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The best heartbreak phrases


Heartbreak is a feeling contrary to love, a feeling of abandonment, forgetfulness, pain. Heartbreak is one of the most frequent causes of failure of relationships and marriages. Why am I  with this person  It is one of the key questions that mark the first sign of heartbreak. 

According to Caryl Rusbult – professor at the University of North Carolina -, whenever there is love, heartbreak can occur; where the latter is a key component when ending a relationship .

Next we will show a list with the best phrases related to heartbreak.

“I never stopped loving you, I just stopped insisting”

This phrase makes us reflect on how sometimes people fall out of love due to lack of love for the other person. When love is unrequited and the person who is really in love gets tired of asking for affection and attention, what we call heartbreak happens.

«He had put the three ellipsis points to the story … she deleted two»

We can deduce in this sentence, that the young man did not know what he wanted, if he wanted to continue with it or not. But in this case the young woman got tired of waiting; She steeled herself and put the end of the relationship.

Sometimes when it is so difficult to decide if we really want to be with someone, it is because we are not completely convinced. Maybe it’s because we know at a certain point that this person is not the one.

“Whoever left never returns … even if he returns”

We understand with this phrase that when someone leaves our lives by their own decision and then regrets and tries to return, no matter how much they return and be forgiven, a bond will have been broken, it will never be the same again.

“You should never try to go back to the place where you were once happy.”

When you are happy in a place and then return, it will not be the same. That moment of happiness was unique and incomparable; therefore, if we return to the place where we have been happy, that place will cease to be a special place and will become another place, like any other.

“He fell in love with its flowers and not with its roots, but in winter he did not know what to do”

This phrase shows us how sometimes we feel in love with the physical appearance or banalities of the other person and not because of their essence, but when time passes and we begin to know their true personality, not everything is the color of roses or sometimes those roses , they have many thorns.

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes marriages unhappy”

A marriage lasts when it can complement different emotional aspects. On the one hand, the love aspect must be respected, here we find the love of marriage, a love that is supposed to be true; on the other hand, companionship and friendship, two fundamental pillars when carrying out a pure and disinterested marriage.

Friends are there to advise us, to understand us; they are there when we need them most. If friendship does not exist in a relationship, trust probably does not exist, therefore, it will not last.

“You have broken my heart,” she cried through tears. You have broken it yourself – he said – for waiting for something that you knew I couldn’t give you «

This sentence shows a young woman suffering from unrequited love. She expected more than he was willing to give. We can deduce that the young man was not as in love as she. This usually happens when the person next to us is not the one, does not complement us.

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When a couple does not complement each other, everything that can be given will never be enough, on the other hand, when the right person is found, even the smallest effort can be considered as the greatest show of love.

«I fall in love with every word. I destroy myself with every action »

This phrase tells us about the value of action. Many times, as the saying goes, “words are blown away by the wind.” It is useless to say this or that thing if it is not demonstrated through acts. In this case we have a person who has fallen in love with the beautiful words that someone assured him. But when she got to the facts, she realized that they were nothing more than words that lack truth, because when it came time to act, that someone who illuminated with his promises, ended up disappointing her.

It is our actions that define us, not our words. The word, as we see it in its definition, is the minimum linguistic unit with meaning. The act, for its part, is related to doing; with taking an action. Our actions are the best argument we can give.

Letting go hurts. Holding the unsustainable hurts more »

Sometimes in relationships, we must learn to let go in order to move forward. There are times when we get used to the routine and it is difficult for us to let go of it; The same occurs with love. We get used to being with the same person; perhaps with someone we do not love, someone who hurts us and hurts us, a toxic person; We do it only for the simple fear of the new; the fear of loss;  to detach ourselves.

In the long term, these situations end up being harmful; Well, continuing with something unsustainable the only thing that will give us is unhappiness. On the other hand, if we choose to let go of what is not part of us, we will find ourselves surrounded by peace.

“The eyes are useless if the mind does not want to see”

Love sometimes blinds us, it does not allow us to see reality as it is, but we see through the eyes of the other person. This happens especially in the early stages of love. In the infatuation phase ; when everything is rosy and that person we fell in love with represents perfection. At this time we tend to wear a blindfold, which makes it impossible for us to see that person as he is, with his defects and virtues.

Only after the disappointment stage, we will begin to see that person as he really is. We will discover your flaws, our flaws, and the flaws of the relationship.

What you deny submits you. What you accept transforms you »

This famous phrase by Carl Jung can be used in various aspects of life. It speaks of the power of acceptance and the change that it can generate.

Denial is a defense mechanism . This involves blocking external events from consciousness that we are unable to handle. If we choose an attitude of resistance and denial, we will be avoiding reality, repressing emotions, and we will not understand the cause of our concerns or our suffering. On the other hand, if we accept a situation as it is, we can understand and modify it.

Acceptance helps our repressed emotions to be released and transformed. In this way we can begin to feel in harmony with ourselves and with our environment.


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