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Fashionable sports in 2018


The benefits of playing sports have been widely studied for many years, and the truth is that they are very broad. Currently, more and more people are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle, which involves a healthy and balanced diet and the practice of physical exercise on a regular basis.

This year 2018 there is a great selection of sports that are very fashionable and that are worth taking into account. If you want to try new things and get in shape, they are a great option to consider. Some of these modalities, such as the kizomba dance , we have already known years ago; but it will be this 2018 when they finally manage to settle.

The benefits of doing sports

Leading a healthy lifestyle is essential to maintain good physical and mental health in the medium and long term. The benefits of playing sports are many, and it is worth taking them into account.

  • Reduce stress : Beyond the physical benefits of exercising frequently, playing sports significantly reduces stress. And is that exercise increases the concentration of norepinephrine, a chemical that alleviates the brain’s response to stress.
  • Prevents cognitive decline: cognitive ability gradually declines over time. Playing sports from the age of 25 significantly prevents the degeneration of the hippocampus, the brain structure responsible for learning and memory. Therefore, exercise delays cognitive decline.
  • Improves cardiovascular health: practicing some sports activity on a regular basis provides great benefits to the heart. In this way, the chances of suffering certain diseases such as myocardial infarction are reduced .
  • Strengthens the bones: some sports activities favor the strengthening of the bone system , thus reducing the risk of suffering fractures. In addition, in older people the risk of developing conditions such as osteoporosis decreases .
  • Improves circulation: in terms of the circulatory system , physical activity allows the tissues to obtain a greater amount of oxygen, at the same time that it significantly reduces blood pressure. It also improves circulation in the muscular system .

Fashionable sports in 2018

If you have decided to start a new sports activity this year 2018, surely you are interested in knowing which are the trend sports at this time. New modalities arrived from all over the world and are gaining followers by leaps and bounds.

Fly yoga

Fly yoga literally means “flight yoga” , which gives us a slight idea of ​​what this activity consists of. It is a discipline that swept gyms around the world last year 2017, and it seems that this 2018 will follow the same path. It was Florie Ravinet who conceived it, combining different yoga postures with certain acrobatic movements from the circus . In addition to being a fun activity, fly yoga has a great selection of benefits, both for the body and the mind.

One of the main benefits of this discipline is that it tones and redefines the body. In addition, it is highly recommended for people who suffer from back pain because it exercises and greatly strengthens this area of ​​the body. It also has benefits for the skin; fly yoga nourishes it in depth while fighting cellulite and flaccidity.

On a mental level, this activity improves memory, as well as the capacity for both attention and concentration. In addition, it increases creativity and effectively fights stress.

Ballet fit

Another of the most fashionable sports this year 2018 is ballet fit, which combines fitness with ballet . There are many celebrities around the world who have confessed lovers of this discipline, such as Miranda Kerr, Douzen Kroes, Natalie Portman or Lily Aldridge, among others.

The physical benefits of this activity are many, and it is worth taking them into account. On the one hand, it significantly improves the elasticity and flexibility of the body . On the other hand, it tones the body. And, finally, it helps to readjust the axis of the spine, thus achieving a correct body posture.

Anyone can practice ballet fit; You don’t need to have any knowledge of classical ballet to do this. People of all ages and physical condition can cheer up with this activity. There are even specific programs for pregnant women.

What is a session like?

If you want to cheer up with ballet fit, you should know that the sessions are divided into three main phases.

  • Ballet Barre – Performed on the classic ballet barre, which improves flexibility and balance, while toning posture.
  • Cardio Ballet: a series of exercises are carried out in high intensity choreography. Toxins and fats are released and the capacity of the cardiovascular system is improved.
  • Floor Ballet: different ballet, yoga or Pilates exercises are performed on a mat. The muscles of different areas of the body are worked, such as the arms or the buttocks. In this last phase, breathing exercises are also performed.


