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Example of a psychological interview. Rossana case. Part iv

-R: I have been dating a married man for 9 years. We love each other very much, but it is impossible. It is not right for him to leave one home to form another home. I would never accept him leaving his wife to marry me.

-P: (After she expresses this to me with relative enthusiasm, she is abruptly absorbed. I ask her what is her difficulty in continuing to express herself and she answers :).

-R: The solution would be for the wife to die. But that is not in our hands.

-P: (The problem raised at this point in the interview passes, I resolve to inquire directly about her sexuality. She answers :).

-R: My sexual relations are very satisfactory with that man. I do not feel any guilt or envy in front of his wife, whose friend I am more or less. That is, more friends are families , my family with the family of the wife of that man.

-P: (As he enters a gesture of doubt, and murmurs some incomprehensible words, mixed with some onomatopoeics, I resolve to continue asking him). What would you do if you got pregnant?

-R: I would definitely not let a pregnancy go ahead. You understand prejudices, that’s impossible, but I’m sure you would be a good mother because, for example, my brother’s daughter loves me much more than her own mother. The little girl always tries to be with me and cries if the mother comes looking for her to separate her from me. Maybe that’s why I love that man I’m “dating” so much. He is very affectionate with his children. Sometimes it seems to me that he is the mother and father of his children. The mother takes little care and is always grooming or in meetings with friends.

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-Q: (I inform him that the end of the interview has come, and I recommend the beginning of a treatment. He answers me 🙂

-R: I have high hopes, doctor.

-P: (The farewell is suitably produced with a smile and thank you very much, but at the moment of crossing the door he turns, looks and exhales a sigh, finally he continues the march to leave).

End of the interview.

Note: This interview does not correspond to reality, it is carried out for educational purposes.

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We await your comments regarding the method of the interview and the conclusions that can be drawn from the case.

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