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Example of a psychological interview. Rossana case. Part iii

-R: My relationship with my parents is good, I have a lot of ancestry over them, especially now that my 39-year-old brother got married and left home.

-P: (His face has darkened again and the inquiring look reappears, although not as hard as in the beginning. I resolve to look at her again as if interested in what she is saying. Continue 🙂

-R: I always got on badly with this brother, because he is very childish and admits him. He also screams. It gets irritated very easily. Realize, doctor, think he is so childish and I am so immature. He is egocentric, we never had a formal conversation, I feel like I hate my brother.

-P: (His face has returned to its initial hardness. I resolve to intervene) I ask him: And his parents, how do they take all this?

-A: My parents’ attitude was more or less impartial, but it fundamentally changed when my brother got married 15 years ago. Maybe because he absorbed my parents so much and when they stopped having him, they felt abandoned. Even though he doesn’t live far from my parents’ house. But sometimes 15 days or a month goes by without him showing up, he doesn’t even call on the phone. My brother is very childish, and my mother is also very childish. They are such for which.

-P: (It seems as if he has been absent from the place, since his gaze is lost through the windows of my window as if looking for something far away on the horizon. His silence is not tense. Therefore, I resolve to intervene again and I ask that you add more data than you are telling me).

-A: My father like all parents, longed for a perfect male child. I know you are disappointed to see that your son only wants to take away the place of head of the family. Sometimes the fights between the two were fierce, then my mother seemed to get bigger and she fought with my father to defend her son.

-P: (Again silence, he looks at me carefully, again penetratingly). I ask you: How do you remember feeling during those episodes? Did you react with your intestines?

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-A: I had my first bout of ulcerative colitis at 16 years old. I was quite seriously ill, with bleeding , but a doctor treated me very well and I was cured. Six years later I had other but less serious crises, and you are right doctor, it was always because of rampages. 6 years ago again but with very little bleeding, but with a lot of pain in the stomach .

-P: (We are silent for a moment and then she continues 🙂

-R: I understand why I have read about this, that it is a product of the repression . If I get upset and cannot discharge myself, I immediately feel the reaction in the intestine. For example this morning that I knew I was coming to this interview, I had several depositions. But now I digest things much better, or as you say, I elaborate better. But even though I understand things, I can’t help them. My parents do not give me the affection I need, I was always the little girl who was looking for affection, but they always turned to my brother. I felt very lonely and I came to hate my brother from a very young age. I remember an episode when I was 15 years old when I was dating a little boy and my brother betrayed me on my motherfor which she in front of everyone, even my boyfriend, slapped me and challenged me bitterly. My brother did not understand that I was a girl just like him, like him. Since then my brother ended up for me. He is jealous of me, now of course, because I have everything in my house, I help and he does not. My father and I go the extra mile to maintain the home.

-P: (He remains silent, his face hardens a little and he observes me attentively). I proceed to ask him: after that episode, could he have had other courtships?

-R: Yes, a boyfriend who died 10 years ago.

-P: (She remains silent and again looks through the windows of the window) and I resolve to ask her: Why didn’t she get married? (He looks at me in amazement, he smiles almost happily, he tells me:) …

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