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All about dental insurance


In most cases, when we take out health insurance, it does not include dental insurance, something that we must take into account since it is an almost essential element due to the frequency with which we may need to resort to he. In that sense, we are going to analyze everything about dental insurance, highlighting those details to which we have to pay greater attention.

What is dental insurance

Dental insurance is a type of insurance that can be contracted as coverage within health insurance or independently, and its objective is to cover the insured against any type of oral condition.

Of course, as with other medical insurance, dental insurance can be contracted with various coverages that will depend on the type of insurance we are looking for and of course on what the insurer makes available to us.

What dental insurance covers

In this aspect we can find a multitude of options depending on the chosen insurer, but above all we must take into account what can cover us in each case, so that below we expose some of the points that we must take into account at the time to choose the best dental insurance for us.

Preventive dentistry

One of the main options that we are going to be able to hire and that is normally offered by all insurances, is precisely preventive dentistry.

As you know, prevention is better than cure, and that is why this coverage is almost mandatory in most cases, including check-ups and preventive treatments that the dentist who treats us deems appropriate.

These reviews also include some common treatments such as crack sealing, mouth cleanings, treatments for sensitivity problems, etc. Remember to analyze in each insurance how many of these treatments are covered, since they tend to vary from one insurance to another.

Tests and diagnostics

In addition, we must also check that it includes all necessary tests and diagnoses that allow the professional to reach a conclusion about the state of our mouth.

In this case we will also see differences between the different insurances that we compare, since while most of them will have X-rays and other imaging tests for diagnosis, other more complete ones may even include CT and other advanced tests, so it is good to know if our insurance includes it and, of course, if we are interested in having this coverage.


It may be interesting that implants are included in the insurance, since on occasion we may find ourselves needing to replace any of our teeth for any reason.
In this case, we must check that it also includes both the tests and studies necessary prior to the intervention and the maintenance of the implant until the end of the guarantee.

Fillings or fillings

After a review, sometimes we find a cavity that requires a filling or filling. However, in most cases, this resource is not covered by default by insurance.

This must be taken into account, since it is not unusual that sooner or later we have to resort to this assistance, so we may be interested in adding the coverage to be calm and know that it will cover us in case of need.


Another important element is the radiological study necessary to draw an adequate conclusion about the orthodontic treatment for each particular case.

Keep in mind that it is one thing for the insurer to cover the tests and even part of the material, and another to cover the complete treatment. For this reason, we must analyze what each insurance offers us, since there are usually variations that a priori may not seem important, but when it comes to needing them they can make a difference.

Oral surgery

You also have to consider what types of oral surgery your insurance includes. In most cases we will have extractions covered, but there may always be some other additional coverage that we can hire or even be included in the basic package.

Other dental insurance coverage

And of course we will also be able to contract many other coverages to guarantee that we enjoy complete dental insurance such as apicoectomy, frenectomy and many of the common conditions that can occur in our mouth.

Tips when hiring dental insurance

Before hiring dental insurance it is important that we sit down and analyze well what it includes. Of course, the ideal is to carry out a complete comparison, for which we must know all the details of each of the insurance in which we are interested. Here we are also going to pay attention to the existence of co-payment, that is, there are insurers that make use of the co-payment in order to reduce the price of insurance, but this implies that for certain treatments and tests we may have to make a partial disbursement of the final amount. Therefore, we must ask if there is a copayment for any of the coverages and thus analyze and compare with the rest in a more correct way.

It is also important to resort to solvent insurers that enjoy a good reputation, since it must not only include coverage, but we must also check that they are applied without problems, seriously and professionally.

As a general rule, the so-called preexistence will also be taken into account, which are basically those previous diseases that we may have suffered and that negatively influence our oral health.

In this sense, the higher the risk, we can find both insurers that do not accept a certain coverage even those that will accept it, but this will entail an additional payment.

Lack is another detail that must be borne in mind before hiring dental insurance. The deficiency refers to the time that must elapse before receiving a certain treatment or performing a specific test. Although in dental insurance it is less common than in other health insurance, we can also find cases, so we must be very clear about it.

One of the most frequent questions regarding dental insurance is whether it covers when we travel abroad. Well, in this case we will also find insurance that covers us and others that do not, so we will ask the insurer before hiring.

Dental insurance with or without health insurance

And finally we will also have to analyze if we are interested in acquiring dental insurance through health insurance, or on the contrary we want to contract it independently.

It should be noted that in most cases, dental insurance is not included in health insurance, so we can choose to contract it as an additional item within the same insurance or with a different insurer.

These are the details that we consider essential to take into account when hiring dental insurance, and of course we emphasize the importance of contrasting and comparing different insurances before making a final decision.


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