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Home remedies to relieve sciatica


The sciatica is one of the most painful discomfort that can be felt in the lower extremities. For this reason, remedies are constantly being sought to improve their symptoms. To maintain good health , prevention of these types of problems is important.

What is sciatica

It is the irritation of the sciatic nerve when it is compressed by any obstacle that it finds in its path. Its roots leave the spinal cord and travel to the back of the leg, buttocks, and knees.

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the entire human body and, when squeezed, causes intense pain, which can last up to several days. The sciatica is one of the most common causes of sick leave in our country, because in some cases, can reach incapacitate the patient.

Symptoms of sciatica

Usually, when health suffers, the body sends signals in the form of pain. The symptoms of sciatica are quite widespread in all people and are characterized by:

  1. Pain of different intensity: there is usually a strong pain on one side. This extends through the lower back, passing through the buttocks and reaching the knee. This pain appears suddenly and prevents adequate mobility of the patient.
  2. Alterations in the sensitivity of the skin: tingling sensation and numbness of the muscles.
  3. Muscle weakness – When the sciatic nerve is under pressure, it cannot make the hip and knee muscles work properly. For this reason, you feel a kind of muscle weakness that prevents you from getting out of bed.

There are cases in which what is known as inverted sciatica occurs. The pain appears in the front of the thigh, up to the knee.

Treatment of sciatica

To ensure the well – being of patients, medicine usually treats this problem by means of analgesics that relieve pain. In addition, it is recommended to follow the following tips:

  • Relative rest: sciatica asks for rest, but it does not imply complete rest in bed. It is best not to make sudden movements or excessive efforts.
  • Apply cold: during the first days, it is advisable to apply cold on the painful area. This will help reduce inflammation caused by compression of the sciatic nerve. Cold applications will not exceed 15 minutes and will always be done indirectly. The skin must be protected from contact with ice.
  • Apply heat: after the days when the cold is applied, heat will be applied to the affected area using an electric blanket, hot baths or water bottles. This exposure to heat should never exceed 25 minutes. Heat helps relax muscles and prevents them from contracting.
  • Massages: it is advisable to turn to professionals to perform a massage on the lumbar area. This practice has the same effect as applying heat to the area. Relax your muscles.

Exercises for sciatica

In addition to medical recommendations, there are a number of solutions that can be practiced at home. One of the most recommended exercises is to walk gently. Standing still without moving is not a good idea to end sciatica. It is better to walk for 10 minutes and rest.

Also, from time to time, the muscles in the affected area can be stretched. The most effective for this problem are:

  • Lower back stretches.
  • Piriformis muscle stretches.
  • Hamstring stretches.

The most important thing about all these exercises is that they are always carried out under the supervision of a professional, since, if they are done incorrectly, the situation can be aggravated.

Home remedies for sciatica

Certain recipes have been proven to help improve the painful symptoms of sciatic nerve irritation. Some of them are:

Potato and celery juice

Its high nutritional level has shown the benefits of this recipe for sciatica. You have to squeeze several potatoes and celery and drink the resulting juice every day.

Willow infusion

Willow contains a substance whose effects are similar to those of aspirin. To do this, you need to boil half a liter of water and introduce a piece of willow bark. It cooks for 15 minutes and should be taken every 8 hours.

Raw garlic

It is well known that garlic helps improve circulation. This food has the ability to warm the blood, which is essential to relieve sciatica pain.


Reduces pain and relaxes muscles. To put this remedy into practice, it is necessary to take a bath with a liter of nettle infusion.

Finally, it should be emphasized that it is essential to always consult with your doctor before starting any type of treatment on your own.


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