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Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) for weight loss

More and more people around the world are looking for different options to lose weight, many turn to drugs, diets, natural medicines or operations, however many of these methods to lose weight are not 100% effective, some cause severe damage to health and in addition, they are highly expensive. One of the most common ways to lose weight are supplements, many people resort to various types of supplements in order to lose weight.

Linoleic acid benefits

One of these elements that are used to lose weight is Linoleic Acid which is a fatty acid considered essential for the human body, its name comes from two Greek words flax and olive oil, however our body cannot create it so it is necessary ingest it through a diet. There are many sources that provide linoleic acid to our body, among which we can find: corn, pumpkin, soybean and sunflower oils, which are recommended to consume raw. Other foods that contain this acid are: Nuts, cereals, fish and some vegetables.

Linoleic acid provides a series of beneficial effects for the body, such as:


  • Decrease levels of body fat
  • Helps control cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Reduces the risk of diseases of the circulatory system
  • Increases the body’s defenses
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps the nervous system function
  • Helps sight (formation of the retina)
  • Helps in the formation of cell membranes and hormones

[/ yes_list]Other additional benefits are: It has favorable effects in the prevention and treatment of some allergies produced by certain foods, it has anticancer effects, especially in breast cancer and in addition, some studies carried out with people who are overweight, or who are considered obese, have It has been shown that the daily ingestion of linoleic acid has produced a decrease in the total fat mass without affecting other metabolic parameters.

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Negative effects of linoleic acid

Therefore we see that Linoleic Acid has great benefits for the body, it also helps all those people who are desperately looking to lose weight, wonderful right? But be very careful, unfortunately not all that glitters is gold and in recent studies it has been discovered that linoleic acid also involves adverse side effects for the body. One of the most important is the one discovered by scientists after conducting several tests with mice, it was shown that linoleic acid causes real havoc in the liver, and this is why one of the compounds of this acid, specifically the “trans isomer ”Is harmful to health and can cause fatty degeneration of the liver.

Taking into account this information, which, as always, is based on preliminary data from recent studies, linoleic acid can cause liver damage, turning said acid into a time bomb for the liver. While it is true that when it comes to losing weight, we normally turn to products that help us achieve the weight we want so much in the shortest time possible, it is necessary to take into account and inform ourselves about negative side effects, that is why scientists recommend closely monitor any weight loss diet that we undergo.

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