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How to hide or remove scars


Some say that scars add personality. But for many others they are unnecessary brands that have nothing to do with good image and beauty. Therefore, whenever possible it is preferable to hide or remove scars .

When the skin is damaged, a weft made of organic fiber, known as scar tissue, begins to form on top of the injury to heal it and protect the body . This leads to scar formation. The most common causes of it are accidents, surgeries, cuts, vaccinations, burns, insect bites, scrapes, acne, chickenpox or insertions in the skin, such as earrings or piercings.

Types of scars

There are several types of scars depending on how they form and heal.

Atrophic scar

They are slight marks and without much depth , but very unsightly. Its appearance is similar to tiny craters on the skin.

Very characteristic of this type are those that form after passing chickenpox or intense acne on the face or back. The healing process leaves dimples even after the pimples and blackheads have disappeared.

The reason this happens is that the body does not generate enough tissue to replace the skin that must regenerate. One of their main problems is that if they do not heal during the healing process, they can become permanently fixed.

In that case, there are few natural solutions to disguise or eliminate them. And many times you have to resort to medical procedures.

Hypertrophic scar

They are deeper and occur, for example, after a cut, when the body generates a large number of fibers to reconnect the skin and cover the wound.

They are usually large and bulky , because they are caused by serious injuries or injuries, such as burns or accidents. The body generates a lot of connective fiber to heal the wound and cover it. With this, it seeks to protect the body from external agents by covering the injury with a firm layer of tissue.

But the aesthetic effect is striking and is characterized by a fabric with a different touch to the rest of the skin, which protrudes in a rounded way over it in a soft, thick and uneven way.

In these cases, the body removes the marks over time. And although the process is usually very slow, there are times when the signal disappears completely. However, it is essential to accompany this period with natural treatments that accelerate the disappearance of the scar.

keloid scar

This type is the most striking, because the signal ends up being greater than the wound itself . The production of tissue to heal the damage is excessive and exceeds the injury itself. The skin exceeds the normal level of the rest of the area. And although its composition is fine and vulnerable to bumps and accidents, it has a raised and reddened appearance, which can sometimes itch and hurt.

Keloid scar usually occurs in people with dark skin color . There is also a genetic component that makes certain people more susceptible to it.

Abnormal scars

They occur when the characteristics of a hypertrophic or keloid scar increase in a disproportionate way. They occur, for example, in people who exercise a lot and subject the skin to constant stretching.

This interrupts the healing process and results in an area of ​​skin with an irregular, fibrous surface and with different thickness and permeability characteristics than the rest.

Healing scars

The body is designed to eliminate scars , although the skin does not always return to its original state. In these cases, medical and surgical procedures can be used.

But there are also natural and home remedies to speed up healing . The goal is to boost effective cell growth, minimize scar tissue, and create healthy skin.

Treatments and remedies make the signs less noticeable. Before applying home remedies, you need to make sure you clean the affected area thoroughly .

This process takes time, depending on the shape, size and type of scar. That is why patience and persistence in the application is necessary . Also, not all scar removal remedies work for everyone.

Natural remedies to improve scars

These remedies are based on natural products, most of them with multiple and proven beneficial uses for numerous ailments. They have nothing to envy to scar creams.

1. Aloe vera : an aloe vera leaf cut in half can miraculously improve the condition of a scar. For this, it is recommended to squeeze the substance of the leaf into a gel that must be applied to the scar.

2. Olive oil : olive oil is really effective applying a few drops on the scars every day. This product is also a very powerful source of skin hydration.

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3. Lemon juice : a fresh lemon cut in half has incredible healing properties. The juicy part is rubbed into the scar and this produces a natural whitening effect. This reduces imperfections. Another way to take advantage of the properties of this fruit is to make unsweetened juice twice a day for 15 days.

4. Oil Rosehip : seed oil rosehip is most commonly used in cosmetics, especially in creams scar removal. A few drops on the fingers and a gentle massage on the scars twice a day, applied directly to the skin, provides a clear improvement in the state of the signal.

5. Garlic oil : dipping your fingers in a few drops of garlic oil and applying it to the scars has very positive consequences for the healing of marks on the skin. You have to let the oil rest for 15 minutes. Garlic contains antibiotic properties and is a natural remedy for scars.

6. Tea tree oil: tea tree oil is a very versatile and effective natural remedy. One of its many uses is the reduction or elimination of scars. Diluted tea tree oil should be applied.

7. Coconut oil : whenever we have a scar, we can apply coconut oil for healing. It is a remedy that does not fail to reduce it, ultimately rendering it invisible.

8. Lavender oil : a few drops of lavender oil applied to scars will eliminate them in a short time, especially if they are light and shallow.

9. Cod liver oil : in many cases it manages to make the scars invisible, when we start the treatment quickly and we have evidence with it.

10. Honey : applying honey on the scar works very well. This product has countless healing and healing properties. It is good to always have a jar in the pantry.

11. Sandalwood powder : it is a very good home remedy to remove scars from the face. Mixing it with rose water or milk and rubbing it on the scars gently, it works effectively. You have to leave it applied for an hour and then wash with cold water.

12. Almonds : about two or three almonds soaked in water, left to rest overnight, become healing elements for scars. In the morning, we peel their skin and mash them into a dough. We add a few drops of rose water and apply them on the scars.

13. Potato : we take a raw potato, extract the substance it secretes and apply it to the scars. This allows the scars to fade. You can also rub a potato slice on the scars directly.

14. Fenugreek : It is a medicinal herb that can be used in many ways. In scar reduction, a fine paste is made from the leaves and applied to the scars. For this, fenugreek seeds are taken and boiled. Make a paste and store it in a cool place, then apply it to the affected area.

15. Cucumber : a slice of raw cucumber applied to the scar significantly improves its condition.

16. Tomato : we apply a tomato slice to the scar or massage with tomato juice.

17. Yogurt mixture : especially for burns, this home remedy is the most recommended. Barley, yogurt, and turmeric are combined in equal proportions and made into a paste. It is applied on the scar.

18. Vitamin E cream .

19. Cocoa butter : not only helps the disappearance of scars, but also hydrates the skin.

20. Baking soda : we take five tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of water. We mix them until a fine paste is formed. We apply this paste on the scars and let it dry. Later we wash it. We repeat this natural remedy three times a week.

21. Chamomile tea : Wash scars with chamomile tea, helps her disappearance.

Constancy and quick action

When it comes to healing a scar and ensuring that it does not leave any marks, the essential thing is to start healing as soon as it begins to form. A fast and constant action, daily and with the appropriate remedies, leaves little trace of what, otherwise, could be a brand that lives with us for the rest of our lives.


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