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Eyes make up

To achieve a seductive and intense look , just follow a series of eye makeup tips and tricks, as well as knowing which products are best suited for it.

In this article we explain everything related to eye makeup : tricks, tips, what products should be applied to achieve the best of looks … And, getting a seductive look is a much simpler task than it may seem.

Rested eyelids

Careful eye makeup is useless if fine wrinkles are visible on the eyelids, or unsightly bags appear under the eyes . And, for makeup to look in all its splendor and remain flawless for hours, the skin of the eyelids must be smooth and fresh.

Thus, before starting with makeup, it is advisable to apply a special cream for the eye contour. It should be done by tapping with the tips of the fingers. Next, a suitable moisturizer for each type of foot is applied to the rest of the face.

This prevents the face cream from reaching the eye area, which can cause itching or redness.

The best tips for eye makeup

Next, we provide a series of tips that should be evaluated to make up the eyes like a true professional.

  • Mascara: to achieve an intense and expressive look, when applying the mascara you have to do it with small movements from left to right. In this way, the amount of lumps that remain on the lashes is reduced, at the same time that they separate and a more uniform application is achieved.
  • Eyeliner: There is a general trend to apply a black eyeliner, but there are many more options. Thus, if the eyes are blue, it is best to apply a gold eyeliner to enhance the look. Meanwhile, in the case of green eyes, the most indicated is a purple eyeliner. And, for brown eyes, a navy blue eyeliner.
  • Eyebrow pencil : the eyebrow pencil is one of the key products to achieve spectacular eye makeup. Just make small strokes on the finest points of the eyebrows to make them look more natural.
  • Olive oil: to say goodbye to eye makeup, even that resistant to water, olive oil is a 100% recommended natural ingredient. It works wonderfully and, in addition, it has very beneficial properties for the skin.
  • Vaseline: Similarly, Vaseline greatly helps the lashes to grow and look strong and pretty. Thus, a good advice is to apply a thin layer of Vaseline on the eyelashes every night.


The way to apply the primer is very simple. It should always be done after cleansing and hydrating the face, and before applying the shadow or mascara. It can be applied with a brush, as well as with a small slightly damp sponge, or with your own fingers.

Eyeshadow primer

One of the big mistakes that many women make when applying eyeshadow is not applying a primer beforehand. Well, this is essential.

Taking into account that the skin in the eye area is four times thinner than the rest, you must use a primer specifically formulated for this area. It noticeably softens the eyelid, thus preventing the color of the shadows from accumulating in the folds.

In addition, the primer provides great smoothness while eliminating fat . When applying eye shadows, the process is much easier because they blend better and, in addition, a more desirable adherence to the skin is achieved.

Eyelash primer

In the same way that it is essential to apply a primer before applying the eyeshadow, it is very important to use such a product for the eyelashes. It nourishes them in an intense way, at the same time that it strengthens them and encourages them to grow dense and beautiful.

Eye shadows

There are different types of eye shadows, each of which is designed for a specific purpose.

  • Powdered: they are the most used of all because their application is very simple and, in addition, there is a large selection of colors and shades available on the market. They adhere to the skin of the eyelids creating a layer that dries the skin a bit, so they are the best option for oily skin. The only drawback that these types of shadows present is that their duration is shorter than those of others.
  • In cream: little by little, more and more women are opting for cream shadows since they offer a great duration. In general, the variety of shades available on the market is very wide, although most of them are very intense and opaque; therefore, they are ideal for night loos. You have to have a certain technique to apply them properly and not stain the eye area.
  • To the water: these eyeshadows are one of the latest innovations in the world of makeup. The finish is great, with good pigmentation and long-lasting. However, you have to blend them quickly before it dries, so it requires a certain technique. It is enough to moisten the brush and take shade by tapping.
  • In pencil: these types of shadows provide great durability, which is a very important advantage. They are very easy to apply since it is enough to color the mobile eyelid with a pencil. Currently, the range of colors available on the market is very wide, especially in intense and striking tones.
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How to apply eyeshadow step by step

Here we explain how the eyeshadow should be applied in detail so that you do not miss anything.

  1. To achieve a professional makeup, the ideal is to use three different colors within the same range , so that they combine with each other. That is, you have to choose a shade of a main color, a darker shade to highlight the eye, and a lighter shade to give light to the look.
  2. Before starting to apply makeup to the eye area, the first step is to apply a shadow primer . In this way, the color remains intact for longer, while avoiding the appearance of folds.
  3. The next step is to apply the shadow of the main color to the eyelid . You have to start with the internal area and spread it out with a medium brush.
  4. Next you have to apply the darker shade to get a more intense look . It should be applied just where the eyelid bone ends. To do this, just look up and draw a line in the crease of the eye from the base of the upper lashes to the end. Thus, the brush is passed several times over the area, extending the shadow outwards and upwards.
  5. Finally, the lightest shadow is applied and several points of light are given in the area of ​​the tear duct and under the arch of the eyebrow. In this way, a much brighter and more vibrant look is achieved.


The eyeliner is the makeup product used to make the eyeliner , a line of great intensity that defines the eyes and, therefore, the look. It is applied to the upper and / or lower edges of the eyes, being able to make the stroke of greater or lesser thickness, depending on the desired result.

Types of eyeliner

As with eye shadows, there are different types of eyeliner on the market.

  • Pencil: it is currently the most widely used format of all. An eyeliner that can be applied to both the inner and outer lash lines. It is also a good option to apply it on the mobile eyelid and blend it with the help of a brush to achieve that “smoky eyes” effect that is so popular. Within this type of eyeliner, there are on the one hand the normal ones; and, on the other hand, those resistant to water, perfect for the summer.
  • Marker: another of the most used formats. It is more comfortable than the pencil since you do not have to be aware of removing the tip. In addition, it is very easy to apply and has very good pigmentation, as well as a long duration. The only downside is that it cannot be used inside the eye.
  • Liquid: this format is also widely used. A small bottle with a pen-shaped brush that allows you to apply the eyeliner. It is the one with the longest duration. In addition, it allows you to create both thick and fine lines, so it adapts very well to all kinds of looks. Like the marker pen eyeliner, it can only be applied to the outer area of ​​the eye.


The eyelashes are one of the areas that must be taken care of the most when it comes to achieving spectacular eye makeup. It is enough to achieve XXL eyelashes for the look to look much more intense and deep. Although it seems difficult to achieve, the truth is that it is enough to get a good mascara and follow the tricks that we explain in the next device.

The 5 best tricks to show off heart-stopping eyelashes

Below we point out a series of tricks that allow you to show off spectacular eyelashes.

  • Layer: one of the basic rules in the field of cosmetics and makeup is to apply several layers of mascara. However, what not many women know is that they have to wait from one layer to another. It is the best way to avoid lumps.
  • Translucent powders: another good trick to show off XXL eyelashes in a simple way is to apply translucent powders on them prior to mascara. In this way they look much thicker.
  • Root: in the same way as when combing hair, you have to start by applying the mask at the root. It is important to ensure that the base of the lashes receives enough product and, from there, it continues to be applied upwards.
  • Zig-zag: the mascara should always be applied in a zig-zag fashion, gently moving the hand from one side to the other.
  • Shelf life: it is also interesting to know what the shelf life of the mascara is. Well, the ideal is to renew this makeup product every six or eight months, depending on its quality.

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