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Histrionic personality disorder

Histrionic personality disorder is characterized by a long pattern of excessive emotionality and constant attention seeking behavior. This disorder can sometimes be confused with narcissistic personality disorder .

The queens of drama. People with this disorder repeatedly try to be the center of attention, and they feel uncomfortable – to the point of dramatizing a situation, going into a fit of anger and withdrawing from a scandalizing place – when they are not. They usually tend to be seen as superficial, interesting, and fun. They can also have certain provocative behaviors on a sexual level, and when they do not focus exclusively on them they can try to achieve their purpose by removing anything that is shown as an obstacle out of their way.

The relationships of people with histrionic personality disorder can be affected, as they often have difficulties achieving emotional intimacy in their romantic relationships. Another problem that histrionic people present in their relationships is due to their impulse to  always try to attract attention; This is a behavior that creates discomfort in the other person, be it a partner or a friend. They also present characteristics of unfaithful people and thoughts of a sexual nature with inappropriate people, because for these people no one is prohibited.

Causes of histrionic disorder

As in most personality disorders , the specific causes that originate it are unknown, but there is speculation about some possible causes. Researchers estimate that there is a biopsychosocial model with various inherited and learned factors that play a fundamental role in development and may be the cause of this disorder.

If a close relative suffers from this disorder, we will be more likely to suffer from it, however, if a close relative – parent – suffers from it, we may simply be repeating and imitating the learned behavior provided by our environment.

Symptoms of histrionic disorder

  • Excessive emotionality; quickly show their emotions
  • Seeking attention
  • Seduction and provocation
  • Shallow, changeable, labile emotions
  • Using the body to attract attention
  • Theatricality, self-dramatization and exaggeration in corporal expression
  • suggestibility
  • Consider relationships more intimate than they are
  • Overly subjective and lacking nuances of speech
  • Emotionally insecure
  • Next to hysterical character traits
  • They are the “life of the party”
  • They demand attention
  • They are egocentric
  • Manipulators when they don’t achieve their goals
  • They have romantic fantasies
  • They get angry if they criticize their appearance
  • Prone to hunches and to adopt convictions quickly
  • Risk of suicide threats seeking attention

Treatment of histrionic disorder

People with histrionic personality disorder usually do not believe they need any type of treatment and in some cases they can live with this disorder – although it will bring them some problems with their long-term relationships. In general, for several of the personality disorders, people often do not seek treatment until the disorder begins to significantly interfere with the person’s life.

Psychotherapy is the most widely used treatment to treat this type of disorder. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help those who suffer from this disorder to understand the underlying causes of it, and with the tools provided by the psychotherapist, the patient will be able to change unhealthy habits and cope with their condition in the best possible way. Group therapy can also be used, where the patient shares experiences and experiences with other people.

Medications can be of great help in severe cases of histrionic disorder; These can be used as an adjunct to psychotherapy, to treat episodes of depression, anger and anxiety .

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