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Cold cuts and vegetable sausages


Concern about food is on the rise and this makes many people want to start eating a much more careful diet. This circumstance, how could it be otherwise, makes them tend to veganism . In addition, day after day new ways are discovered to develop different dishes with this style, such as the one we said about sausages. This is precisely what we want to talk about here, about the properties of a vegan diet and the possibilities it offers.

The properties of vegan sausages

The vegan sausages have every day a greater presence in a large number of establishments that are beginning to market these products. This new trend, in turn, feeds back that new foods or experiments are produced to give way to an infinity of options, so that veganism is seen as a balanced and varied diet.

The example of sausages is one of the many that can be found in this regard. However, we want to emphasize this option; since the Iberian sausage enjoys an excellent reputation, but the difference between one and the other reveals the leap, as far as health is concerned, that there is between one option and another.

To begin with, meat has a significant amount of fat, especially unsaturated . This is a fundamental difference with vegetable fats, such as omega-3 or many others, which are unsaturated. It is common to hear the idea that eating fat is necessary for the daily diet. Now, it is important that these are not saturated, since these are the ones that create circulation problems, are directly related to obesity and can create heart problems .

The calories are other important points. There is much more to meat than vegetables. What difference is there here? Sausage, having so much fat, has a really high caloric intake. This makes it easy for those who consume it to gain weight and, even without feeling full, fill the calorie limit for their day. However, with vegetables, just the opposite happens; since these fill a lot, but they do not make you fat, so that all they do is satiate thanks to the high proportion of fiber they have.

Therefore, vegan sausages are excellent options for those with cholesterol problems or all those who want to watch their weight. However, the differences do not end there.

Meat stands out for being a food with very little nutritional contribution. That is, apart from the good amount of protein it provides, it does not have important micronutrients , except for some iron or zinc, which are also present in vegetables and greens. On the other hand, in a vegan diet, one can find a wide variety of micronutrients. These are essential to improve the health and well-being of multiple parts of the body or body systems.

You have to preserve the meat so that it can continue to be consumed, something that does not happen in such a significant way with vegetables. Especially in the case of cold cuts, their level of salt and preservation or processing makes them too unhealthy for the body. Therefore, it is recommended to eat so little quantity. In the case of vegetables, this is not the case. They have not had to go through a conservation process as exhaustive and significant as that of meat, so they do not have as many harmful elements as those that it can have .

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Finally, fiber is another of the important differences that may exist. A cold meat is stronger and more acidic and, therefore, damages the stomach and intestines more. In the case of vegetables, the opposite would happen; since the transit is stimulated, besides that they are very friendly elements with the digestion. Its high amount of fiber makes it much easier to evacuate, so, once again, it is a very friendly food for people with cholesterol problems or who suffer from the heart.

Vegan chorizo ​​and other options

Not all vegan sausage is limited to chorizo. It should be remembered that it is becoming an expanding business that can offer a lot of itself. Chorizo, for example, is made with pumpkin. When asked if they taste the same, the answer is that, obviously, no, although they do not have so many differences. The reason is that they do not use the same preservatives or colorants that may be present in meat preparations, so the taste will be, in the end, much more natural.

Taste is in the variety and also in this aspect. You can find mortadelas, cheeses and any type of vegan sausage . They are low in calories and fat and very high in sodium, so not only vegans take them, but also anyone who is concerned about their health or wants to try new recipes.

And the advantage is that the vegan community is especially active and they do not stop sharing recipes or selling and offering a wide variety of products, among which you can find vegan sausages . And we must not forget that anyone can enjoy them, since they will be great for their health. Besides, it is still a new type of gastronomy that offers possibilities that previously neither existed nor expected. Therefore, interest in the world of cooking and discovering new flavors would also enter here.

In conclusion , cold cuts and vegetable sausages are interesting options for many of those interested in having a healthier diet or all those who want to discover new dishes. They have interesting properties, which do a lot for health, in addition to the fact that there is a wide variety of these products, from sausages to cheeses. Undoubtedly, it is a new trend, within food, which seems ready to stay .


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