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Onion soup diet

The onion soup diet is a diet that we find in great abundance online and with great acceptance among users for its rapid effects (up to 5kg in a week). Basically here we will describe how to do it, but it is important that you read until the end of the article where you will find very important information about the doctor and therefore you will know possible incidents in your health.

The properties of onion soup

The onion soup diet will allow you to lose many kilos in a short time, according to the properties of the onion, it is ideal to lose weight very quickly and also in a healthy way. According to they say, the onion is ideal for its great effectiveness and speed when it comes to achieving results in front of the scale.

The onion among other things can help us lose excess fluids and helps the kidney to work better, helps us treat liver and gallbladder diseases, reduces gas, helps with diabetes . Come on, we would be facing the perfect diet … if we did not read to the end, of course.

Onion soup recipe

  • 6 Onions
  • 2 peppers
  • 6 Tomatoes
  • 1 celery
  • 1 Cabbage

Soup preparation

Chop up all the vegetables and boil them in plenty of water, season with salt and pepper and that’s it!

Onion soup diet

Day 1: all the soup and fruit you want except banana
Day 2: all the soup and vegetables you want
Day 3: all the soup, fruit and vegetables you want
Day 4: all the soup and milk you want. Plus 6 bananas.
Day 5: all the soup you want. 250 gr of beef and 6 tomatoes
Day 6: all the soup, vegetables, fish or chicken you want
Day 7: all the soup, brown rice, vegetables and juices you want

Results : With this you will lose between 3 and 5 kg in a single week.

Doctor’s opinion

The onion soup diet is the modification of a diet used in certain patients admitted to the hospital, as a preparation prior to surgery. The objective of this diet is to “deplete” the patient, that is, to make him lose fluids, since these patients, due to their own illness, have an excess of them.

With the ” Onion Soup Diet ” or the so-called ” Onion Diet ” the following is intended: 

  • Avoid the use of diuretics at high doses that would complicate the anesthetic act.
  • Reduce the probability of a hypertensive crisis (rise in blood pressure) in the operating room, so as not to complicate a surgery that itself implies a high life risk.

It’s an inpatient diet

Note that it is done in “admitted patients”, in people monitored and clinically highly supervised, so it is not an adequate diet to practice on your own.

On the other hand, when we want to lose weight what we really want is to lose “fat”, not liquids and with this diet the only thing you get is to lose weight, yes, but at the cost of the water in your body that you as a healthy person do not have in excess, but in the amount that corresponds to you.

Diet will make us lose more muscle and water than fat

Maybe when you finish the seven days your scale will show five kilos less and you will feel happy about it, but do not be fooled, at most you will have lost about 500 grams. of fat, the rest will be water that you will quickly recover when you start eating normally, as your dehydrated body will tend to compensate.

Bottom line: The onion soup diet is an unbalanced and unhealthy diet that I don’t recommend at all. I would also insist that seven days should not be exceeded, but being so unpleasant and hard to follow, most of us cannot bear it even two days. As a counterproductive effect, we will hate certain vegetables and we will tend to avoid them in the future by association with a diet in which we have had a bad time.

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