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Portable Ultrasound: Is It Really Effective In Diagnosing Diseases?


Much has been read about the portable ultrasound or handheld ultrasound as a useful medical tool to access a faster diagnosis, but is it effective to have it at home? His pocket version seems to answer that question positively, but we will analyze it below.

Certainly when it comes to health there is much that can add to the improvement of a patient, regardless of their pathology or condition. And in this case, the Vscan can be a useful piece of equipment at the push of a button.

What is a handheld ultrasound really?

The handheld ultrasound machine is known as a medical device that makes it easy to view the inside of the human body while performing a physical examination. This is possible thanks to the use of ultrasound technology.

What is more specifically known as a portable or pocket ultrasound that can be used in any space or medical situation that requires an internal review of the patient.

Furthermore, anatomical images are offered in black and white, as well as color-coded for blood flow. Emphasizing that each procedure is in real time.

What is the portable ultrasound for?

  •         Improves non-invasive physical examination into a patient with greater ease
  •         Experience the results in real time
  •         Inspect the functioning of all organs
  •         Process diagnostics faster
  •         Allows display functions

What are the advantages of a portable ultrasound?

Easy to use

It has an interface in which each user can maneuver with one hand, allowing an intuitive operation by the ultrasound machine for the continuous examinations that are carried out.

Load durability

It has a long battery life to support continuous operation during the day and night without the need for charging.

Quick view

It has an innovative system to expose the information of the images quickly and in real time to process a diagnosis.

Is the portable ultrasound used to diagnose diseases?

By allowing this device to non-invasively enter the human body, it undoubtedly positions itself as an excellent ally for diagnosing diseases much faster than other similar examinations.

This means that, through regular consultations where an ultrasound machine is used, the quality of the examination will be closer, with greater optimization and a reduction in medical costs will be seen, both for the patient and for the specialist.

In addition, it is a device that has a wide spectrum of care, since it facilitates the analysis and measurement in abdominal, cardiac, fetal and obstetric, urological, thoracic and pleural, pediatric applications and even the determination of fluids.

In short, a complete access for patients who refer primary or special care at the time of a medical examination. This is where portable ultrasound is a valuable tool.

But this goes far beyond a simple internal visualization of a patient, since this innovative tool ensures access to those areas and spaces that would not be possible to attend with a conventional ultrasound, since it could not reach.

Undoubtedly, this further positions the Vscan as an efficient and safe alternative for the detection of diseases quickly through a pre-diagnosis with high quality black and white images.

Likewise, this pocket device guarantees a simple design for handling, taking into account that it uses a practical interface for medical users who use it. In addition, it has voice control to improve the taking of evidence.

Related to those previously mentioned details, the Vscan includes a USB connection port for digitally extracting images, as well as software for remote diagnostics and service input.

This means that medical specialists will be able to send the medical information obtained by the portable ultrasound to other health workers through the tool.

Are there success stories with handheld ultrasound?

Various studies and medical specialists have performed professional practices, mainly for the care of duct dilations, gallstones, splenomegaly, ascites , pericardial effusions, urinary stones, urinary retention, aortic aneurysms and abdominal masses.

For this, routine consultations and physical examinations with pocket ultrasounds are carried out with almost 2,000 patients, resulting in that an approximate of 720 patients were hospitalized, some 500 patients were sent to an outpatient consultation and another 700 to a general medical consultation.

The significant result was that just over 35% of patients will need to combine the ultrasound performed with other medical examinations, greatly reducing medical expenses in the face of more evaluations .

So there is no doubt that thanks to technology, medicine adds new and better tools to improve the health of millions of patients.

Gone are the large ultrasound systems that, although effective, required much more complex and cumbersome operation, for patients and physicians


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