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Summer kit for the holidays

Summer is vacation time. Although everything is fun and rest in them, it never hurts to be prepared for any type of incident: burns, insect bites, wounds … That is why it is 100% advisable to have a complete travel kit, as well as to have some knowledge basic first aid.

What to bring in the medicine cabinet largely depends on the destination chosen for the vacation. If it is an exotic country, in which diseases such as traveler’s diarrhea are frequent, it is worth including physiological saline .

What to bring in the kit on vacation?

Here are the main elements to include in the vacation kit.

Insect repellent

Generally, in summer, as lighter garments are worn, the skin is more exposed to potential bites , especially during the last hours of the day. Thus, it is advisable to include an insect repellent in the first-aid kit, especially if there is a source of fresh water near the accommodation.

The best option is topical repellants, such as creams and lotions , which form a film on the skin. In this way it is protected from the bites of different insects, such as mosquitoes and inches. However, it is important to remember that no lotion offers protection against stinging insects such as bees and wasps.


The sun is one of the greatest joys of summer. However, prolonged sun exposure without adequate protection can lead to different health disorders both in the medium and in the long term.

In the short term, it can cause skin burns , which can be serious and require urgent medical assistance. Thus, it is essential to include in the first-aid kit a sun protection cream with the appropriate factor for the type of skin. It is also advisable to carry a product to soothe sunburn in case they occur.

In addition, it is advisable to carry hats and caps, as well as sunglasses, in your luggage.

Medicines for insect bites

There is a large selection of medications to deal with insect bites, such as corticosteroids or local pain relievers , among others. The most advisable are corticosteroids since they are very effective against the vast majority of bites, reducing both the itching and inflammation of the same.

In addition, in the case of moderate burns, corticosteroids relieve pain and help in the healing and healing process.

Anti-heartburn medications

In general, during vacations the habitual feeding is altered in some way; in addition, in the vast majority of occasions, the meals are more copious. That is why heartburn is a very common disorder among people who are on vacation. Thus, it is worth including some remedies to alleviate this condition in the first-aid kit.


During the holidays, a wide range of incidents can arise that cause falls or sprains : slipping between the rocks on the beach, sprains of the wrist or ankle walking in the mountains … In these cases, elastic bandages are essential to treat the condition as first aid before going to the doctor.

Medications for motion sickness

When it comes to traveling by car or any other means of transport, seasickness medications are another essential in the medicine cabinet. Ideally, both in adults and children, is to consult with the doctor about which medication is most advisable for each specific case.

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Most common injuries during the holidays

Below we have collected which are the most frequently repeated injuries during the holidays and how to deal with them.

Insect bites

In a high percentage of cases, both in children and in adults, travelers suffer an insect bite during their vacations. The first step to take is to try to identify the insect and how many bites there are on the body.

If the bite has occurred on the wrists or fingers, it is advisable to remove rings and bracelets in case inflammation occurs. Next, the affected area should be cleaned and a topical corticosteroid applied.

Although a typical symptom of this type of bite is pain and itching, it is important not to scratch the affected area; otherwise, the condition may worsen.

In the event of a serious reaction, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Jellyfish stings

In coastal areas, jellyfish stings are another disease that is frequently repeated among travelers. It is a bite that causes redness of the skin , as well as intense pain and, above all, a great itching in the affected area.

To treat this bite, it is best to wash the area where it has occurred with seawater ; it should never be done with fresh water because it can aggravate the condition of the bite in question.

In any case, it is advisable to go to the aid station located on the beach to treat the bite properly.


In the event of a sprain, it is advisable to keep the area where the injury occurred at rest . Whenever possible, it should be kept elevated above the level of the heart to avoid fluid retention.

The main measure to take is to apply local cold. To do this, simply fill a bag with ice cubes and place it on the area where the kink has occurred. In addition to the cold, it is recommended to immobilize the area with a bandage; in this way the affected area is compressed, thus minimizing inflammation.


Sunburns are another one of the most common illnesses during summer vacations, especially among adults.

The most important thing is to refresh the area with warm water , which is at approximately 25ºC. A good remedy is to place dressings soaked in water to soothe the areas affected by burns. There are different gels or ointments specifically formulated for these cases.

In those cases in which the burns are accompanied by other symptoms such as drowsiness, weakness and headache , it is best to lie down in a dark and cool place. If symptoms continue, it is advisable to see a doctor.

With these basic first aid precautions in mind , small incidents that take place during the summer holidays can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

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