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Comfort zone: what it is, characteristics and how to get out of it

The comfort zone is nothing more than a mental state that focuses on the possibility of avoiding all kinds of fear or anxiety, turning life into a routine space and without major risks. But can you get out of your comfort zone? We will analyze that and more below .

It should be noted that the comfort zone is a completely personal space for each individual, since each one will experience their behaviors differently, this due to what they know previously, where they are comfortable and how they feel safe.

However, although these are important aspects for the development of the human being, when one is within the comfort zone, levels of passivity and existential apathy are created, which blocks personal growth due to fear of natural and harmless risks . In most cases.

How to know if a person is in the comfort zone?

Behavior is a key element in determining whether a person is within their comfort zone , so by observing and analyzing such behavior, a conclusion can be reached on the subject. These are some factors that you can take into account:

  1. There is a constant lack of motivation that prevents personal, emotional and even work growth.
  2. Focus daily living in a constant routine.
  3. Fear when deciding on new opportunities that involve risks.
  4. Has social isolation or little contact with the people around him.
  5. Constant feeling of loneliness and sadness.
  6. In some cases it can cause depression.

Why does the comfort zone trap people?

As a general and natural rule, human beings always look for ways to feel safe at all times , so they seek to be in control of a situation or their environment whenever possible; all this coupled with the refusal to act in new or completely unknown scenarios for fear of failure.

At the same time, you do not want to feel anxiety , panic or fear; So it is preferred to anchor in the daily and repetitive routines that do not demand much of the person, even when they may be a bit boring or generate fatigue.

But that’s not all, apparently enjoying that calm motivates the person to justify the situation so as not to have to change, since they do not believe they are capable of achieving it, whatever the case. All this to only achieve an environment of extreme tranquility .

Certainly it is not easy at all to make changes in life, since such resistance is always present in human life in an organic way, since it is believed that the permanence in a place or space is of strong people, so there is no need to incur in dangerous changes or risks.

Comfort zone characteristics

You think you have achieved everything

When success is not managed in the correct way, it is completely counterproductive, because it is thought that you have everything and the capacities to create something new or innovate to improve are limited.

Nothing affects the current state

The person within their comfort zone seeks to ignore anything that may cause concern and decides to trust that nothing bad will happen to their current state of life.

Nothing can improve

Conformity is a key element within this state of mind; since it allows you to remove all kinds of opportunities and possibilities that generate growth, and thus justify yourself with the fact that nothing can improve the life you already enjoy

There is no friendship with people who went out of their comfort zone

For the simple fact that they don’t think in the same way, anyone is not welcome within your social circle.

It doesn’t matter that the years go by

The feeling of stability is a fixed characteristic of people within their comfort zone, since they accept that they will do, say and even think the same over the years, as well as that everything will be fine in the future.

You don’t need talents even if they are useful

As the individual already has everything he wants, in a relative way, those talents that have not surfaced in their maximum expression, go to the background because they are not important even though they are useful.

Stability generate surprise

Due to the fact of staying within the comfort zone for a long time, many close people or relatives are often surprised by the supposed stability that is maintained over the years.

Limitations are absolute and tolerable

It goes hand in hand with conformity, but above all with that feeling that you cannot achieve or obtain anything beyond what you already have , so resignation is an attitude of denial in the face of what can be improved.

  • Stability is constantly explained

In a way of justice, the person with a mental state of comfort seeks to comment on the motives and reasons why they continue where they are.

Opportunities are wasted

This is usually seen when friends or family have known how to take advantage of new opportunities, but you only consider that it was a stroke of luck for those people who manage to reach another step in their life.

  • Anything can be a threat

No matter what it is or without any prior analysis, anything is avoided; since this easily represents a threat to the stability that is lived.

  • Nothing is enough to take advantage of worthwhile opportunities

It is believed that talents or knowledge are not enough to try something for the first time, even when friends emphasize the possibility of your talents and abilities to take advantage of that opportunity.

  • There are many complaints but no actions to improve

Complaints in adults are nothing more than tantrums in children or babies, which although expressed, still do not act in accordance with what is really wanted.

