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Tips to detoxify your body after Christmas

The Christmas is a time of excess, where we eat a lot of sweets and do many heavy meals. Thus, once the holidays are over, you have to detoxify the body. It is not simply about losing weight to lose the pounds, but about eliminating all the toxins accumulated during Christmas.

When our body accumulates toxins from food , three mechanisms are activated. On the one hand, the liver, in charge of processing and sending toxins to the kidneys to be eliminated through the urine. On the other hand, the liver through the bile sends toxins to the intestines to be eliminated in the feces. And finally, the skin, which eliminates toxins through sweat.

Well, a good diet is key for the body to recover after the Christmas excesses. It is about gradually recovering good habits to take care of both physical and mental health.

Is it so important to detoxify the body after the holidays?

Of course yes! During Christmas we usually consume very caloric foods , as well as sweets with sugars and refined flours. Therefore, if in January we do not eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body during the Christmas holidays, they can end up damaging our body.

If we tend to accumulate a large amount of toxins over time, there is a high risk that we will develop different diseases : chronic fatigue, skin problems, allergies, migraines, etc.

Therefore, January is a month to change the eating habits that we have followed for a good part of December. It is important that we pay special attention to a healthy diet to regenerate and regain our health.

Benefits of cleansing the body after Christmas

  • Losing weight : the body’s ability to eliminate toxins directly affects the ease of losing weight. Bad habits generate a large amount of toxins that can block the body’s natural ways to eliminate them, thus making weight loss difficult. Thus, when we purify the body, it deflates and losing weight is easier.
  • Regulate blood pressure: with a healthy and balanced diet, as well as adequate hydration, we improve the purification capacity of our kidneys. It is worth betting on foods with diuretic properties to prevent fluid retention and regulate blood pressure.
  • Regulate uric acid: an excessive amount of protein causes the kidneys to have to work more. A situation that increases the risk of kidney failure and increases uric acid levels.
  • Take care of the liver: the liver organ is responsible for obtaining energy. That is why when it is overloaded we feel tired. A diet rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins is essential to take care of the liver.
  • Improve the appearance of the skin: the skin plays a leading role in the purification of the body since through sweat it expels part of the toxins that are in the blood. Thus, when the amount of waste is very high, the appearance of the skin becomes resident. Purifying the body helps us to have a brighter skin with a more rejuvenated appearance.

The best tips to detoxify the body after Christmas

Fruits and vegetables

The best foods to detoxify the body after Christmas are fruits and vegetables. To really meet our goal we must pay attention to three factors.

On the one hand, they must have a high water content , such as pineapple. In this way, the body is cleansed much faster and, in addition, we promote the proper functioning of the organs. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables have to be satiating to avoid snacking between meals: artichokes, bananas, apples, carrots, etc. And finally, they have to be seasonal as they have a greater number of nutrients.

How to prepare food

Sometimes the key to success is not so much in the food but in the way it is prepared. For example, potatoes are one of the healthiest foods around. However, if we prepare them fried we are contributing a large amount of saturated fat and calories to our body.

Thus, grilled , boiled or baked foods are the best option in a healthy and balanced diet.

Christmas sweets

The most common thing is that at Christmas we accumulate a large amount of sweets at home, many of which we have not had time to eat during the holidays. To avoid temptation, the best we can do is get rid of all the Christmas treats that have been left.


When it comes to detoxifying the body after Christmas, good hydration is essential. Experts recommend drinking two liters of water daily. This way we keep the body well hydrated and, in addition, we eliminate toxins more quickly and easily.

Physical exercise

Practicing physical exercise on a regular basis is essential in a healthy life plan, especially in January. Sweating is one of the most effective ways to cleanse the body. In addition, sport is of great help to maintain good physical and mental health.

To sleep

And finally, highlight the importance of sleeping well. The ideal is to rest between 7 and 9 hours a day, for which we have to achieve good sleep hygiene: always go to rest at the same time, avoid activities that make it difficult to sleep, do not drink exciting drinks at night, etc.

What is there to avoid?

There are a number of foods and drinks that we must avoid if we really want to eliminate all the toxins accumulated in our body: alcohol, coffee, carbonated drinks , precooked food, sugars and refined flours.

