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Digestion cut


Summer is coming and with it are many things that we were waiting for. Holidays, swimming pool, beach, beach bars and outdoor dinners. One of the greatest advantages of those who have a pool or beach nearby is to be able to soak all day fleeing from the scorching sun. And it is that in summer, any dip is good to withstand the pull.

The pool and children are also an ideal combination, ideal for them of course, and for parents it can sometimes cause a headache. Warn them not to jump so close to the curb or go where it covers, not to sink their siblings or friends in the water … and last but not least, we have to worry about health and digestion cuts .

Rare is the one who has not asked that of how long do I have to wait to bathe after eating ? The two hours that we suffered as children while our parents took naps, today no longer make sense, and it is that within the main myths of childhood, there is that we have to wait two hours to set foot in the water after food.

To better explain what digestion cuts are and how we can prevent them, it is best to start at the beginning.

What is a digestion cut?

We often hear that of beware! it can give us a digestion cut. And the truth is that the number of people who after issuing that warning do not even know what it is or what it can entail is astonishing. And it is that popular wisdom leaves many questions unsolved, but we should not worry because today we will find out.

We call digestion interruption a sudden interruption of our digestive process . We know that digestion begins when we eat a food and ends when we metabolize all the nutrients in what we have eaten, leaving waste in the digestive tract. Therefore, when we talk about a digestion cut, we are referring to the sudden stop that slows digestion and, although it is true that it can be caused by getting into water after eating, it also has other causes.

The digestion cut stops the activity of our digestive process.

When we are digesting, our body works in a more active way in the digestive system , so the blood flow will be more concentrated in this place , circulating through the rest of the body a lower blood supply than usual. If, while in this process, our body is subjected to low temperatures, the blood will tend to be distributed throughout the rest of the body, diverting attention from our digestive system and causing, therefore, a cut in digestion. The consequence can be vomiting or discomfort and it is precisely what so many people try to avoid by getting into the water after eating.

The causes of digestion cuts

Not only the water in the pool or the beach can cause a digestion cut, below we will tell you the many causes that can cause this stop .

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Get into cold water

Although it does not have to happen, it is likely that entering cold water will cause us to cut off digestion. Given that among the symptoms that it can cause us, is that of losing consciousness, it is especially dangerous when getting into the sea or in the pool, since we can drown when we become unconscious. It is more likely to happen to us when the water is especially cold or our body temperature is very high, either because it is very hot or because we have been sunbathing a lot.

This does not mean that we cannot bathe when we finish eating, but the ideal is to lower the body temperature little by little, cooling arms, legs and then getting into the water calmly and slowly, so that there is no change. sudden temperature.

Copious meals

There are foods rich in fat that can make our temperature rise especially and we risk suffering a digestion cut when contrasting with cold water. In these cases we must take special care and not expose ourselves to sudden changes in temperature.

Be careful with exercise

If we are going to exercise, it is also good that we wait until we start running after eating, because in the same way that a hot day can pass, when we sweat excessively we can also get dizzy until we suffer a digestion cut.

What to do in the face of a digestion cut?

The first thing we should know is that the digestion cut, although it shows special concern in children, can happen at any age , so no one is exempt from suffering the consequences of these temperature changes. In fact, for the elderly or with heart problems, it can be much more harmful, so we must be especially careful.

The most recommended thing is that we enter the water little by little after eating and surely we will not have any problem of this type, however, to be prepared, it does not hurt to know what we should do if we suffer from a digestion cut.

The first thing we have to do is identify what is happening to us and for this, it is best that we know the symptoms . Normally, if we suffer a digestion cut, our face will acquire a pale tone, just like when we get dizzy.

Our well-being will be altered by stomach pain, nausea and dizziness . It is also common to have chills or tingling in the hands and feet. Vision will be blurry and our ears may ring. In the worst case, you can lose consciousness.

If we believe that ourselves or someone with whom we are having these symptoms, it is best to urgently get out of the water and notify a doctor . If we are on a beach, we must notify the emergency services, cover the person with a blanket and put their legs up. In this way, we will be avoiding that it can give a lipothymia.


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