Last year 2017, crossfit set a trend around the world as it is an excellent sport to lose weight and stay in shape. And it seems that this 2018 will continue to boom, gaining followers by leaps and bounds around the world. It is the most complex and risky sport on the list since it consists of a kind of military training , so the intensity of the exercises is very high; the body is pushed to the limit, both physically and mentally.

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Crossfit was born in the United States by the hand of former gymnast and coach Greg Glassman and it is one of the most complete activities that exist since it works in a fantastic way the ten main physical fields: agility, coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, power, precision, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular endurance and speed.

The main benefits of crossfit are the following:

  • Aerobic capacity: this sport improves endurance by around 9% in both men and women.
  • Weight: this is an extraordinary activity to lose weight; it is estimated to be reduced by 3.5% after 10 weeks of training.
  • Body fat : body fat is also reduced thanks to crossfit; the average is 18.9% in men and 12.8% in women after practicing this activity for a period of 10 weeks.

What is a session like?

Generally, crossfit classes are divided into four areas.

  • Warm-up: in the same way as when doing any other sport, the warm-up in the case of Crossfit is essential to avoid any type of injury during the later phases. It is a dynamic and articular warm-up.
  • Technique: next, the trainer explains the different exercises that will be carried out in the later phases and indicates which are the best techniques to carry them out correctly.
  • WOD: is the core of the crossfit class and consists of a series of short and intense workouts of any type of functional exercise; gym, rowing, athletics … The duration is generally half an hour.
  • Stretching: Finally, it is essential to stretch the muscles and joints before ending the session to avoid unwanted injuries.


The kizomba dance was born in Angola between the late 70s and early 80s. Some years ago it spread to the western world through Lisbon. It is currently one of the most popular types of dance in the United States, and in much of Europe.

The kizomba is danced in pairs, performing very sensual hip movements ; the contact between the members of the couple is very romantic. Hence, there are many who consider it as the sexiest dance in the world.

One of the main benefits that the kizomba dance offers is the toning of the legs and buttocks , at the same time that it helps to shape the waist and correct the body posture. In addition, it is a 100% recommended activity to lose weight because it significantly stimulates the metabolism. To this we must add that it is an activity that strengthens the cardiovascular system and the bone system.

Of course, emotionally and mentally, it increases vitality and energy , strengthens self-esteem and self- confidence, and significantly relieves stress and tension.

If you like dancing and you are looking for a really exciting modality that helps you lead a healthy lifestyle and one that you enjoy to the fullest, kizomba is exactly what you are looking for.


The acrogym, or acrobatic gym, is a sports discipline that combines dance, jumps, cartwheels and acrobatics and is currently a trend around the world. There are many Hollywood celebrities who have indicated that they practice acrogym frequently.

This modality was born in the former Soviet Union in the middle of the 20th century; it was there that stunts were started as a sport. However, it was not until 1974 that the first acrogym world champion was celebrated.

It is a very demanding sport with a wide range of health benefits. One of the most important of all is the increase in muscle strength , as well as coordination and flexibility. In addition, the muscular system is considerably toned while improving body posture and enhancing the cardiovascular system.

A great discipline for people who want to lose weight since in a single session hundreds of calories are burned, thus reducing body fat levels.

Beyond the benefits on a physical level, communication and teamwork are two key factors when it comes to performing figures and stunts; key skills are enhanced both in personal and work life.


Another of the sports in fashion in 2018. TRX, or suspension training , is a sports modality that is based on working the muscles with the resistance of body weight. Many sports stars such as Pau Gasol or Kevin Durant practice this discipline.

The origin of this activity is at least curious. A soldier of the United States Navy Seal could not find any type of system to maintain his physical form. Thus, he devised a contraption with ropes and webbing that he later made with a parachute belt and other elements.

One of the great advantages that the TRX offers is that it is a great option for everyone; It does not require any type of previous preparation or a certain physical form . One of the best sports to work muscle power, especially in the abdominals, chest muscles, buttocks and lower back.

As for the benefits of suspension training, they are many: it improves coordination and flexibility, minimizes the risk of injury, burns calories and strengthens the cardiovascular system.


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