10 foods to detoxify the body

It is worth knowing which are the foods with the most detoxifying power, whose consumption is highly recommended during this time of year.

  1. Garlic: garlic is one of the healthiest foods out there. It has properties that take care of liver and cardiovascular health. In relation to the liver, it activates the enzymes of this organ, thus favoring the elimination of toxins accumulated in the blood.
  2. Ginger : ginger is one of the healthiest spices that exist, with a great selection of properties and benefits that take care of the organism. It helps in the elimination of both waste and toxins while protecting the liver.
  3. Beets: the important nutrients provides beet for the proper functioning of the body, such as magnesium, iron and vitamin C . It is known as a superfood as it keeps bad cholesterol levels at bay and also detoxifies the liver.
  4. Celery: one of the great cleansers of the body is celery. Improves the functioning of both the liver and the gallbladder. It supports all kinds of ways of preparation, such as in soups, in salads, or even in smoothies.
  5. Carrot: another food that helps purify the body after the excesses of the Christmas holidays. The carrot is rich in three substances: flavonoids, beta-carotene and glutathione. All of them improve liver function and promote detoxification of the body.
  6. Brown rice : brown rice is a food rich in B vitamins, as well as other nutrients. It is characterized by its high fiber content, so that it helps regulate intestinal transit.
  7. Artichoke: Artichoke is one of the most popular vegetables to take care of liver function. In addition, it improves the digestion of fats, making it a highly recommended food to take after Christmas.
  8. Green tea: green tea is one of the most beneficial drinks that exist to detoxify the body. A natural source of antioxidants that cares for the liver.
  9. Cabbage: cabbage plays a leading role in the action of liver enzymes, thereby promoting detoxification. In addition, it has a lot of fiber, thus regulating intestinal transit.
  10. Whole grains : and, finally, whole grains are of great help due to their high content of fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients.

5 natural infusions to eliminate toxins from the body

Infusions made with herbs and plants are an extraordinary option to take care of ourselves in January and recover from excesses. In addition, they are 100% natural, so that we avoid intoxicating our body with toxic substances that can cause health problems in the long term.

These infusions are perfect to take between meals, at lunch or a snack, for example. Accompanied by skimmed dairy or nuts they are a very healthy snack proposal.

  1. Dandelion: Dandelion is a 100% natural blood cleanser. It helps detoxify the liver and has very beneficial properties for the general health of the body: anti-inflammatory, laxative, etc.
  2. Horsetail: one of the natural plants that works best to purify the body. Cleanses the liver as well as the lungs. In addition to helping us say goodbye to Christmas excesses, it also prevents diseases typical of this time such as the flu or the cold.
  3. Thyme: Thyme tea is very beneficial in improving the functioning of the gallbladder and liver. One of the best natural solutions to eliminate accumulated toxins in the body through urine.
  4. Green tea: if there is a drink that is known globally for its properties to lose weight and burn fat, it is green tea. It is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants out there, so it also helps fight premature aging of both skin and cells.
  5. Elderberry: and, finally, the elderberry leaves are very beneficial in eliminating toxins, as well as in calming the nerves and improving intestinal transit.

Detox shake recipes

Detox shakes can also be of great help to eliminate all the excesses of Christmas from the body.

Pineapple and ginger

A shake with diuretic properties . In addition, ginger strengthens the immune system to deal with illnesses such as colds.

Kale, cucumber and ginger

The kale is a superfood with antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties. A very rich source of calcium, iron and fiber. As for cucumber, it stands out for its high water content, key to hydration of the body. It also has diuretic, cleansing and laxative properties.

Kale, raspberries and banana

Raspberries are one of the healthiest and most beneficial fruits out there. They are very rich in fiber , as well as minerals and antioxidants. They also have a high water content.


In January we must put special emphasis to eliminate from our body all the toxins that we have accumulated during Christmas . However, it is important to follow a healthy and balanced diet throughout the year, in addition to practicing physical exercise regularly.

healthy lifestyle is important to avoid both physical and mental illnesses in the short and long term. That is why we must pay special attention to three fundamental aspects: food, sports and sleep.

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