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Gaining muscle means burning more fat

We observe countless times in some of those around us, on the internet or in some forums, the urgent need that some have to lose weight very quickly. Generally due to a certain state of physical dissatisfaction with the sum of an event, this can be: a wedding, beach days, a vacation, an excursion, etc. The person in question fills his head with actions in which his body becomes the epicenter of the gaze and wants to seek a solution at all costs to see even a slight improvement, unfortunately the vast majority tend to think that the improvement is a numerical decrease of its weight. But this is usually a mistake.

Most miracle diets like the ones we have discussed here and many others that plague the web, promise to solve those anxieties with a rapid weight loss.

Attention: Losing weight is not losing weight.

Indeed, losing weight is reducing volume. Most of the time we do these miracle diets, we do lose weight, but it is usually caused by water loss and even muscle loss. And this is the worst thing that can happen to us if we want to show off a beautiful figure. Losing weight quickly can therefore be a counterproductive activity.

Lose weight fast Why is muscle important?

As we can see, they are both thin, although one of them has less fat than the other. Guess who? The first, the one with a more athletic body. In addition, the former exercises regularly, has a strong and healthy heart, probably has less stress , healthier habits and above all, it is harder for him to gain weight and / or he can reduce fat more easily. The first eats more. The second, on the other hand, is more sedentary, barely eats, her body is slim but she does not have to be healthy, if she were to gain weight, she would have to drastically reduce the few calories that she already eats. And all this is thanks to a small but big difference: the muscle.

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When we lose weight quickly, the muscles tend to suffer, it is not usual for a person to eat a little and do muscle exercises. The body does not ask you. This deteriorates mainly due to the lack of food. And we burn the machine that helps us lose weight.

Each kg of muscle expends approximately 60 extra calories per day on REST! Without doing anything. Note that at the same volume the fat takes up much more space.

In other words, a diet to lose weight quickly makes us lose weight, because muscle and water weigh a lot, especially the first one, but as we lose this weight, our body needs fewer and fewer calories, so if we want to continue losing weight weight we should gradually reduce food, otherwise there will come a time when we are eating too many calories and! Rebound effect, we begin to store in the form of fat. Not only have we not improved, but we have GOT WORSE!

Muscle makes us lose weight at rest

On the other hand, the athletic girl has a much higher caloric need, if she wants to lose weight, she will probably reduce her carbohydrates somewhat and continue exercising as she does, with a few minutes of muscles a day is enough and above all, always eating well, not when the rush to lose weight.

If we believe that we have a weight above normal, or rather, a volume above normal, the first thing we should do is analyze what we are going through, correct it and exercise to maintain a muscle that keeps our skin smooth and pretty.

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