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Coruña doctors warn about overcrowding during the summer

Recently, it was learned that doctors belonging to different health centers in Coruña sent a letter to who performs the functions of the health area management in the area. In this document, the executive is asked for timely solutions to deal with problems related to overcrowding , especially during the summer.

The health assembly of Coruña has asked the management to take action on the matter before the overcrowding worsens

It is said that among some of the most important points addressed in the letter that medical professionals have sent to the health manager of the area, the work overload to which the different health centers and doctors may be subjected is emphasized. of Coruña.

The manager is also mentioned, it is appropriate to recognize the seriousness of the situation and take action on the matter. In this way, the possibility of a considerable increase in overcrowding during the summer can be reduced . Which could seriously affect health centers, doctors and patients.

It should be noted that this problem is not only affecting specific medical centers. It was recently known that this considerable increase in patients has also been noticed by the Pharmacies and Parapharmacies in Coruña . This being a problem capable of affecting the entire health sector at a general level .

What do the doctors of Coruña request to treat the problem of overcrowding?

Various factors are causing the increase in overcrowding in the different health centers. Given this, the doctors of Coruña have tried to include in their statement the different points that the health manager of the area should address to improve this problem, such as:

Limit the number of patients who do not present urgent care on a daily basis

This is one of the first topics that some doctors refer to. Thus, indicating that to offer a good quality care service, it is necessary to have the time necessary to adequately care for each patient.

Given this, they ask the health manager of the area to analyze the matter and if possible to establish a limit of patients to attend during the day. It should be noted that this request focuses only on the cases of patients who do not need urgent treatment .

Take measures to avoid healthcare overload

On the other hand, the medical community also requested that adequate measures be taken to avoid healthcare overload . Very especially, during the summer season due to the considerable increase in the population in Coruña. In addition, it is known that during these dates, some professionals can take their vacations, so there are also usually fewer health personnel.

As a result, this may cause some services to be disabled during this time . Likewise, greater responsibility may also fall on those doctors who continue to cover their respective guards.

Given which, the ideal would be to look for professionals who can substitute for doctors who go on vacation. Since, as just mentioned, the amount of population tends to increase considerably during the summer due to the tourist activity that can originate in the region.

Alert citizens about this problem

On the other hand, it is believed that if the health manager of the area offers explanations and information to citizens about the problem of overcrowding, it may decrease. Since, citizens will be aware of the situation, knowing better the overload that exists in the various healthcare centers .

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