  • After all he’s still in denial

If you have read this list of characteristics but still maintain a state of denial before the option that you really are in the comfort zone, you really are; since you want to look for a thousand ways to convince yourself that there is no better moment than the one you are living now.

How to get out of the comfort zone?

Beforehand, it is important to make it clear that it is not an easy process, especially when it wants to be achieved without any help, such as a psychologist, therapist or even a close friend.

But the truth is that, when leaving the comfort zone, excellent positive changes are generated , since when facing fear it is possible that the individual can recognize that there are really no greater dangers when trying something new, while at the same time winning much more trust between what we are and what we can be.

When discomfort and anxiety are present, excuses are not long in coming for longing for that state of comfort , but such justifications must be viewed as a comfort zone trap to limit true growth. Therefore, it is best to see such anxiety levels as a kind of fuel for the performance of life.

Why get out of the comfort zone?

The reasons for leaving the comfort zone can really be many, but they will also vary in each individual, since it is a completely personal experience. But if you are tired of always living in the routine and not feeling real growth, these are the reasons to get out of that comfort zone :

  • You will be a stronger person

It is normal for changes to generate a bit of fear, it is even a kind of warning to know that a little effort will be necessary throughout the journey . But once you manage to recognize what really scares you and see it as something positive, you will notice that you really are stronger every day.

Each step must be seen as a stepping stone to growth and the attainment of what you really dream of or have desired all your life. So if you step out of your comfort zone you can take advantage of a true learning , which looking back will make you feel extremely proud of what you have become just by trying.

  • Creativity will overflow

When leaving the routine and facing the new circumstances of life, creativity comes to the surface with the need to achieve what you want without falling into frustrations or fears that paralyze the organic process of personal growth.

  • You gain self-confidence

By taking the essential steps to achieve the objectives, a positive effect is automatically generated that greatly influences the confidence you have about yourself or the person; as it is discovered that dreams can actually be achieved, one’s abilities can be used, and there are no crippling fears that cannot be collapsed.

Which means that, when leaving that mental state in accordance with stability, it will be directly tested that some aspects are mastered that will facilitate the way to get out of the situations that may arise without blows .

So by having your own confidence, thoughts become positive; which is a great help to avoid stress , anxiety or the feeling that everything can be a supposed threat. Of course, for this it is also necessary that there is a correct planning of the actions and the possible results.

  • Personal development will be enhanced

It is normal to see young people getting involved in constant risk, but over the years the fear of failure tends to become more present, so being paralyzed by fears or new expectations is usually almost normal.

Therefore, it is necessary to change that mentality so that personal growth or development is constant . It is also clear that there is no real learning without a real risk involved.

New positive experiences

When you take the first step, you automatically add the experience of new experiences, such as doing activities that you no longer did or ignored, as well as meeting new people who can contribute a lot to the new process while you leave your comfort zone.

All this will allow life to be much more attractive, pleasant and with the incredible possibility of improving, even what is believed to be already well. Also, if you experience an emotional breakup, stepping out of your comfort zone can put you in front of the love of your life without expecting it.

Greater enjoyment of life regardless of age

As you undertake the realization of new innovative skills, mental capacity expands much more , but best of all, mental acuity is enhanced, so as you get older, life becomes much more satisfying.

This is proof without a doubt that it is a complete mistake to ignore the changes for fear of the unknown . So it’s not just about stepping out of your comfort zone, but about doing whatever it takes to consistently accept the opportunity to stand up to challenging fears, threats, risks, and stimuli.

Perhaps at first it seems something completely unusual and impossible, but little by little you will be able to determine that leaving the comfort zone was, has been and will be the best decision you have been able to make .

But, the important thing is that first you can recognize that you really are in there and that there is the desire to go out, know, change, improve and grow in style. Once you have it clear, it will only be enough that you can take that first step.

The reasons can be many, but just knowing that you will be a more creative person, with self-confidence, capable, confident, with new skills and a better person than before, it is worth leaving that comfort zone .

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