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Example of a psychological interview. Rossana case. Part ii

-R: In any case, if I had not joined that group, I would have done so in another company. I have previously worked in similar jobs and this is my way of life. I have been in this job for 8 years and previously, if you are interested in knowing, 6 years ago I was in another similar one. Take out the doctor bill. 8 and 6 = 14, 22. You can say since I did the military service I have been working hard.

-P: (She has been smiling as if wanting to point out that she has said something very ingenious and that I must respond with some form of celebration to such ingenuity. As I remain immutable and I simply look at her with a movement of eyes, it seems that she is concentrating a moment, to reconsider, and then again smiling, he tells me 🙂

-R: Anyway, I can’t tell you what would have happened, I actually have financial problems. You know that to be analyzed you need a certain financial capacity. That had made it difficult for me to analyze myself because I had been thinking about doing it for quite some time. In conversation with Dr. T., he told me that it was not necessary to be an economic potentate to try to analyze myself. He told me about the clinic and that I could use it. I’m here. Actually through the daily dealings and all the difficulties but I end up realizing that I am immature. Previously I worked in the company of a relative of the current owner of the factory where I work now. By then, I realized that I had great difficulties in dealing with people. At first I thought it would be better because I would not have to face people, than work Isolated practically without dealing with anyone , it would relieve me. But it was the opposite, I felt more and more bad, I was depressed feeling that I needed to deal with people, that I had lost something, that I did not know what it was. This man made me nervous. And yet I couldn’t tell him why. I am sparing but perhaps he was more sparing.

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-P: (He also expresses himself through a series of movements in his chair, recommendations on how to sit, and his gaze fixed on the window of my office. Then he looks at me again harshly, penetratingly and asks me 🙂

-R: What do you think?

-P: (Since I only write down the question she asked me, she coughs again and continues 🙂

-R: Dealing with people is difficult for me because I am very »chinchuda». I suddenly feel a kind of rage invade me . If me I suppress ‘m feeling increasingly charged and this hurts me. Sometimes I break out with some violence, although this happens the least of the time.

-P:  (She stares at me, smiles again, then laughs, and tells me and remarks that her outbursts happen very rarely. I resolve to look at her directly and I respond with a slight smile and with a gesture that I suppose she was expressing, and then? )

-R: You know doctor, this must be inheritance. My father, who as I told him is 74 years old, is very explosive . But he does not contain and does not regret it. This is the big difference with me. I do regret it and I apologize. But I understand well, as you will also understand, that this is not a solution because in any case I feel the same again at any time.

-P: (He starts smiling again, his hard gaze has disappeared and with a very different, soft voice)

-R: My mother, who I also told her is 56 years old, is much calmer, more than that, she is very childish. When things happen that break her down, she gets sad and sometimes cries . On the other hand, if I don’t burst, I feel bad physically, especially in the intestine, noises start in my guts and then I usually have diarrhea .

-P: (She has been looking at me sweetly. I have returned to look at her with kindness and I nod my head, to incite her to continue).

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