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What ingredients does a good moisturizer have?

When buying a moisturizer there are many factors that you must take into account. It is important that you pay special attention to the ingredients of the product since its greater or lesser effectiveness will depend on it.

Depending on your skin type and your age, you will need some ingredients or others in the moisturizer, so it is interesting that you know which are the best and their respective functions on the skin.

The ingredients of a good moisturizer


The glycerin has a large selection of skin care benefits. Its moisturizing capacity stands out especially since it attracts water, making the skin retain it and always stay hydrated. It is a key ingredient in those moisturizers for people with dry skin, who suffer from tightness and flaking.

In the world of cosmetics, glycerin is a substance highly valued for its anti-aging properties . As it retains water in the skin, it delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, it helps to effectively combat external agents that can cause some damage to the dermis.


Collagen is a protein that is responsible for maintaining the union between the different structures that make up the body. An extraordinary substance for mature skin as it provides great firmness and flexibility .

Over time, the body’s production of collagen decreases, so it is advisable to opt for a cream with a high percentage of this protein to restore levels. Thus, collagen is of great help to define the facial oval and improve the appearance of the skin, minimizing wrinkles and sagging.

Lactic acid

Another essential ingredient in a good moisturizer. A substance widely used in the field of cosmetics that eliminates imperfections and is a great cell renewal.

In addition to stimulating the production of natural collagen , it eliminates excess oil on the skin. Lactic acid moisturizers typically have 0.5 to 5 percent lactic acid.


One of the most valued ingredients in a moisturizer. It avoids the loss of water through the skin, favoring its hydration and good appearance. In addition, it increases the absorption of other active ingredients in the dermis.

When urea is combined with lactic acid , both ingredients together remarkably accelerate skin cell renewal.


Retinol is a substance with a wide range of benefits for the skin: it eliminates dark spots , minimizes fine lines resulting from age, evens out skin tone and tightens pores.

The only drawback of retinol is that those moisturizers with this substance cannot be used in summer . The reason is that this substance makes the dermis more sensitive to the sun’s rays.

Hyaluronic acid

This is one of the most beneficial assets to care for mature skin. One of the main advantages it presents is that it helps to control the spots that are produced both by age and by the sun. In addition, it has a great soothing action that relieves irritation of the most sensitive skin.

Another of the great benefits attributed to vitamin B3 in terms of skin care is that it significantly improves the function of the protective barrier . Thus, it is better prepared to fight free radicals .

Vitamin B3 is also of great help to control excess fat , favoring the elimination of pimples and impurities. An essential asset in a good moisturizer for oily and acne-prone skin.


And finally, the Sun Protection Factor. It is expressed with a number, which indicates the time that the skin can be exposed to the sun’s rays without suffering any type of burn. It is important to opt for a moisturizer with SPF from youth to delay premature aging of the skin.

Do not forget that the sun causes short-term burns and significantly increases the risk of skin cancer in the long term.

How to choose the moisturizer?

When choosing the moisturizer, you must take into account a series of aspects to find the most suitable for you.

Type of skin

The first thing to keep in mind is what your skin type is.

  • Normal: does not have any special characteristics. The level of hydration is good and it does not suffer any type of problem such as dryness or excessive production of sebum.
  • Dry skin: in this case you need a moisturizer that provides a large amount of water, especially for dry skin. If you do not take care of it correctly it is very likely that in the short or medium term itching and irritations will appear.
  • Oily skin: in this case the skin looks oily and shiny. It is very prone to pimples and blackheads.
  • Combination skin: and, finally, this type of skin is characterized by having dry areas such as the temples or cheeks, and others with a high level of fat such as the chin, nose and forehead.
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Depending on your skin type, you should choose a product with certain components . For example, if you have very dry skin, it is recommended that you choose a cream that contains urea, which prevents the loss of water through the skin. It is very important that you have FPS.

Night and day

There are moisturizers for the night and the day. The characteristics of both are different since they act differently on the skin .


And finally, depending on your age, you should also choose one or the other. For example, if you are over 40 or 50 you will need a cream rich in collagen and hyaluronic acid .

How to apply the moisturizer?

In addition to getting a good moisturizer to take care of your face, you should know how to apply it correctly.

  • The best time to do it: it is essential to apply the moisturizer when the face is completely clean, without the slightest trace of moisture or dirt. For the product to really work it has to be able to penetrate the skin, which is only possible if it is free of impurities.
  • Order of the products: following a facial care routine is very important to have a radiant and full of life face. Well, it is important that you know that the order of the products always goes from less to more. That is, you have to start with the lightest and end with the densest. Therefore, the first thing is to apply the cleanser and then the serum and the eye contour. The last product is the moisturizer.
  • Quantity: another very important aspect in the application is the quantity that you must use. Well, it depends largely on what your skin type is, although the measurement that is used as a reference is that of a pea for the entire face. There are those who believe that using a large amount of cream is better for the skin. Nothing could be further from the truth. And is that the skin is unable to absorb it, which translates into shine and a feeling of heaviness.
  • Application: you have to apply the moisturizing cream by gently massaging the skin to stimulate circulation and promote the penetration of the product. If you apply the product on slightly damp skin, the hydration will last longer.
  • Frequency: another aspect that you should take into account has to do with the frequency of application. Ideally, you should use the moisturizer daily to keep it cared for and protected against free radicals.
  • Exfoliation: and finally, highlight the importance of exfoliation for facial care. The ideal is to carry out this treatment once a week to eliminate the dead cells accumulated in the superficial layer of the skin, as well as the rest of impurities. If you do not exfoliate the face, the moisturizer will not help because the skin will be unable to absorb it.

Moisturizing cream vs. Moisturizing lotion

It is important to know what the differences are between both types of creams. For one thing, the moisturizer helps replenish the skin’s natural oils . And, on the other hand, the moisturizer provides the dermis with the water it needs.

Thus, if you have dry skin it means that it does not produce the natural oils that it really needs. Therefore, what you need in this case is a moisturizing cream. Knowing if you have dry skin is relatively simple since the signs are clear: itching, flaking, redness and a feeling of tightness.

The dehydrated skin is different because it is a temporary condition being treated by applying a moisturizer that bring you water. You can tell that your skin is dehydrated when it looks dry and cracked.

By way of conclusion, note that dry skin, as its name suggests, is a type of skin. Meanwhile, dehydration is a disorder that occurs temporarily, generally as a result of external aggressions.

Moisturizing cream vs. Nutritious cream

Both moisturizing and nourishing creams have the main function of nourishing skin cells with lipids and water . However, there are differences between them.

The nourishing cream provides lipids to the skin. The ideal is to apply it at night so that it works during the hours of sleep. As for the moisturizer, it serves to provide water to the skin. This is applied in the morning with a completely clean face.


This is all you need to know about the ingredients of a good moisturizer . It is important that you choose the right product based on what your specific needs are.

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