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Example of a psychological interview. Rossana case. Part I

This is a detailed example of a first psychological interview. This psychoanalytic interview will surely be of interest to many since it broadly reflects what can be expected from an interview and allows conclusions to be drawn from a particular case.

Note: This interview does not correspond to reality, it is carried out for educational purposes.

Rossana case

The interviewee has requested an appointment for a psychological interview by telephone, indicating that she is referred by a colleague whose name she mentions. She says she needs to be seen urgently so she wants her time as soon as possible. He is given an interview time for two days later.

The interviewee shows up for her first strictly punctual psychoanalytic consultation . When he opened the door for me to go into the office, he deftly got up and immediately held out his hand to me. I give it to him and say:

-Psychoanalyst: Hello.

-Rossana: Nice to meet you, doctor.

-P: (I indicate non-verbally where she will sit, I close the door and go to my place of work. I begin by taking her identification data, and she tells me to be called: Rossana S. Before I continue asking, she answers me 🙂

-A:  I am 33 years old, I live in such a street, such a number, I do not have a telephone, except for the office where you could call me if necessary, whose number is such and such.

-P: (As she had said, I ask her about her profession, which turns out to be a “commercial employee,” and about her marital status, which turns out to be “very single.” I’m going to start giving her instructions, but with a mischievous smile she tells me 🙂

-R: My father’s name is Jorge and he is 74 years old, my mother is called Mary and he is 56 years old, I also have a brother, everyone can have a brother, who is called Milton and he is 38 years old

-P: (I then give her the slogan about the modalities of work, the duration, fees and the possibility of having a new interview. The girl answers with an onomatopoeic, and when she sees me take my position, she also tries to do the same. , in a form of symmetry. I inform you that I will take some notes and listen to you in your usual language and that I will ask you some questions or observations if they are necessary. You answer me 🙂

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-R: As you arrange doctor

-P: (The interviewee is dressed appropriately, without being flashy and has certain demonstrative features, but behind that femininity of clothing, the strong complexion, her manly hairstyle with very short hair and her fixed, hard, penetrating gaze impresses accommodated at his convenience remains silent and immediately shows difficulty in starting to speak, as if he is choosing the words with which he is going to say or at least he is choosing the words to express himself. lightly and then as if he had made a decision abruptly, he begins to speak, with a firm, confident voice and short sentences. He tells me 🙂

-R: I am surrounded by executives, I mean, in the factory where I work. All are analyzed. I don’t feel uncomfortable but I had to read about psychology and psychoanalysis. Between one thing and another I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to analyze

-P: (He remains silent, watching me attentively, sometimes looking at my face and sometimes at the daughters about whom I am taking notes, and suddenly, as if he were making a decision again, he continues 🙂

-R: I have realized that I have character flaws . Of course, it is not in my hands to solve it. Therefore I must analyze myself, it is logical, don’t you think? It is because of my job, since otherwise dealing with my executives will be increasingly difficult for me.

-P: (The sequence of observations falls silent and again. He looks at my face again and I understand that it is difficult for him. He runs his fingers over his eyes again and continues looking at me, and it seems that he is going to rub his eyes again For this reason I decide to intervene: I point out that according to what you tell me it would seem that if that reason for your work does not exist, you would not consider it necessary to analyze yourself).

For your ease, the interview has been divided into four parts.

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