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Diet to lower cholesterol

The cholesterol-lowering diet, or rather the anti-cholesterol diet. It is our first post, written by three people who are very interested in health and made with a lot of love, we sincerely hope that it will be of much help to you.

If you have high cholesterol, this diet may be right for you, more than a diet, it is actually a series of nutritional tips to lower our blood cholesterol levels. It is based on the recommendations of the Spanish Arteriosclerosis Society .

Diet to lower cholesterol

2-3 times a week
MEAT Turkey and chicken without skin Lamb, pork, ham, beef, veal or cow. (lean only) Chicken and beef only sausages. Sausages, organ meats, skin, pate, sausages, hamburgers, bacon, duck.
EGGS The white of the egg 2 or 3 per week with yolk.
FISH Blue fish, white fish, canned tuna, clams and oysters. Canned sardines, canned mackerel, prawns, prawns, mussels, crab, salted cod. Mojama, fish fried in non-vegetable oil.
DAIRY PRODUCTS Skimmed milk and derivatives. Semi-skimmed milk or derivatives. Fresh or low-fat cheeses. Whole milk, custards, cream, cream or fatty or cured cheeses.
OILS OR FATS Olive oil Margarine or seed oils without trans fat. Palm oil, coconut oil, shortenings, butters, margarine, or bacon.
Sauces Aioli, mustard, pepper, stir-fries, vinegar. Mayonnaise or Bechamel Sauces with non-skim milk, animal fats, butter or margarine.
VEGETABLES AND FRUITS In general all Olives, avocados, chips in suitable oils Coconut, vegetables fried in saturated oils, chips
CEREALS Preferably whole Pasta prepared in olive or seed oil Pasta in general or industrially processed
NUTS In general all Peanuts Salted peanuts and salted seeds
DRINKS Water and juices (limit coffee and tea to a maximum of 3 servings per day) Drinks with sugar Alcoholic drinks
SWEET Honey, sugar, jam (rational consumption). Desserts made with skim milk Candies, marzipan, nougat, egg custard, sweets made with olive or seed oil. Chocolate, non-homemade cakes, industrial cakes, sweets made with whole milk.

Doctor’s opinion

As stated above, this is NOT a diet in the strict sense. They are just good eating guidelines that we could adopt indefinitely, within a healthy lifestyle.

The reward of following a diet low in animal and saturated fats and refined sugars would be blood cholesterol levels, appropriate to our age and a good lipid profile (bad cholesterol, good cholesterol, triglycerides), which would be avoided in the long run certain diseases.

But, in addition to following this diet, what other actions would help us keep our cholesterol in check? Well, something as simple and simple as half an hour of brisk walking a day. This walk is as important as the diet.

On the other hand, nature also provides us with valuable allies, which, added to our diet, prevent the increase in cholesterol or lower it if it is already high. An example of this we would have in psyllium seeds, cheap, easy to buy in any herbalist and with very few contraindications, but this will be part of another post.

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