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Facial hair removal with thread


The facial hair with thread is a great unknown, gradually begins to have a greater presence in some beauty salons or in professional beauty salons. Like everything new, it always has to go through a period of adaptation and knowledge so that it can begin to be used more. That is why we want to talk about this method here and explain its origins and what it consists of.

The history of threading

Although we sometimes think of waxing as a recent phenomenon, the truth is that archeology has shown that as early as 30,000 BC women had specific tools for this function. It has always been, therefore, one of the aesthetic concerns of women, and this has led to the sophistication of methods and the proliferation of ways of removing hair from different parts of the body. However, dangerous substances were often used, such as acidic components, which could also damage the skin .

Middle East and Egypt were specially developed peoples, and it was also noticed in waxing. One way they had to avoid the problems of burns or much more aggressive techniques was by using the threads to remove facial hair. This had two main advantages. On the one hand it could offer perfect results and, on the other, it was suitable for sensitive skin, so it was not harmful. The problem was that it had to be done by an absolute expert on the subject who had the expertise to do it.

Another advantage is that it is very simple due to the materials that are necessary . In essence, a thread would suffice, although today we also use a magnifying mirror, scissors and an eyebrow comb that allows them to be placed in the correct position. The trick, as we said, is in the ability to work with the thread properly. And it is that the position and the operation of this is everything.

In fact, in Asian and Arab countries there are absolute professionals of this type of hair removal. After all, they have a much longer tradition in this technique, and can therefore practice it more fluently. However, the process or the technique has not changed much in the last centuries and it is that, in itself, it is something especially effective and offers excellent results.

Who Uses Eyebrow Threading

Although it has been the primary hair removal tool in Asia and the Middle East for centuries, it has received little attention in the Western world. However, at present it has experienced a growth of attention from the public, specifically in the last ten years, in which many beauty centers began to include this service and the courses proliferated. Obviously, it started as something used by people associated with the world of aesthetics.

Celebrities and certain American social circles exploited this technique , and thanks to social networks it became known, since this is always the best way to put something fashionable. But today, this hair removal has become popular and you can find this service in practically all cities of a certain size and more and more people, especially women, are encouraged to try it. The reason for its success lies mainly in its advantages , which are not few.

  • It does not cause pain . When pulling out the hairs one by one, many people say that they do not feel pain, but a tug or, perhaps, a prick in the eyebrows. This is a very positive point, since one of the main reasons why hair removal throws so many back is because of the pain it can generate.
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin. There are very aggressive hair removal methods that can wreak havoc. Whether it is drying the skin, causing wounds, promoting the appearance of pimples or leaving marks. The fact is that, because they are more aggressive methods, they end up damaging the skin, and this, hypersensitized, takes longer and longer to heal. In the case of threads, this does not happen, since it was born mainly as a method for sensitive skin. Therefore, it can be used without problems.
  • It is a natural environment . Many times one of the problems that we attribute to hair removal is that it cannot always be done using natural approaches. Laser, wax, and other methods look too artificial. In this case, no, therefore, it is a plus for all those people who trust more in natural or home remedies.
  • It is a quick process . Unlike other methods, it usually takes no more than eight minutes. As it is always carried out by a person with practice and knowledge, they know how to finish the process quickly, so it is not cumbersome or too long.
  • It is inexpensive . Compared to other methods, this one is especially cheap. The reason is that you do not need a material that is too specific or expensive and it does not take too long.
  • It is durable . The difference from other hair removal methods is that, in this case, the hair is pulled out and not cut. So it takes much longer to come out and when it does so it comes out thinner, so it is still easy to start. The thread, in the end, would function as a whip, which would remove the hair that is on the face by dragging it. This way everything comes out, so the effects are very long-lasting.
  • The best eyebrow waxing system . These reasons make every day more professionals and consumers begin to understand this technique as the best option for eyebrow waxing. Something normal, after observing all the advantages that we have shared here.
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In conclusion, facial hair removal with thread is reaching a greater number of people every day. Every day is shown as one of the healthiest and most comfortable techniques that exist to remove hair from the face and everything indicates that its presence will continue to increase .


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