmarked pores is not just a matter of genetics, a little care is very important.


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