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Hand and nail care

They say that the first impression of a person is what counts and it is true that generally, the first glance predisposes our character, in a more or less favorable way, towards those we have just met. The body speaks with its own language to those around us, dialogues about our state of mind, expressing joy or sadness, anxiety or dejection, expressing itself to the outside through our face, our posture and of course, our hands. These make possible, through our gestures, another form of additional and complementary communication to speech, they are another way of establishing a relationship with others; not forgetting all the skills for which they were so magnificently designed: grab and hold, caress and hit, clap… in short, be the perfect instrument,

Despite the large amount of work they have to endure, the skin on the back of the hands is extraordinarily delicate, since it is not only much thinner than the rest of the body, but also has fewer sebaceous glands, therefore which is extremely easy to dry out and spoil. If we add to this that it is a part of the body continuously exposed not only to external aggressions, but also to certain harmful agents such as soaps or detergents, we will obtain as a result weathered, rough and completely scaly hands unless we make the determination to take care of them as they really deserve.

To do this, the first step we must take is to thoroughly examine our toilet and discard all kinds of strong soaps and detergents; and replace them with others that are not so aggressive for the skin, that respect its natural pH. We can also find new products on the market aimed at treating delicate hands, such as soaps that include moisturizing cream in their formula, whose regular use will help us not only to maintain proper hygiene, but also to avoid the negative effects that detergents have on they. On the other hand, it is essential that, after washing them, we dry them carefully, especially in winter, when the cold outside can harm them the most.

The next step in caring for our hands is, without a doubt, the most decisive when it comes to considering that the years pass through them without being noticed: if you want to have “film” hands, do not forget to hydrate and nourish them well. In the market you will find a wide variety of moisturizing creams for them, many of them quickly absorbed, which prevents the sensation of fat. Apply it every day, giving a gentle circular massage, which will also achieve better circulation, until the skin has been completely impregnated. On the other hand, there are also nourishing creams that will help us keep it young and with that lush appearance that makes them so beautiful. In addition, we can apply a mask once a month, if possible when we go to bed, spreading a thick layer over them and protecting them with cotton gloves.

Finally, we once again remind you that, in the general impression that a person gives to the naked eye, the appearance of the hands influences in a more than decisive way, so our advice cannot be other than to encourage you to take care of them, to keep them as soft and attractive as you have always wanted to have them.

The ones

They are found at the end of the fingers, as a final clasp for hands and feet. They can have rounded, elongated shapes, they will be more or less long, they will be painted or not, but if they are neglected, dirty, broken, poorly filed … they will detract from the overall appearance of the person.

The nails are semi-transparent corneal sheets that are intended to protect the terminal area of ​​the fingers. The limbus, the main part of the nail, results from the hardening of the cells of the matrix, in turn also composed of epidermal elements. It is bulging and pink in color; rests on the digital epidermis, called the nail bed; its free edge determines the subungual fold, and its lateral edges insinuate under the lateral fold. Its portion hides the root, it is covered by the supraungual fold. The lunula is a white crescent-shaped area seen on the limbus near the root.

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These sheets of horny tissue need continuous care, daily hygiene and good nutrition. If we take good care of the nails, our hands and feet will look more beautiful. In addition, these cares not only have an impact on aesthetics, they also do so on a health level, because fungal infections and other germs cause diseases. In addition, nails are like a red light that lights up as a red flag showing nutrient deficiencies. Thus, the lack of vitamins and minerals are manifested by weak and brittle nails, detachments, stains, etc. A balanced diet contributes to healthy nails, since it provides all the nutrients they need.

Stretch marks, erosions, grooves, white spots, thickening or detachment can be observed in nail lesions. These injuries can be the result of blows, the handling of chemical products (soaps, bleaches, etc.), fungal infections or other microbes.

When we previously commented that nails are a clear indicator of health problems, we should not focus only on physical problems but also psychological ones, an emotional disorder can lead to onychophagia (nail biting) as a symptom of it. It may have originated in childhood or in adulthood, but this habit makes the nails the center of release of tensions and anxieties, in some cases even not growing beyond the lunula.

Manicured nails, pretty nails

There is no doubt that the hands influence the general presence of the person, especially now when the summer heat makes them show more, even the feet. But nail care should be done throughout the year. There are many indications to be able to show off this part of our anatomy, but the main ones are simple: good hygiene and giving them the appropriate shape so that they do not suffer from any type of problem (ingrown nails).

There are also other recommendations that begin by not exposing your hands, to contact with chemicals such as solvents, detergents or cleaning products, the best are gloves to protect them. Avoiding bumps will keep them healthy. Being in the sun too long will dry out your hands and nails, making them rough and brittle.

But if you also want to dedicate a special time to your beloved nails, here are a series of recommendations. Hands to the nail.

Undertaking the task of “getting a manicure” can be tiring because you have to dedicate a good time to it, but our nails will thank us since we will keep them shiny and neat, making the cuticles and contours appear hydrated and cared for.

A first recommendation is not to cut them with scissors, it is best to use a file, but not metal but emery. They will be filed in one direction only, from the outer edge to the center, paying special attention to the ends so that they do not break. The shape that the fingernails should have is different from that of the feet, the latter must have a straight shape so that they do not cause problems.

The cuticles should not be cut either, they should be pushed with an orange wood stick. After this, it is best to wash your hands with a mild soap and then brush your nails with a manicure brush to make them shiny and thus stimulate blood circulation.

A softening hand cream will make us show off our hands and feet with pride. But if you go further and decide to color them, it is best to start with a protective base so that the polishes do not damage the outer layer of the nail. Apply that color that you like so much and, once dry, they will be ready. Do not forget about the feet that should have the same treatment, they will be very beautiful between the bands of those new sandals. And now, to show off.

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