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Foods to protect the liver


The liver is one of the most important organs in our body, since it produces a wide variety of substances and elements that promote our health, both physical and mental. Thus, it is essential to eat a balanced diet so as not to oversaturate the liver with fats. Otherwise, it can stop working properly, leading to various health problems.

Therefore, it is best to bet on a diet that includes foods to protect the liver, a hepatoprotective diet .

What are the functions of the liver?

The functions performed by the liver number in the hundreds; nothing more and nothing less than 500. Next we are going to explain which are the most important of all.

  • Detoxification : the liver works constantly to detoxify the body of any toxic substance, such as dead or damaged cells among others. Thus, it prevents this type of substances from entering the blood and contaminating it.
  • Metabolism : another very important role played by the liver is to process carbohydrates , fats, vitamins and proteins.
  • Strengthening the immune system : this organ significantly strengthens the immune system, so that it is better prepared to deal with infections and viral diseases such as the flu .
  • Protein production : the liver is responsible for transforming glucose into glycogen, which is used as an energy source. This is the reason why when this organ fails, one of the main symptoms is fatigue and weakness.

The best foods to take care of the liver

As you can see, the functions that the liver fulfills in the body are many and, in addition, very important for it to function properly. Thus, it is worth betting on a diet with a reduced fat intake . These are the best foods to protect this organ.


There is a wide range of vegetables that are extremely beneficial to take care of the health of the liver. Such is the case with cabbage, cauliflower or broccoli ; They have a series of natural enzymes that protect this organ and also favor the elimination of toxins from the body. Also chard or arugula ; They are vegetables that stimulate the production of bile.

Carrots and beets are very rich in flavonoids and beta-carotenes, which considerably improve the proper functioning of the liver. And finally, garlic, very rich in selenium and allicin; helps purify the liver.


The best fruits to protect the liver are the following.

  • Avocado : a 100% recommended food to take care of this organ because it favors the production of glutathione in the body. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps purify the liver and eliminates all accumulated toxins.
  • Apple : this is one of the best fruits to avoid the appearance of stones in the liver thanks to its high pectin content. Also, like avocado, it helps eliminate toxins.
  • Pear : a fruit very rich in water and fiber that stimulates the production of gastric juices.
  • Strawberry : this food is beneficial for the liver because it has a high content of organic acids, which prevent inflammation of this organ.
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Meat and fish

As for meats, better bet on lean as they have a low fat content; they are especially recommended for patients with cardiac and hepatic pathologies. Within lean meats we have, for example , chicken , which must be consumed without skin so that the fat consumption is low. Also turkey and rabbit .

The best fish for the liver are the white ones. Its fat content is less than 2%; meanwhile, blue fish exceed 7%. The white fish with less fat content are: cod, sea bream, rooster, grouper, ray and sole.

Dairy products

In relation to dairy products, to take care of and protect the liver, it is best to consume milk and skimmed derivatives.

Other foods

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. And olive oil has a leading role in it. Well, this type of oil is also very good for improving liver function.

Other foods that are good for the liver are whole grains, such as rice or wheat . They are high in vitamin B, which favors the absorption of fats, thus preventing the organ from becoming congested.

Recent studies have revealed that turmeric is a food that protects the liver. Its benefits are twofold. On the one hand, it helps eliminate toxins accumulated in the organ. And, on the other hand, it favors the regeneration of damaged cells.

The worst foods to take care of the liver

Fast food contains high levels of fat and sodium, an explosive combination for the liver.

In the same way that there are a series of foods that are recommended to take care of liver health, there are also several that should be avoided, or at least moderate. They are foods rich in saturated fats that, if consumed regularly, can congest the liver, causing serious health problems.

Such is the case of precooked and canned products ; In addition to being rich in fats, they are high in salts and sugars that are not healthy at all. Also sausages and high-fat meats . Frequently eaten whole dairy products are also not good for the liver.

As for drinks, it is better to avoid soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Foods to detoxify and purify the liver

It is highly recommended to perform two liver cleanses a year to eliminate all accumulated toxins in this organ. The foods that should be consumed are the following.

  • Grapefruit : it is high in vitamin C and antioxidants. It favors the detoxification of the liver. It can be taken as fruit or as juice.
  • Green tea : one of the best natural drinks to take care of this organ. It contains catechin, a substance that supports liver functions.
  • Avocado : helps in the production of glutathione, a very beneficial substance in liver cleansing as it helps eliminate toxins.

In conclusion, it is best to follow a rich and balanced diet not only to care for and protect the liver, but the entire body. In addition, in addition, it is advisable to perform a liver cleanse twice a year to purify the liver and thus avoid any type of congestion.


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