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Empacho: effective home and natural remedies to combat it


Who has not suffered a glut at least once in his life? Surely all of us, regardless of condition, age and gender. It is an organic incidence, it is also called indigestion, which happens with some frequency and is very annoying in its symptoms. Its appearance is due to ingesting more than necessary at meals, abusing some culinary dishes or foods or simply because they are not well assimilated by the digestive system. Its causes include the abuse of alcoholic beverages and tobacco, ingestion of food with a lot of spice or spices or a state of stress . Also smoking is a factor that can favor its appearance.

Most common symptoms of empacho

In any case, it is not a pleasant situation for anyone, but on the contrary it generates a series of problems that will make those affected not feel in the best conditions to lead a normal life. Because in fact, some of the symptoms of a glut are common to all cases. Chief among them is an unmistakable feeling of being fed up that will cause some or all of the foods to be rejected. It may be accompanied by a desire to vomit to try to remove the remains of the last meal. The heaviness in the stomach is another of the most relevant signs that indicate that you are experiencing indigestion or indigestion. In the most severe cases, it can even appear with certain pains in this part of the body. Even affecting the general condition of the patient, for example, developing headache, tiredness, weakness and even pain in the upper extremities.

But they are not the only alarms that go off in the body to warn that something is not working in the body and specifically in the digestive system . Because a dry tongue, lack of appetite or vomiting can become other very pronounced symptoms of this digestive incidence. Without forgetting that others can also make an appearance, such as constipation or diarrhea, heartburn in the stomach or the appearance of gas.

In these situations, there will be no choice but to remedy this problem quickly to continue with the same pace of life as before. The good news for all those who go through this unpleasant situation is that it is not necessary to undergo specific medical treatment for their recovery. But through home remedies the situation will be controlled. As our parents or grandparents did until a few years ago, solving the problem with great efficiency.

Natural remedies for empacho

Of course, there are many natural remedies whose main objective is the next reestablishment of an annoying and untimely indigestion. In addition, they will not generate any side effects, nor will they adversely affect other parts of the body.

Chamomile tea

One of the most effective lies in the ingestion of infusions to relieve the first symptoms . To get the digestive system to work again with absolute normality, as before. In this sense, chamomile (or tea) is the best of all since it reduces all the symptoms developed by this problem. It can be taken several times a day without any problem and with the advantage that its flavor is very pleasant for the palate.

Lemon juice

Another remedy that never fails in these situations is lemon juice. Not only because it is a very suitable drink for these cases, but also because it helps neutralize stomach acids . In addition, it is a natural solution that is always available in every home. Although it is really very convenient that it be reduced with a lot of water and without forgetting to add a little sugar. It is probably more than enough to fix the glut in a few days. With the ingestion of several juices a day the most acute signs of this digestive disorder will be cut.

A little ginger never fails

Although if what you want is a stronger home and natural remedy, there will be no choice but to go to ginger . Its effects are very fast and powerful , although perhaps with a flavor that is not the most suitable for some of the patients. Either way, it is one of the best proposals to combat discomfort, nausea and other problems that are usually generated in digestion. With the enormous benefit that it can be made compatible or shared with the other home remedies listed. Because in effect, any of them will produce immediate effects so that in a few days the functions of the digestive system are in the best of conditions.

Ultimately, natural solutions are the fastest and most resolving option to combat this digestive system problem. It does not require medical permission and can be applied to the whole family: children and adults. With the great advantage that different proposals are provided in the solution depending on the preferences of the patients.


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