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The flu is cured in a week with antibiotics and in seven days without antibiotics.

It is a true “2000 effect”, although the cause is not a computer virus, but a virus that visits us every year in the fall and that will continue to wreak havoc throughout the winter.

The really important thing is that we can and must control it.

Flu symptoms

  • Moderate fever , sometimes high (38.5 to 40ºC), with chills.
  • Asthenia (tiredness), general weakness and muscle aches.
  • Rhinitis and nasal congestion.
  • Conjunctivitis and lacrimation.
  • Coughing and sneezing

General recommendations

1. Avoid self-medication , and in any case the use of antibiotics, which, in addition to doing nothing against the flu virus, could favor the appearance of bacterial resistance. We recently had Relenza, a new drug that requires a prescription and is not indicated for children under 12 years of age, nor for people over 65, the main risk groups for the flu. Also in this case we must avoid self-medication.

2. Do not go to the hospital as the first option, and trust the GPs and family doctors in our primary care network. In this way, we will be helping to reduce unnecessary collapses in hospital emergency services.

3. Keep bed rest for at least three or four days. In this way, we will favor the control of the epidemic, reducing new cases by avoiding contagion from person to person.

4. Hydration is the key to the treatment, based on sugary liquids, natural juices rich in vitamin C , hot infusions and water. In total, we have to drink the equivalent of two liters or two and a half liters of fluids every 24 hours.

5. The use of antipyretics, flu and antihistamines is recommended, but it must be remembered that most of these drugs cause drowsiness, so they are not good travel companions behind the wheel of our vehicle.

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6. The person with the flu must avoid contagion to those around him at home or at work.

Keep in mind that the flu virus is spread through droplets of saliva that we expel when we speak, laugh, cough or sneeze. We therefore avoid visiting the sick in hospitals, because we can complicate their illness.

7. Remember that the groups most at risk of contagion are children, the elderly and all those who suffer from a chronic disease, such as diabetes mellitus, AIDS , cancer, cardiovascular diseases, bronchitis, asthma , etc.

8. Avoid sudden changes in temperature and especially cold. It is advisable to bundle up and cover our mouths when we go from one hot space to another with lower temperatures.

9. The vaccine is still the most effective way to prevent the flu. Despite this, 5-10% of those vaccinated can suffer from it. We must also remember that there are many viruses similar to influenza, which cause very similar clinical pictures, in which the basic treatment is the same as we have indicated above.

10. Remember, finally, that antibiotics are not effective against viruses , and therefore not against the flu. However, in some cases, doctors use antibiotics to prevent infection by opportunistic bacteria, which will take advantage of the decreased defenses of those who suffer from the flu.

In summary, this is the recommended treatment:

  • Do not practice self-medication. Do not use antibiotics.
  • Bed rest for three to four days.
  • Antipyretics, flu and antihistamines.
  • 2 to 2.5 liters of liquids a day (water, infusions, sugary juices).
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes.
  • To avoid the use of tobacco.

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