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Electronic cigarette: good or bad?


The electronic cigarettes became fashionable now a few years ago as a means to help smokers quit snuff. However, from the beginning they have been in the spotlight since they are considered harmful to health; some experts point out that they are even more harmful than traditional cigarettes.

What are electronic cigarettes?

It was in 2003 when electronic cigarettes reached the Chinese market; however, they did not reach the United States and Europe until 2006 . Unlike traditional cigarettes, they are marketed as common products, without any government regulation.

This type of cigarette is made up of: a reservoir in which the liquid is deposited , an atomizer that heats the liquid and generates steam, a sensor that activates the atomizer every time users take an inhalation, and a battery.

Thus, the operation of the device is as follows: users activate the atomizer, which they can do by inhaling or by pressing a button. The atomizer then heats up the liquid stored in the tank and generates a smoke vapor quite similar to that of traditional cigarettes .

What substances do electronic cigarettes contain?

As we have explained in the previous section, this type of cigarette vaporizes a liquid, which is purchased separately. Due to the rise of electronic cigarettes right now we can find more than 5,000 different flavors on the market .

The vast majority of liquids contain the following substances: nicotine, glycerol, tin, lead, nickel, chromium, nitrosamines, and phenolic compounds.

Regarding the nicotine level of these cigarettes, the most common concentrations are the following: 6 mg / mL, 12 mg / mL, 18 mg / mL, and 24 mg / mL; however, some studies have indicated that the nicotine level present in electronic cigarettes is many times higher than the certificate.

Are e-cigarettes bad for your health?

This is a question that has been on the table since this type of cigarettes hit the market. Theoretically, they are safer than traditional cigarettes, but the lack of studies on their long-term effects makes it difficult to confirm. Some of the substances present in the liquid are harmful to health, although the long-term effects they cause are unknown.

The truth is that certain countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Austria, Canada and Colombia do not allow the commercialization of electronic cigarettes . Furthermore, others such as Australia, Denmark, Belgium only allow the sale of cigarettes that do not contain nicotine.


Nicotine electronic cigarettes are the most harmful since this is a substance that causes a great addiction, as well as various damages to both physical and mental health. Various studies have shown that nicotine increases the probability of suffering from certain cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction . Also, in pregnant women, it can cause a delay in the development of the fetus.

Other substances

One of the factors that is being debated the most around this type of cigarettes is the artificial flavors of the liquid. Manufacturers point out that artificial flavors are safe and do not pose any type of health risk. However, the safety of these aromas has only been studied taking into account their intake; nothing is known about its effects on vaporization and inhalation.

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The health dangers of e-cigarettes

These types of cigarettes are harmful to people’s health; In addition, some studies have shown that they are just as addictive as tobacco.

In research conducted two years ago now, it was found that more than 75% of e-cigarette users continued to smoke traditional cigarettes .

5 things worth knowing about e-cigarettes

There are many doubts and questions surrounding this new way of smoking. We are going to explain some of them.

Are they less harmful than tobacco?

Some experts consider that electronic cigarettes produce less toxicity than traditional ones. Although no studies have been conducted on their long-term effects, it is known that their composition contains fewer carnogenetic substances than tobacco . However, they also incorporate traces of carcinogens present in conventional cigarettes: metals, nitrosamines, phenolic compounds …

In addition, electronic cigarettes that incorporate nicotine can cause an increase in heart rate, so they are not recommended for people suffering from any type of cardiovascular disease.

Are e-cigarettes bad for the lungs?

Undoubtedly, these types of cigarettes cause alterations in the respiratory system . However, everything seems to indicate that they are lower than those produced by tobacco. One of the known pathologies is lipoid pneumonia; some cases have been detected in heavy users due to the storage of glycerol in the lungs.

Do they cause brain damage?

In relation to the brain, only electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine in the liquid of the container for vaping produce effects. Some studies indicate that they are effective in alleviating the symptoms of withdrawal symptoms from tobacco.

E-cigarettes increase the risk of pneumonia

One of the latest research on this type of cigarettes has been carried out at the Queen Mary University of London. A team of scientists have conducted a series of tests in both humans and mice about the effects of vapor from e-cigarettes.

The conclusions of the study have been published in the journal “European Respiratory Journal” and are very clear: the vapor from electronic cigarettes considerably increases the risk of suffering from pneumonia because it helps the bacteria that cause this disease to adhere to the cells that line the airways.

The researchers explain that pneumococcal bacteria are present in our respiratory system without causing any type of condition. However, when they invade the cells that line the airways, they cause pneumonia. Thus, the vapor from these types of cigarettes contributes to that happening.


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