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Eye dryness


The syndrome dry eye is a relatively common condition, affecting about 15% of the adult population. It is a disease married to a large selection of factors: dry environment, prolonged exposure to the sun, tobacco smoke …

What is dry eye?

It is known by the name of dry eye syndrome to a condition that occurs when the lubrication of the ocular surface is not enough . The causes of this condition can be many, such as poor tear production.

Eye dryness occurs especially in older people . However, in recent years the number of young people suffering from this condition has skyrocketed, largely due to new technologies; more and more people spend many hours in front of a screen, which sometimes causes dry eye syndrome.

Another population group that is particularly affected by this disease are women who are going through menopause or who are pregnant; the hormonal changes can reduce tear production.

Severe eye dryness

Severe dry eyes in a vast majority of cases is a chronic condition . It is a variant that is much more serious, which generates more serious symptoms than the common ailment. In some cases it can even compromise the patient’s vision in some way, who may experience certain symptoms, such as blurred vision, corneal ulcers and even keratitis .

Treatment of severe dry eye generally involves the administration of corticosteroid eye drops. In certain cases, the ophthalmologist may resort to surgery to plug the tear points.

Causes of dry eye

In general, there is no single specific cause that explains this condition. In the vast majority of cases, it occurs due to a combination of factors, both internal and external. The truth is that the incidence of dry eyes increases progressively with age. Some of the most common causes are as follows.

  • Dry environment: air conditioning and heating dry out the environment very much. Therefore, spending too much time in these spaces can cause dry eyes.
  • Sun: prolonged exposure to the sun without adequate eye protection is another of the probable causes of this condition. It is important to protect your eyes from the sun’s UVA rays, using glasses with a good category of sunscreen.
  • Tobacco: Tobacco also influences dry eye syndrome, especially smoke.

Symptoms of dry eyes

The symptoms of dry eye are very easy to detect, which is a great “advantage” because it allows to diagnose this condition in its initial stages and go to the ophthalmologist to establish the appropriate treatment.

One of the warning signs that occurs in almost 100% of patients is the sensation of itching in the eye , which is very intense and prolonged. Also, some patients feel that they have something in their eye and suffer from photophobia . Tearing and blurred vision are other of the most common symptoms.

Although it seems contradictory, the truth is that the lack of hydration on the surface of the eye can lead to an excess of tears . However, this does not improve the condition of patients; it is simply one more symptom of dry eyes.


There is no definitive cure for treating this condition . The vast majority of people suffer from intermittent dry eyes throughout their lives. In those cases of severe dry eye syndrome, those who suffer from it suffer the symptoms continuously.

Of course, there are different treatments that help greatly to minimize symptoms. In the vast majority of cases, the ophthalmologist recommends applying artificial tears , which can be purchased without a prescription. As for severe dry eye, the application of corticosteroids is recommended . There is a very new treatment that some hospitals are carrying out, which consists of the application of autologous serum, which is created from the patient’s blood.

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Eye dryness is not a serious pathology, although it can be very annoying. Therefore, at the slightest symptom, it is advisable to go to the ophthalmologist to establish the most appropriate treatment.

Eye dryness or allergy?

Sometimes dry eyes and allergies have very similar symptoms, which can make diagnosis very difficult. However, they are completely different conditions.

Tears play a key role in the health of the eyes by cleaning and protecting them from harmful bacteria. However, in some cases there are people who do not produce enough tears to perform these functions; Or, if they do produce the necessary amount, it evaporates before its time. Well, tear insufficiency is what is called dry eye.

The origin of the allergy is totally different. It occurs as a result of an allergic reaction due to contact with certain substances such as pollen. The most common symptom is allergic conjunctivitis , which causes great itching accompanied by sneezing.

Home remedies for dry eyes

If you suffer from mild dry eyes and want to alleviate the symptoms of this condition, then we explain a series of home remedies that are very effective.

Black tea

Black tea is a 100% natural ingredient with great antioxidant properties. It is very effective in hydrating the eyes in depth. Preparing and applying this remedy is very simple.

The first thing you should do is prepare an infusion of black tea. Then, strain and let it warm for a few minutes. To apply it, soak a couple of compresses in the infusion and place on closed eyes. Let it act for 20 minutes and remove. You will notice your eyes much more hydrated and rested.


Cucumber is one of the most popular home remedies for treating dry eyes as it has soothing, anti-inflammatory, and also moisturizing properties.

If you suffer from frequent dry eyes, you can place a couple of cucumber slices over your closed eyes every night. You will notice the difference.


The potato is an ingredient very rich in water and, in the same way as the cucumber, it helps to combat dry eyes in a very effective way. Applying this home remedy is very simple.

You simply have to cut a couple of potato slices and place them over your closed eyes for 15 minutes just before going to sleep. It will help you hydrate your eyes, while relaxing and deflating them.

The best tips to combat dry eyes

There are a number of tips that are worth taking into account to deal with dry eye syndrome.

  • It is important to avoid air movements as much as possible , both from outside and the wind, such as those produced by devices such as fans or hair dryers. If you need to go outside, the wind is inevitable, so in this case the ideal is to wear sunglasses.
  • One of the main causes of dry eyes is an environment that is too dry. Well, a good idea inside the home is to install a humidifier, which reduces the dryness of the environment.
  • Of course, it is very important that the eyes rest . Certain activities such as reading or being in front of the computer screen can aggravate the symptoms of this condition. You should take breaks every 30 to 45 minutes so that the eyes can rest.
  • Another factor that most aggravates the symptoms of dry eyes is tobacco smoke , so it is advisable that you avoid it as much as possible.
  • diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids is also beneficial to combat this condition; a nutrient that you can find in many oily fish such as salmon or sardines.


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