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Eating healthy at work is possible


We are what we eat. This simple phrase expresses, in a few words, an axiom in the world of nutrition.

At present, it seems that we are experiencing an epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other ailments that could be easily avoided simply by eating a balanced and healthy diet.

The demands of today’s society seem to be against being able to lead a healthy lifestyle. The rush and lack of time are thus presented as indisputable enemies of a healthy diet .

Are we eating properly?

Eating healthy when we spend three-quarters of the day away from home can become a real odyssey. The challenge of eating properly when eating out is complicated, but not impossible.

Modern life doesn’t make it easy to eat healthy at work . The company offers us a wide variety of products that are easy to eat, with a high degree of palatability and that do not require any preparatory effort. We are talking about fast food, pre-cooked and pseudo-foods that can be found in common establishments.

With this scenario, being able to eat a healthy diet does not seem easy. But, since good nutrition is essential to be able to lead a healthy life, throughout this article we will offer tips on how to achieve it.

Convenience foods and fast food share some undesirable properties such as excess salt, high fat content (most often hydrogenated), and sugar; not to mention additives, among which flavor enhancers are often abused to make the dish more palatable.

Health problems derived from a poor diet

The easy way to eat can cause serious and irreversible damage to health. Bad habits are the cause of:

  • Obesity: convenience foods and fast food are often very high in fat.
  • Diabetes: obesity resulting from a poor diet is usually the cause of diabetes. The high sugar content of prepared foods also definitely influences the development of this disease.
  • Coronary heart disease: the abuse of saturated fats in precooked meals contributes to clogging blood vessels, which can cause serious heart ailments.
  • Osteoporosis : fats and some additives seem to be the cause that the person increases the risk of suffering from osteoporosis.
  • Anemia: an incorrect diet of foods poor in iron can cause this problem.
  • Cancer: the abuse of fats, processed foods and certain additives can cause you to end up suffering from this terrible disease.

Is it possible to eat healthy and well at work?

The answer is yes. Eating healthy at work is possible, but it must be based on a fundamental premise: planning.

To enjoy optimal nutrition , it is essential to say goodbye to ready meals, bar menus and eating sandwiches.

Carrying balanced dishes in the tupperware from day to day is the best option to achieve this.

Organize healthy menus to take to the office

First, it is necessary to sit down and organize the menus on a weekly basis to achieve harmony in the dishes.

It is advisable to think of varied recipes to avoid falling into monotony and succumbing to the temptation of precooked ones; And they should also be easy to prepare, since complicating life in the kitchen too much when you don’t have time can lead to abandoning the diet.

Tips for preparing healthy tuppers

  • It is important to get everything ready the night before. The rush in the morning can cause food preparation to be put off until last and, in many cases, not to be prepared.
  • Try to always carry two tuppers, with a first and a second plate so that the food is more varied and pleasant.
  • When preparing dinner, a good idea is to make more than necessary with the intention of taking the leftover to eat the next day. This practice is very useful when you have little time, but it should not be done always, since you run the risk of falling into monotony and not balancing the menus correctly.
  • Bring a tupper with salad in addition to the main dish. Green leafy vegetables have very few calories, are rich in fiber, they are satisfying and are presented as the ideal accompaniment.
  • Give joy to dishes including colorful vegetables such as tomato, carrot, corn, etc.
  • Avoid grilled food, as when heated in the microwave they dry out excessively and are not too appetizing.
  • The best way to carry meats is braised or baked, since in this way they retain their texture after heating them and no excess oil is used when preparing them.
  • When choosing proteins, it is better to opt for white meat animals, such as chicken, turkey or fish.
  • Salads can become a great ally. It is not necessary for a salad to be only tomato and lettuce, there are countless delicious and balanced combinations such as a chicken salad with avocado and spinach, a pasta salad with vegetables or a rice salad with prawns, corn and tomatoes.
  • If it is cold, a good option is to decide on a vegetable cream. The purees have many varieties, so you can make five different ones for the whole week and include them as a first course. Some examples could be cream of leeks and potato, pumpkin puree, zucchini cream, pea puree, carrot and potato cream, etc.
  • Bringing dessert, preferably fruit, helps to finish the meal and calms the need for sweets.
  • Treating yourself is good. Changing the fruit for a dairy dessert twice a week will reward the effort made and avoid falling into unhealthy temptations.

Eating in a balanced way at the office is not only possible but also has many benefits, both in the field of health and economically.


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