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Facial acupuncture to remove wrinkles

Currently we can find a large number of facial treatments to say goodbye to wrinkles and expression lines, such as facial acupuncture. There are many people who are encouraged by it, ensuring that the results are really effective. There are even those who consider it to be a great alternative to botox.

Acupuncture is not a surgical procedure , so it cannot erase the signs of aging. However, it does significantly improve its appearance, stimulating cellular metabolism and activating blood circulation. Thus, wrinkles are made less deep and marked, while expression lines are smoothed.

The popularity of this technique began in 2013 at the hands of Kim Kardashian . The celebrity chose to follow beauty treatments that did not compromise her pregnancy, such as facial acupuncture, a 100% natural, non-invasive method. From that moment on, this technique became well known throughout the world.

What is facial acupuncture?

Acupuncture is defined as a therapy that has its origin in traditional Chinese medicine 6,000 years ago. A technique that helps maintain good health both physically and psychologically.

Facial acupuncture is one of the most demanded treatments today to combat skin aging . It consists of applying around twenty needles to the face, emphasizing the so-called attack points. The punctures produce a muscle contraction, thus tightening the skin.

In addition to being a highly recommended technique for skin affected by age , it greatly improves certain conditions, such as blemishes or acne.

Facial acupuncture, the best technique to fight against premature skin aging

The skin is the largest organ in the body. With the passage of time it is inevitable that the first signs of aging appear. Thus, facial acupuncture is presented as an anti-aging technique that allows both to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin.

Unlike other beauty treatments, it not only fights the most superficial wrinkles and expression lines, but also the internal aspects that cause skin aging. This procedure stimulates and channels the body’s own energy , thus reducing stress levels , one of the main causes of premature wrinkles and expression lines.

Benefits of facial acupuncture as a rejuvenating treatment

  1. Natural treatment: without a doubt, one of the great benefits that facial acupuncture offers is that it rejuvenates the expression of the face in a 100% natural way. Unlike certain cosmetic surgery treatments, the face gains elasticity and smoothness but without any type of change or deformity.
  2. Painless: another reason why more and more people are encouraged by this technique to combat the signs of aging is that it is completely painless. Also, it does not require a recovery process.
  3. Increases muscle tone: regarding the results of the procedure, one of the most important is that it increases the muscle tone of the facial skin. Through the punctures, the muscles of the face are toned, thus reducing the flaccidity typical of age.
  4. Smoothes Wrinkles and Fine Lines: Facial acupuncture is great for smoothing shallow wrinkles and fine lines.
  5. Drainage effect: this technique has a drainage effect, regulating the secretion of the sebaceous glands. Yes, it improves skin elasticity and prevents pore clogging.
  6. Luminosity: beyond fighting the signs of aging, this technique provides a great luminosity to the face, thus giving an appearance of youth.
  7. Production of collagen and elastin: this natural therapy favors the production of collagen and elastin by the body. Collagen is a protein that gives skin firmness and elasticity. As for elastin, it is a protein that gives resistance to skin and other tissues.
  8. Skin problems: in addition to wrinkles and fine lines, one of the great problems of mature skin are spots, both from the sun and from age. Well, facial acupuncture helps mitigate these spots.
  9. Increases circulation: From a physiological point of view, facial acupuncture increases blood circulation, thus balancing skin color and muscle tone.
  10. Improves the face: one of the most interesting aspects of this treatment is that it improves the face in a global way. That is, it fights all problems and does not limit itself to solving just one.
  11. Facial expression: being a totally natural treatment, the facial expression does not change the least, it only softens. Therefore, it is a great alternative to cosmetic surgery.
  12. Supports cell growth: and finally, note that this treatment greatly stimulates the body’s natural processes of cell growth.
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What is a facial acupuncture session like?

In the first session, the professional will ask you some questions about your lifestyle, as well as your state of health. Based on this, as well as the characteristics of your face, it will determine the number of sessions necessary.

During the sessions, the facial acupuncture expert introduces you to a set of microneedles with gold filaments. Then you leave them for about 45 minutes to act. Don’t worry because it is a painless treatment. Some needles may cause a little discomfort when inserted, but this is not the most common.

Treatment generally consists of ten sessions , with a recommended frequency of two a week. Once finished, it is advisable that you go to your beauty center a couple of times every half year to maintain the results.

One of the great benefits of facial acupuncture is that the results are noticeable from the first session. As for the end result, it depends largely on your blood circulation, as well as your body’s collagen production capacity, but it is generally very good.

How are the results of facial acupuncture?

Regarding the effectiveness of the treatment, the truth is that it depends a lot on the condition of the skin . As we have pointed out, the first results can be seen as soon as the session ends. The best thing about facial acupuncture is that being natural, it makes the body itself generate the solution, so the results are permanent.

Of course, to maintain the results of this technique it is important that you follow healthy lifestyle habits . That is, a healthy and balanced diet, and frequent physical exercise.

How to avoid premature aging?

So that the results of facial acupuncture are maintained over time, there are a series of tips that are worth taking into account to avoid premature aging of the face.

  • Stress: there are many experts who point out that stress is one of the main diseases of the 21st century. Well, if it is maintained over time, it favors the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Sun: the sun is very beneficial both for the skin and for health in general since it promotes the synthesis of vitamin D. However, taking it in excess is not a good idea.
  • Hydration: hydration is very important to keep the skin in perfect condition. It is best to drink between two and two and a half liters of water daily.
  • Food: of course, it is essential to take maximum care of your diet to promote the health and appearance of the skin. Better to avoid the consumption of sugars, refined flours, fried and red and processed meats. Instead, it is advisable to increase the consumption of vegetable oils, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, white meat and fish.

One of the most important aspects of facial acupuncture is that it is a 100% natural treatment. Therefore there are no side effects, such as sequelae or inflammation. In addition, the expression of the face does not change or is altered at any time, as it happens with other anti-aging treatments based on chemical compounds.

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