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Throughout life, the penis can present various variations in its color or texture. Among the most common, the appearance of spots on the glans that, although they are not always associated with malignant diseases, usually unleash a state of anguish and fear in man due to his inability to determine what they are, what produce them or what consequences. they can bring you.

Do you have spots on your penis?

The truth is that before any surprise finding on the skin or any other part of the penis, it is necessary to remain calm and avoid negative thoughts and anticipated conclusions as much as possible, since spots on the glans are usually one of the most common reasons for visiting the urologist and also one of the least harmless. That said, we invite you to continue reading this Esalud article so that you can responsibly inform yourself about everything you need to know about glans spots.

Symptoms of glans spots

To determine the cause of spots on the penis, it is extremely important that the person identify whether the appearance of this condition coincides with the manifestation of other symptoms, so it is important that you pay attention to the following details:

  • The shape of the spots , whether they are elongated, round, flat or with irregular edges.
  • Itchy spots.
  • Pain in the glans.
  • Secretion of some substance through the stain or through the penis.
  • If the formation of the stain has occurred after a blow, injury or use of new intimate clothing .

In case of presenting any of the aforementioned symptoms or characteristics, it is important to discuss it explicitly with the doctor, since these details will allow you to offer a more accurate diagnosis.

Causes of glans spots

Blows or trauma

One of the most common causes of spots on the glans are blows or any type of injury that can occur in this area of ​​the body and that causes the formation of a hematoma. The use of sex toys is also associated with this condition, especially the vacuum pump, an accessory that can cause injury to the penis due to excessive suction.

These types of spots usually form progressively and disappear on their own over time , like any other bruise. If the stain caused after an injury persists over time, it will be necessary to see a doctor.


The Eczema or dermatitis is a skin condition whose cause is unknown, although usually occurs in other parts of the body can also manifest in the skin of the glans. In general, when penis spots are caused by this condition, irritation occurs when in contact with creams, soaps or when going through a period of strong stress .

Are the spots red or white?

Among the factors that can trigger a crisis of atopic dermatitis on the tip of the penis, the use of condoms and hygiene soaps stands out. The spots caused by eczema are characterized by being red , scaly, and with undefined edges.

If you think this may be the cause of your condition, you should make an appointment with your doctor to verify the diagnosis and prescribe a topical treatment that stops the irritation.

Bacterial prostatitis

Any infection in the urinary tract can turn into bacterial prostatitis , the name by which inflammation of the prostate gland is known in medicine . However, any bacteria can trigger this condition, which is why its causes must also take into account sexually transmitted infections, E. coli bacteria and having sex with different people.

Bacterial prostatitis is usually quickly identified by its symptoms, since in addition to causing spots on the glans, it is characterized by producing fever , chills, burning when urinating, foul-smelling urine, pain when ejaculating, abdominal inflammation, redness of the skin . Bacterial prostatitis, like any infection, must be treated through the consumption of antibiotics, which can be prescribed by the doctor for 2 and up to 6 weeks.

Early stage syphilis

The Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria that can affect lips, genitals, anus and mouth and can occur in both men and women. When a person has just contracted syphilis, it is common for them to show the progressive formation of a small, red and painless sore .

However, after a few days after infection, the person will begin to present the most characteristic symptoms, such as swollen lymph nodes and a skin rash.

Syphilis rarely causes irreparable damage to health and if diagnosed early, it can be treated quickly with the intake of antibiotics that strengthen the immune system and fight the bacteria that cause the infection. If you suspect that you may have this STD, see your doctor immediately and avoid having sex.

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Lentigos or melanotic blemishes

The skin of the glans is much more sensitive than the rest of the body, which is why it is prone to rashes that can cause spots on the glans. Lentigos are part of the dermal manifestations that can affect the penis and consist of a benign hyperpigmentation that causes very small spots of irregular shape and grouped in the same area .

Lentigos tend to be very slow growing and harmless to health, which is why in most cases they do not require treatment. This condition is classified as benign and is not associated with any type of skin cancer.

Genital herpes

Genital herpes is one of the most common causes of sores and spots on the glans penis . It is a sexually transmitted infection, which is why it is enough to be in contact with the penis, vagina, skin, anus or mouth of an infected person to be at risk of contracting the disease.

Among the main symptoms of genital herpes is the appearance of genital blisters or rashes, decreased appetite, fever, muscle aches and swollen lymph nodes Unfortunately, this disease has no cure, but is treated through the supply of drugs that fight the action virus to prevent outbreaks of skin lesions.

Types of spots on the glans

Itchy glans spots

Sometimes the spots on the glans are accompanied by an itch on the penis that is usually associated with the presence of fungi . When this happens, it is usually a matter of conditions such as yeast infection, a sexually transmitted disease that also causes discharge and a bad genital odor. Candidiasis is easily treated through the administration of antifungal medications that kill the fungus.

It can also happen that the spots on the glans are accompanied by itching when they are caused by the human papillomavirus , better known as HPV. However, the most characteristic symptom of HPV is the appearance of genital warts on the penis that progressively increase in size and can cause itching or skin irritation. There are many alternatives for treating human papillomavirus, ranging from topical treatments to surgical laser treatments.

Spots on the glans with pain

Whenever a spot on the glans is accompanied by pain, it is reason enough to go to the urologist . The balanitis , syphilis and HPV are the most common conditions associated with genital pain accompanied by skin lesions of the glans. The treatment of these spots will depend on the cause of its origin.

Spots that change over time

It may happen that when a stain is found on the glans it begins to change over time, presenting variations in its shape, color or texture, for this reason it is important to always be attentive to any modification that this manifestation may present.

Cancer of the penis is perhaps one of the least frequent, however, it does exist and you have to be alert about its symptoms and first signs . Therefore, any injury that is accompanied by irritation or changes in its shape needs to be reviewed as soon as possible by a urologist to rule out any lump or protrusion that is associated with malignant processes.

How to treat glans spots

Although spots on the penis are usually harmless lesions associated with benign processes, they should not be treated on their own, but it is necessary to go to the urologist so that said expert can carry out a thorough check-up of the lesion and can make a successful diagnosis .

Since spots on the glans can be caused by various conditions , their treatment will depend on the origin of the injury. When the cause of this condition is an infection, the consumption of antibiotics is usually prescribed, however, when it comes to a fungus, it is appropriate to use antifungal treatment to combat microorganisms.

Likewise, spots on the penis caused by skin irritation or allergies should be fought with the use of topical creams prescribed by a specialist.

The truth is that, if after reading this article, you have other symptoms in addition to spots on the penis, or you think you may have some of the conditions mentioned above, it is best to make an appointment with your doctor to make a diagnosis and proper treatment.

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