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Hydration tips for dry lips


Having dry lips is a very common annoyance, but it could be prevented with a few simple health and beauty habits .

It is common for the lips to chap during the coldest months, when there is a lot of wind; or in summer, due to a lack of hydration. When the lips become dry, they develop skin, they crack and they can even bleed. It is quite annoying and can even be painful, as well as being unsightly.

The good news is that dry lips have an easy solution, which goes through good hydration and exfoliation. Next, we will develop this topic and offer a series of tips to achieve a healthy and beautiful area of ​​the body.

Why are lips chapped

The lips are very delicate areas of the body, which, with minimal external aggression, are cracked, dry and damaged.

The lack of hydration, due to not ingesting enough water or not receiving it locally, causes them to dry out, crack and grow annoying skins, which can leave open wounds, if they are torn off.

The lips can be damaged because they do not have melanin, so they do not have the same protection that the rest of the skin has.

In addition to the lack of hydration, they are also cut by constant licking, biting, cold, wind or feverish processes.

Essential care to heal and protect lips

To achieve a correct well-being on the lips, it is enough to follow a series of guidelines that will help them to appear plump and beautiful.

The main thing, for this area of ​​the body to be healthy, is that it is hydrated. Hydration should be done on a daily basis using a series of products, such as oils, butters or balms.

The best oils to hydrate the lips

The best oils to help keep lips hydrated are:

  • Olive oil: present in almost all dishes of the Mediterranean diet, it is an excellent ally so that the lips do not dry out or crack. It is enough to spread one to two drops on the lips, massage and let them absorb it. It is recommended to apply it just before sleeping and, after two or three days, you will be able to see the result.
  • The coconut oil : has numerous properties, including emphasizes that has a lot of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that prevents skin aging. In addition, it is very easily absorbed, so it can be applied at any time of the day.
  • Mango oil: like coconut oil, it is an excellent remedy against dry lips. It is rich in fatty acids and oleic and stearic acid, so it helps very positively to repair chapped lips and prevent them from chapping. On healthy lips, it provides great softness, as well as a delicious aroma.
  • Rosehip oil : it has a great healing and regenerating power, which is why it is highly recommended in cases of very damaged or wounded lips. A small amount should be applied with a cotton ball and it has to be absorbed, so it is better to use it at night and leave it to act.

Other remedies against damaged lips

  • Shea butter: it can be purchased, in a stick, at any natural cosmetics store and is very practical and effective. It can be applied at any time of the day and helps to avoid the pain that occurs in the lips when they are cut and hydrate when you have a lot of skin on the verge of shedding.
  • Honey: has moisturizing and antiseptic qualities. It can be applied directly and it is feasible to make an ointment with it. If it is put directly on the lips, it should be allowed to act for fifteen or twenty minutes and the remaining amount must be removed with a cotton ball. It is important not to lick the remains of honey from the mouth, so as not to produce the opposite effect to what is desired.
  • Sugar: can be used as an exfoliant, mixing a small amount with olive or almond oil. It is advisable to gently exfoliate the lips once a week, but never if they are severely damaged. After exfoliation, you can apply any of the moisturizing remedies mentioned above.
  • Aloe vera: healing, moisturizing, regenerating and antiseptic. It is one of the plants with the most beneficial properties for the skin that are known. You can buy an aloe gel or ointment, or simply cut a leaf in half and smear the slimy substance that comes out of it.

Wearing beautiful, soft, hydrated lips without cracks is relatively simple. You just have to take care of them a little, avoid exposing them to extreme situations and hydrate them on a regular basis. With these simple tips you can enjoy having perfect lips, without much effort.


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